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Patrick Wellington, veteran hair stylist and founder of Wellington Hair Salon, has one simple objective for all his clients – hair that glows with inner health. Formerly a senior stylist at the world renowned John Atchison Hair Salon, Patrick Wellington has over 20 years of exceptional experience styling celebrities, executives, and exclusive clientele who demand the very best in cutting edge hair styling and hair care.

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Short Natural Hairstyles – 4 Fabulous Takes!

Short natural hairstyles are to die for this spring, and the trend is expected to flourish during the summer. As the weather gets warmer and your clothes get lighter, consider giving up your mane for a shorter, trendier do, that will keep you cool and stylish!

To begin with, short natural hairstyles are the definition of the low maintenance cut, particularly if your stylist knows what he’s doing. Make sure that you discuss your desires about your style openly and that you give your stylist as much feedback as possible about your habits and daily lifestyle. He should then synthesize this information to your benefit and give you a cut that will leave your tresses healthy, bouncy and easy to style.

Finally, make sure that your hair is moisturized in order to remain frizz free and shiny. There is a vast array of products you can use on short natural hairstyles, several treatments that you might want to take into account, and your stylist can always give you more information based on the quality of your hair. It is also important to figure out which styling product works best on your hair, without overwhelming your locks or appearing too fake on your natural do. Remember, that you want to keep it simple and classy!

Let’s take a look together, at the hottest short natural hairstyles of the season!

Short Natural Hairstyles – The Timeless Classic

This short natural hairstyle is the timeless classic! You can give it shape and volume according to what works best with your features. It is versatile and youthful, while you are bound to impress with your curls in such excellent shape. Plus, need I mention again…minimum styling, equals minimum damage!

Short Natural Hairstyles – The Edgy Twist

This short natural hairstyle, does not present major differences in terms of its cut and shape with the previous one. However, it is more textured, clearly edgier and really contemporary. The way to go from the timeless classic to the classic with an edgy twist is…the actual twist. Feel free to play with your hair, move it around and work on them with your styling product of choice! There is really no way to mess this up…the edgier it looks the better!

Short Natural Hairstyles – The Color Sensation

If you are interested in infusing your short natural hairstyle with instant glam, a vivid color is exactly what you are looking for. Dramatic and sensual, color intense short hairstyles are a sight for sore eyes. It is energetic and vibrant, while it also makes a statement. Have no doubt in mind, a bold short natural hairstyle will be memorable for all the right reasons!

Short Natural Hairstyles – The Ombre Hue

For those of you who follow my posts on a frequent basis, first of …kudos! You rock!

Secondly, you know that a post could not be complete without the ombre reference. If you are not ready for a dramatic change, go for the elegant alternative of the ombre. As always, consult your colorist first, and then imbue your short natural hairstyle with a pretty lighter shade!

What are you waiting for? Book your appointment today and join us for a pampering session that is well deserved!

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Natural Black Hairstyles For Spring – 4 Looks To Fall In Love With!

Natural black hairstyles are my absolute favorite this spring! Long or short, this low maintenance, laid back look is classy, yet sexy at all times. As I have mentioned several times in the past, natural black hairstyles rock! Your hair benefits from the lack of excessive styling and it shines, healthy and wild, at its full potential.

Again it is important to keep in mind the following factors:

1. Natural black hairstyles look awesome when your hair is healthy. Make sure that your hair is moisturized and treated with respect!

2. Natural black hairstyles need a little boost by a styling product that you trust. You can choose one according to your needs and preferences, but make sure not to overdo it.

3. Natural black hairstyles are not always perfect from the beginning. You might need to work with your fingers to achieve the look that you desire and then use a styling product to keep it in place.

So now that we got this straight, let’s take a look together at four, incredibly hot looks for Spring 2013!

Natural Black Hairstyles #1 Bouncy and Vivacious

This stunning look is awfully easy to achieve if your hair is the least bit co-operative. With a tiny amount of anti frizz serum and a blow dryer with a diffuser, you can achieve this effortless, fabulous do in a matter of minutes. Don’t be discouraged if you hair looks more unruly that you were hoping for. Simply embrace it! Spring is sassy and so are you!

