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About: Patrick Wellington

Patrick Wellington, veteran hair stylist and founder of Wellington Hair Salon, has one simple objective for all his clients – hair that glows with inner health. Formerly a senior stylist at the world renowned John Atchison Hair Salon, Patrick Wellington has over 20 years of exceptional experience styling celebrities, executives, and exclusive clientele who demand the very best in cutting edge hair styling and hair care.

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WHS Tips and Tricks: Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural hair


Come on Ladies, we all know how frustrating the process is of ridding yourself of relaxed hair can be. Well, hopefully WHS can ease the pain of this pivotal moment in your life. As tedious as this process maybe, you should really pat yourself on the back for this groundbreaking decision. Always remember with hard work comes gratification!

Tip One: Depending on how much new growth you have, be brave and cut off the remaining relaxed hair. That way, all you need to focus on is maintaining healthy natural hair.

Tip Two: Create a great transitional style, including natural twist you can accomplish with Chinese bumps or straw sets. Also, soft curls are a great transitional style, you can accomplish with soft foam curlers, you use overnight. Both don’t require heat, therefore the relaxed hair can still maintain health.

Tip Three: Utilize Extension/braids or weaves to protect your hair, while going through your transitional stage. However, speak with your stylist regularly, on how often to wash and replace the synthetic hair.

Tip Four: Continue conditioning your hair on a regular basis. To keep the new growth hydrated and moisturized.

Here are four simple tips to assist with your natural transition! Good Luck…
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WHS New Product Review: Paul Mitchell Keratin Awapuhi Wild Ginger Products


Wellington hair spa continues to provide brilliant service, with exceptional hair products. Paul Mitchell’s Keratin Awapuhi Wild Ginger products, secure a variety of benefits for your delicate tresses.

These 8 products include KeraTriplex Treatment, Keratin Intensive Treatment, Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, Keratin Cream Rinse, Styling Treatment Oil, Finishing Spray, Shine Spray, and Texturizing Sea Spray.

Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Products were designed for ultimate hair care, which sustain a healthy lifestyle and look. Each of them, supply their own individual strengths, that when used together, become a powerhouse for healthy, sustainable, and timeless hair. For example, out of the entire line, the Keratin Intensive Treatment is a Wellington Favorite! This treatment produces a concentrated Keratin protein blend that deeply repairs and protects, while intensifying hydration.

Paul Mitchell and John Daul DeJoria teamed up and purchased land in Hawaii, to cultivate these products through a solar powered Awapuhi Farm. Consequently, both men saw this land as an opportunity to create a hair care line that was effective, yet connected to nature and in tune with their beliefs. Awapuhi products have been reviewed as restoring damaged hair up to 80%; improving shine up to 35% and preventing color fade up to 67%.

You may not know it, but daily stresses can really damage your hair to the point of no return! It is imperative to find products that will benefit your hair in the long term. Paul Mitchell’s Keratin Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hawaii Products, provide a safe and effective route to reverse that damage and promote health. Make your appointment at Wellington Hair Spa today, and notice the difference yourself!

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WHS New Product Review: Paul Mitchell PM Shines


Paul Mitchell’s new PM Shines hair color is a Wellington favorite!
Combining intensely vibrant color and quality hair care, this demi-permanent translucent hydrating product proves its dominance over the competition. A mixture of soy protein to replenish amino acids, UV absorber to prevent fading, fresh clean fragrance, and liquid gel for convenient application, proves affective and successful for Stylist Patrick Wellington.

PM Shines also provides a long lasting hydrating and conditioning structure; named IHC (Intense Hydrating Complex), which penetrates deep into the hair shaft adding intense hydration. This Ammonia-Free formula also contains Meadowfoam Seed to help repair damage and intensify surface shine.

Consisting of 27 intermixable colors and clear shine, PM can be mixed with the total color palette to create a multitude of additional colors, which last up to 4-6 weeks.

Keeping your hair on trend, yet healthy can be difficult. Exceptionally, PM shines has passed the test. It’s time to treat your hair to supreme care with Paul Mitchell’s new PM Shines!

