This year is all but gone and per usual, that means New Year’s resolution making is in full effect for 2017. It’s a good thing. Making goals and planning to stick to them is healthy because it makes us work toward something that betters our quality of life.

We make resolutions about money, about our bodies and about relationships so why not make some commitments about our hair? In 2017, it may be time for you to finally take the plunge and go natural.

Now I know that you hear me talk a lot about how much of an involved process maintaining natural hair is and there is no exaggeration with that. It takes more time, more effort and comes with trial and error. But these things should not be deterrents to starting the natural hair journey that so many women are on right now. It may start off shaky, but the end product will be hair that is chemical free and healthy. And these are just two of the benefits of going natural.

So to help you understand just how awesome and powerful being natural can be, here are a few reasons for you to go natural in 2017.

Allows for Versatility

If like to change things up, then this lifestyle may be for you. Being able to go from curly to straight whenever you want is convenient to say the least. This is a big reason so many black women have gone this route. You can do so much with natural hair.

Promotes Healthy Hair

We all know that putting harmful chemicals on your hair is counterproductive to having healthy hair. The relaxers found in retailers and salons are full of ingredients that should never be used on humans. For those who want to live a more natural lifestyle, you will love how much your hair glows in its natural state. Along with that, many times what you put on your hair affects the rest of your body as well.

Inspires Pride

One of the things about having natural hair is that it definitely debunks the European standards of beauty that exist in today’s world. For black women, straightening their hair is a way of conforming. It’s a way of fitting in and for a long time, it was the only way to be accepted in some industries. The natural hair movement has changed that and given pride to women of color everywhere. It will empower you to embrace who you are and teach you how to love yourself exactly as you are.

Teaches Self Awareness

This is a good one and goes along with inspiring pride. I say that you don’t really know how confident or unconfident you are until you go natural. That’s because black women take a lot of pride in their hair, and when what’s on your head goes against the “norm” it can mess with your self-esteem. But again, this is a good thing because having confidence in who you are is what gives you the power to live your best life. I truly believe that natural hair does just that (if you let it).

Saves Money

Ultimately, when everything is said and done, you will save money. Yes, there are a lot of products marketed to the natural hair community, but once you find what you like and get in the groove of what works for you, you will see the change in your wallet. Because you will learn your hair and how it works, you will do a lot of maintenance yourself, which is great. Protective styling will become your best friend and is as easy as some twists or braids over night.

These are just a few reasons why going natural may be the best thing you do for yourself in 2017.