Natural Black Hairstyles #2 With a Lighter Touch

Highlights, ombre, and so many other choices…why not going a couple of shades lighter, or even more? Spring is here, the weather is finally getting warmer,and a couple of natural or dramatic highlights can accentuate your new natural do. Think about it and discuss it with your colorist to find a tone suitable to your complexion!

Natural Black Hairstyles #3 Choosing your Angle

Most of my clients instantly love their natural dos, even though their hairstyles might have been different and far more stylized in the past. Most of them agree though, that natural black hairstyles can be difficult to do much with. This lack of versatility that they mention is a valid concern, but there are so many different things that you can try with your hair, even at home! This look is elegant, sexy and youthful, while it also makes clear that natural black hairstyles can be super fun to play with.

Natural Black Hairstyles #4 Go Wild

This last natural black hairstyle is my favorite! The buzz cut always makes a bold statement particularly when paired up with a natural look. This combination looks stunning on women of all ages, as long as they are willing to pull it off. I personally find it one of the most interesting trends of the season, and I am looking forward to see more clients going for it! Make sure to discuss your own personalized cut with your stylist and prepare to amaze!

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Top 7 Short Black Hairstyles

Short black hairstyles are back in fashion! This spring and summer, short sassy hairstyles are the absolute trend. If you are fed up with long lifeless tresses that look dull and motionless, try a shorter haircut that is bound to rejuvenate your hair. Shorter cuts are effortlessly elegant and require minimum work to look polished at any time. To follow up on my previous post on the hottest short looks for 2013, let’s take a look together at 7 fashionable haircuts that have been making headlines in the past year.

Short Black Hairstyles #1

Rihanna is sporting the short pixie flawlessly. From a vast array of hairstyles over the past year, this short boyish pixie allows her beautiful features to surface. If you are interested in a pixie, take a look at my previous post, discussing pixie haircuts  in detail. It is important to consult your stylist to make sure that your pixie works perfectly with your features.

Short Black Hairstyles #2

This variation to the pixie is fresh, edgy and feminine. The buzz cut on the sides creates a cleaner look and allows a bit of extravagance on the lengthier layers on the top. Before deciding to add an extreme touch to your hairstyle make sure that you are committed to shorter hair for some time. The buzz cut will take some time to grow back, so you need to be prepared for shorter lengths until your hair grows again.

Short Black Hairstyles #3

This longer short cut is perfect if you are still deciding about the pixie. Its layers are versatile and feminine, while the length is not as dramatic as that of a pixie. If you decide that the length and haircut is suitable to your features you can shorten it to a pixie later.

Short Black Hairstyles #4

This take on the longer short cut is even more versatile, as you can wear it both straight and curly. It is sleek and polished, while its bangs accentuate your features and bring out your eyes.

Short Black Hairstyles #5

This stunning longer look is an example of how your hair would look growing from the previous shorter hairstyle. Its bangs and layers frame your face and it can also be transformed into a bob after a few months.

Short Black Hairstyles #6

And here comes the bob! This look is between short and mid length hair. This classic bob with a twist (notice how the front strands are longer than the back) is polished, feminine, versatile and not dramatically short, even though it will surely create a great impression particularly if your hair has usually been longer for ages.

Short Black Hairstyles #7


Kerry Washington’s stunning bob is an example of how versatile this hairstyle is. Curling your tresses immediately transforms the length of your haircut, allowing you to dress it up and accessorize it as you wish. The straight bangs in the front allow you to have a polished look even if the rest of your hair is in relative disarray, which can come in handy for a quick fix on less than perfect hair days.

I hope this was inspiring! Book an appointment for a consultation and give your tresses the treatment of a lifetime!

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Honey Hair Treatment Recipes: Growth, Strength and Extra Shine!

Having covered the benefits of essential oils for hair moisturizing in my previous post, let me persuade you to indulge in a honey hair treatment! Like essential oils, a honey hair treatment can work wonders on your locks in terms of moisturizing and conditioning. Honey has been known since ancient years for its nutritional and medicinal uses and it is absolutely amazing for hair care.