Available at Wellington Hair Spa, make your appointment today!
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Wellington Product Launch – Satin Hydration Therapy, Organic Satin Pillowcase

Wellington Hair Spa is now the home of the “ Hydration Therapy, Organic Satin Pillowcase,” by Neero & Ana. Aren’t you annoyed with your mundane hair wrapping routine every night? In most cases scarves and bonnets, rip your hair out, flatten hair volume and rarely stay on through-out the night.

Well ladies, the eco-friendly organic satin pillowcase is the solution to all your problems. This tightly weaved pillow case gives your hair the freedom to breathe and move freely as you sleep, without feeling strands of hair being pulled out.

Over-Night Renewal Treatment

Satin Hydration Therapy has the attainable goal to keep your hair hydrated and free from any damaging agents that could remove critical moisture, which causes the hair to weaken, thin and become sparse.
-Neero & Ana

This organic case is anti-absorbent, 100% cellulose acetate botanicals, and also protects the skin from drying out while you sleep. It comes in a variety of exciting colors including ravenous red, pure black, cranberry cocktail, sugarcoated secrets and so many more. You can also order in different sizes according to your pillow size. Why go through another night without your Satin Hydrating Pillowcase; stop by Wellington Hair Spa today and purchase your solution!

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“Beauty before The Big Day” in honor of Reverend Dease’s Wedding Day


Salon owner Patrick Wellington hosted “Beauty Before the Big Day” event for bridal party of Reverend Violet Dease. Patrick Wellington and theWellington Hair Spa team served as the premiere hair stylists for Reverend Dease and her entire bridal party, treating them to a day of beauty one day before her wedding and touching them up the day of.
The Reverend Violet L. Dease is a licensed and ordained assistant Pastor forThe Abyssinian Baptist Church, a 200 plus year old historical church locatedin Harlem, New York. Rev. Dease serves under the tutelage of The Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III. Dease’s wedding day was held on Sunday, October 10, 2010. We were able to capture her beautiful day, with special thanks toPatrick Wellington and the Wellington Hair Spa team. We hope you enjoy these exclusive photos as much as we do.
Photos by Joseph Rodman.

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“32 Candles” Author Event at Wellington

Wellington Hair Spa collaborated with Low Country Marketing Group to celebrate Ernessa T. Carter’s debut book 32 Candles. This intimate event catered to prominent women in various fields, including fashion, beauty, media and entertainment. Amazing music blended with beautiful décor and set the mood for a wonderful occasion. Guest were delighted by the delicious treats provided by Harlem’s Tonnie” Minis, food by Nadege Fleurimond Catering and wine sponsored by Oya Wines. The talented author read an excerpt from the book, took a moment for book signings and took photographs with fans.

Please view our “32 Candles” event gallery.

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Hair Compliments – One Shoulder

One of the trendiest items in Hollywood is the ever so sexy one shoulder look. Asymmetrical garments give you the power to experiment with sleek hairstyles; making them extremely adventurous and fun to wear. If you want to try this look for fall, dealing with two looks in one, can be a bit overwhelming for the everyday women. This is why Wellington has compiled images of starlets, who pull both hair and garment off successfully.

Take a look!

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Simple Trends – HatStyle Edition

Hats have been a staple piece within fashion for decades. However, most women find them quite difficult to master. When choosing to wear this accessory, it’s not always necessary to hide and stuff your beautiful tresses underneath it. Whether your hair is curly, straight, or otherwise; hats have the mysterious power of changing the dynamic of your style.

Take a look at these hat-trends below for your own inspiration.

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Hair Transformations – Jada Pinkett – Smith Edition

When it comes to hair, Jada Pinkett-Smith has a pioneering style that constantly evolves, yet still remains fresh and current. She is a classic beauty with an eclectic edge. Never conforming to trends, Jada proves her individuality through a collection of hairstyles. As a mother, business owner and actress, this woman is more than just an innovator; she’s a powerhouse.

Take a look at the hair transformation of Jada Pinkett-Smith.

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Simple Trends – Rain Edition

In light of the recent summer storms, Wellington Hair Spa wants to help our readers find solutions to combat hair’s greatest adversary–RAIN! In this weather, most hairstyles are nearly impossible to maintain. However, we’re always thinking positively and figuring out ways to work with Mother Nature, rather than against her. Check out our gallery of easy-to-do hairstyles that are quick and simple to pull off when precipitation is looming.

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