Why having a honey hair treatment?

Honey is a humectant  and an emollient. This means that it absorbs moisture and that it also softens and smoothes! This is exactly why it is considered such a great natural resource for conditioning and moisturizing.  It is rich in vitamins and minerals and it can be beneficial for your hair particularly if combined with another ingredient, like eggs, that is rich in proteins. Due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, honey can also assist in hair growth and the prevention of hair loss!

No matter why your hair suffers from dehydration and dullness, be it heat styling damage or weather damage, honey can transform your hair with its unique qualities.

Honey Hair Treatment  #1  Nourish!

This treatment can be used once a month and it is as simple as applying half a cup of honey into your fresh-washed hair. Leave it on for twenty minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Adding a couple of tablespoons of olive oil will help you get the honey more comfortably on and off your hair. You can also add avocado or egg yolk for smoother, softer results.

You can use honey as a leave-in conditioner by creating a solution comprising of 10% honey and 90% water. Spray it on your locks and be prepared for amazing curls, bouncy, soft and oh so luscious!

Honey Hair Treatment  #2  Strengthen!

If you recently discovered that you are losing more and more hair as the time goes by, fear not. You can try this amazing honey mask to revitalize your scalp and protect your locks from breaking and damage.You will need a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of cinnamon and some hot olive oil. Apply generously to your hair, leave it on for around fifteen minutes and rinse.

You can also just apply honey on your hair and keep it on for an hour and a half. You will see amazing results upon rinsing.For best results, cover your head with a warm towel!

Honey Hair Treatment  #3  Repair and Shine!

For exquisite results in terms of shine and damage repair, the key is some heat. Mix honey and olive oil in a microwavable dish and microwave for 30 seconds. Let it cool and once you find the temperature comfortable, apply the mixture to your hair, combing thoroughly. Make sure that you also massage the mixture into your scalp so that the roots can benefits from you magic concoction as much as the tips of your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cup or a warm towel and wait for half an hour. Rinse and then shampoo and condition as usual!

Enjoy your pampering session and your hair’s newfound shine!

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Short Black Hair- Top Secrets by Patrick!

Short black hair has always fascinated me. There is no hairstyle that can accentuate a woman’s natural elegance and beauty as effortlessly as a short black haircut. I love working on short black hair. It is a challenge to style it impeccably to suit each woman, her taste and lifestyle. It looks less challenging than managing a mane full of volume, but the strategic choices you have to make on short black hair are many, and one cannot take them too lightly. Given the fact that there is not much hair left to cover up for your mess, you need to be meticulous in every little detail that you arrange, so that you can end up with a stunning haircut and a happy client. short-black-hairstyles1 As with every kind of hairstyle, short black hairstyles have their secrets. Lets take a look together at the most important things to keep in mind!

Short Black Hair Secret #1

Use Styling Products and Styling Tools Wisely

You surely don’t want your hair looking dreadful and uninviting. If anything one of the most alluring qualities of short hair is that our loved ones are tempted to touch them, feel their texture and be playful with them. Overwhelming your hair with styling products is a rookie mistake, and when it comes to short black hair, you can rarely get away with it. Keep it natural and make sure that your hair don’t look spiky or sticky. Apply your styling product of choice and then let your hair air dry naturally to minimize frizz. The less you touch it the more frizz free your hair will be!

Short Black Hair Secret #2

Never Underestimate the Contribution of Unexpected Allies

The stories that I love to share with clients are usually those with interesting twists. I have this strange passion for stories of homemade remedies that were tried as an alternative and worked. A client often mentions how her short black hair that is usually unruly, felt soft, manageable and static free when she used a dryer sheet on it for the first time. Unbelievable, you might think, but the softening agents in the dryer sheet can actually affect the texture of your hair and provide you with a quick fix against static in cases of emergency.

Short Black Hair Secret #3

Spice it Up!

Although you might love your short black hair, there are a few times that you might wish your hair was longer, particularly when there is an important occasion coming up. Or you might just crave a bit of change! No matter what, you can always work on your short hair with a clip- in track that can be styled accordingly to look natural and tasteful. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of wigs, particularly synthetic ones that look and feel fake, but if done appropriately, the clip- in track can give you the versatility you might need for a special occasion. Always ask your stylist, and make sure that you choose its quality and color thoughtfully, so that it looks as natural as it can.

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Honey Brown Hair Color, in Depth!

Honey brown hair is elegant and sexy! Don’t get me wrong, I adore dark brown hair. I just think the the right shade of honey brown can look amazing in everyone’s dark hair. This is no news. But the stunning effect of honey brown hair can be new to you, if you have never tried it in the past. If you don’t fell like going for the entire gig, full honey brown hair, you can always work with highlighting a few tresses or going ombre. Ombre is hot right now, as I mentioned in my previous post, but highlights are always classy and they complement every hairstyle.

Let’s take a look at how celebrities worked honey brown hair color in their stylish manes!

Honey Brown Hair a la Beyonce

The queen of transformations, Beyonce has tried almost everything! Light honey brown hair color has always been her favorite, both as a base color and as used for her highlights. Having found the right shade that works with her complexion, Beyonce resorts to it every time she wishes to add a bit more shine and brightness to her locks. In this case, she has chosen it as a base that looks elegant and sexy,giving instant brilliance to her looks.

Honey Brown Hair a la Rihanna

Another queen of transformations, Rihanna is using honey brown hair color as a highlighting touch to achieve the perfect ombre results. Notice how smoothly and seamlessly the colors blend to create an impressive and sophisticated look. To find the perfect honey brown shade for you, consult your colorist and be open to suggestions. They know better what kind of concoction will work better on your hair color and texture. Sometimes it is also necessary to enhance your natural hair color  or supplement it with a shiny base color. Your colorist will be able to guide you through the process and the results are bound to be perfect.

Honey Brown Hair a la Kelly

Kelly’s take on honey brown hair is this lovely, luscious, darker shade that still brings out the colors of her base perfectly. Strategically separating her hair in two sections, Kelly manages to highlight the upper part and keep the lower part chocolate brown, creating in this way a very interesting juxtaposition of shades and textures. The color matched her complexion perfectly and enhances her beautiful features.A great choice for Kelly, who looks sweet, polished and youthful.

Honey Brown Hair a la Tyra


Tyra’s honey brown hair is rather interesting because the shade has a bit of a rusty tinge to it, making it unique and sensational. The base color works really well with the lighter one she chose to create the highlighted upper half, in a very similar way to what Kelly did in the previous picture. This illusion created by multidimensional color in two shades makes hair look fuller and more dramatic.

Extra points again to Tyra for the stunning color, reminding all of us that sometimes what looks best on us in not what we originally thought we wanted. Next time your colorists strongly suggests a specific color option for you, just go with it and give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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3 Celebrities With Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles are effortlessly cool, seriously elegant and so edgy! Youthful, low maintenance and impressive, natural hairstyles are your go to solution if you want your hair to look healthy and naturally beautiful. As I have been saying in the past the key to lovely natural hairstyles, is healthy, shiny, strong hair. Celebrities have been sporting the look for quite some time now, but we all know that it doesn’t always end up looking on us as ravishing as it does on them. The key for stunning natural hairstyles is conditioning, treatment and proper care. To begin with, keep your tresses long and luscious by moisturizing on a regular basis. For tips on how to moisturize visit our previous post. Then you need to choose a product to work on your tresses. Depending on the quality of your hair, you can pick a leave-in conditioner, a mask or a more thorough treatment to rejuvenate and revitalize your locks. It greatly depends on the amount of time effort and money you are willing to invest. Natural essential oils are also exceptional moisturizing agents. As I have mentioned in the past they are very user friendly, inexpensive and most importantly effective! Your hair will thank you for the pampering, and it is bound to look fabulous. Now, let’s take a look together at popular celebrity natural hairstyles!

Natural Hairstyles – Solange Knowles

Look how stunning natural hairstyles look on Solange Knowles! Beyonce’s little sis keeps her tresses natural and edgy, moving them away from her face to allow her beautiful features to pop up. Sweet, sultry and seductive, Solange’s look is awesome for the hotter times of the season, and it can be accessorized in many interesting ways. Keeping your hair natural also works great with intense color, as the minimum hairstyling required helps your color stay vibrant for a longer time!

Natural Hairstyles – Halle Berry

Halle’s numerous transformations over the years make her ideal for hair look-books such as these. This time, Halle wears her hair natural in a rusty shade that accentuates her beautiful complexion.  To transform you hair into this beautifully natural hairstyle just use your favorite product for curly hair on wet hair and simply blow dry with a diffuser. Depending on the natural curl of your hair, it will end up looking from lovely and bouncy to absolutely wild!

Natural Hairstyles – The polished curl take

Depending on the quality of your hair you can pull off curls like this with a solid styling product for curls and a good quality serum. Again use the diffuser and dry your hair upside down for more volume. Another reason for sharing this picture is that you can actually tuck your natural hairstyles up to create stunning looks with just a couple of hair pins. This look is a testament that your options are boundless and they do look amazingly polished. This is particularly important for those of you who feel that natural hairstyles lack flexibility. On the contrary, the possibilities with modifying and accessorizing natural hairstyles are infinite. Try a couple of looks, and see for yourself!

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4 Quick Natural Hairstyles To Do At Home

Quick natural hairstyles that you can do at home are always good to keep in mind! It is often the case that we seek a bit of a change without going back to our stylist for a trim or a new coloring process. These 4 quick natural hairstyles will be your best allies as you try to revamp your hair at home. You do not need major skill to achieve those, although at a first glance some of them might look challenging. Keep a positive attitude and give them a try as soon as you can! The results will amaze you!

Quick Natural Hairstyles #1

This is an extremely low maintenance quick natural hairstyle. Using the styling product of your choice and several hairpins, you can create this simple yet elegant do at home, and more importantly, at the blink of an eye. Just twist your locks and secure into place with the hairpins, adding volume to the ends. It is instant chic, particularly for a night out with the girls, when you don’t want to fixate on styling your hair for hours!

Quick Natural Hairstyles #2

An easy addition to the previous look is an accessory that will transform your do in seconds. A beautiful hairpiece, a multicolored scarf or a hairband can turn your look around in seconds. For stunning results invest on a bold hairpiece that you really like, and pair it with a neutral color palette. Also, notice how the look, as depicted in both pictures above, looks awesome with naked shoulders. Give it a try and let its versatility amaze you!

Quick Natural Hairstyles #3

This take is similar to the previous looks discussed, but rather bolder and edgier. Instead of twisting the hair above your forehead, try twisting your locks on the side of you head, giving your hair more volume on one side.  This look is contemporary and modern. It can be an easy fix for your night out after a full day in the office and it is bound to receive positive compliments. It is unusual yet classy, and if done properly it looks polished and glamorous. Try it as soon as you master the twisting techniques used on our previous examples.

Quick Natural Hairstyles #4

Let me explain why this polished, sleek look is actually in the quick natural hairstyles category. It is not what it looks like, and I am not suggesting going for the “real” thing anyways. If you want a sleeker, tamed look but you lack the time, you can still pull it of with an easy updo and a few straightened strands framing the entire project. Start with combing your hair thoroughly and then separate the upper 1/4 and put the rest in a high bun. Then straighten out your bangs and the rest of the loose hair. Using hairpins secure the straightened loose strands around your bun and watch your look transform into seconds. It might take a bit of practice, but rest assured, you will be surprised at how effortlessly stunning this is!

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6 Curly Black Hairstyles For Inspiration

Curly black hairstyles are effortlessly stunning! As spring approaches and summer gets even closer, it is good to keep in mind that a low maintenance yet elegant do is always possible! Although curly hair does not necessarily require an awful lot of styling you need to make sure that your hair is in top condition, as frizzy, damaged hair will look even worse when curly. So again, trim your hair regularly and moisturize as much as you can! If you need to remind yourself how to keep your locks hydrated and luscious, take a look at my previous post about leave-in conditioners and their benefits.

Curly Black Hairstyles we Adore  #1

Curly black hairstyles can be tricky to manage sometimes, but this lovely effortless look in this stunning hue, looks fabulous no matter what. This is why I always emphasize the importance of moisturizing well. When your hair is healthy, it looks stunning! It is that simple. This look is as natural as it gets, but it looks amazing due to the excellent hair condition and the skillfully crafted haircut that accentuates the curls and enhances the body of her hair. So, invest in a nice cut by a master stylist, make sure to keep moisturizing and leave the rest up to your hair.

Curly Black Hairstyles we Adore  #2

Rihanna’s red curly tresses are stunning! The vibrant color and the strong full-bodied curls are spectacular on the red carpet, but this is also a look that can be fantastic on you, if modified according to your lifestyle. The cut and hairdo itself is not that dramatic, it is actually the intense red color that makes the difference. These romantic curls are sweet, youthful and suitable for every occasion.

Curly Black Hairstyles we Adore  #3

This naturally curly look with a bit of a twist is great for shorter hair, particularly if you are trying to grow it out. This look requires little styling and maintenance, allowing your hair to remain strong and hydrated, away from styling irons and curlers. Just pick your product of choice to enhance your curls and allow your hair to shine naturally.

Curly Black Hairstyles we Adore  #4


This is my own take to stunning curly black hairstyles! We created this for a photo shoot earlier this year, and I have to admit it was one of my favorites. It combines the femininity and effortlessness of the curl, with a bit of old Hollywood glam, that I find enthralling. Pure seduction!

Curly Black Hairstyles we Adore  #5

Michelle Obama couldn’t possibly be missing from this inspirational post, as she has worn several curly black hairstyles with elegance. The one pictured above is one of my favorites, as it frames her beautiful face without overwhelming it. The curl is more dynamic than romantic, hence allowing her personality to shine through!


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Ombre Hair Color: Made To Impress This Spring and Summer

Ombre hair color has been referred to so many times in my previous posts.
Guess what? It is not a lucky coincidence.
Ombre hair color is absolutely huge right now!
It would not be an exaggeration to say that ombre is one of the most innovative and ground-breaking color ideas that have happened in the past years. It is a clear indication of what thinking outside the box enables stylists and colorists do. Celebrities love it, as I have mentioned before, and women seem to embrace its low maintenance glam over and over.

So, let me go back to ombre hair color basics one more time!

Ombre Hair Color – How To

Again, an important thing to remember with ombre hair color is that due to the color difference your locks need to be in perfect condition so that they don’t look damaged. Highlighting the ends of your strands might not go as planned if you locks are on the dry side and already worn out by styling. Get a trim regularly and moisturize appropriately. Try to avoid using styling tools that utilize heat and treat your hair to a conditioning treatment whenever possible.

Another important thing to remember is to decide what type of ombre hair color suits your desires and life style. If your professional setting is rather strict you might want to go with a subtle lustrous finish, rather than an edgy dramatic one. As I have mentioned in the past, and I cannot emphasize it enough, always have a consultation session with your stylist and colorist before going ombre. They will be able to tell you what works best on you and how to achieve it.

Ombre Hair Color – Styles to Choose From

So let’s say that you already took the leap of faith and are ready to go ombre. Go to your consultation informed and carry pictures with the desired outcome if possible. Your colorist will be able to tell you if what you are looking into is possible, but they will also be more likely to visualize exactly what you want, which only means one thing: the best results possible for you! Don’t forget to keep an open mind! Your colorist might suggest something that actually works better on you, especially if what you have chosen is not really a possibility given your hair. Give them your colorist a chance and make sure that you feel comfortable with their suggestions before you proceed.

Ombre Hair Color – As spotted on celebrities

Rihanna, stunning Rihanna! One of the first celebs spotted with the ombre hair look, Rihanna’s hair looked absolutely amazing with natural ombre highlights. The reason Rihanna’s ombre was such a success is something that you should also keep in mind: Rihanna’s colorist made sure that the shade complimented her skin tone and eyes perfectly!

Inspired! We think so! Give ombre hair color a chance a prepare for low maintenance glam that will keep you on the spotlight!

Book your appointment today and join us for a consultation on your hair’s best potential!

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