Let’s talk about hot oil treatments (HOT). This hair subject doesn’t get the “shine” that it deserves. Yes, we know about deep conditioners, yes we understand the importance of protective styling and yes we have it down pat that we should never go to sleep without a satin or silk scarf on our head. We know the basics. But as with most things, you can never stop learning. This time around we are diving a little bit deeper into the amazing benefits of hot oil treatments.

If you haven’t used them or don’t know what they are, keep reading. Hot oil treatments are by far one of the most underrated hair care processes because a lot of women just don’t use them on their hair. HOT is great for hair that feels very dry, is breaking off or is in need of some real tender love and care. Now, there are naturals who feel like HOT is a waste of time, but that is totally not the case. They work wonders because they open up the hair cuticle, which allows the oil’s moisturizing properties to get deep into the hair shaft, giving it the extra penetrated and concentrated attention that it needs.

With HOT, you don’t have to spend a lot of money because, surprise, you can do it yourself (DIY). Don’t you just love how DIY can apply to just about everything in life? You can easily, cheaply and effectively make your own concoction at home with nourishing ingredients you find right in your cabinet.

So let’s talk about hot oil treatments and what they can do for you.


Hot oil treatments are super easy and super effective. You simply heat the oil up so that it is noticeably warm. You can use a temperature that works for you. Then you dip your fingers into the hot oil and massage it into your hair, scalp/root to tip. You can then heat a towel; use a dryer or a shower cap on your hair to lock in the heat. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wash your hair.

Avocado Oil

This little piece of heaven fruit is just a win all around. It tastes good and it’s good for you; ALL of you. If you are prone to dry and frizzy hair, avocado oil a great place to start. The monounsaturated fatty acids in this oil are ideal for your hair and help to improve scalp circulation, which helps stimulate growth.

Argan Oil

With a super sweet and pleasant fragrance, Argan oil works amazingly well for HOT. It hydrates your hair and leaves it feeling super soft. It also enhances elasticity. Who couldn’t use a little more flexibility in their hair?

Almond Oil

This is another sweet one. It will smoothen your cuticle as the vitamin E found in almond oil supports hair growth. Another great benefit is that it makes your hair shine because of vitamins A and B. Furthermore, the presence of omegas 9, 6 and 3 acts as protectants from UV rays.

Pre-Formulated HOT

If you prefer to buy store bought, already formulated HOT, that is perfectly fine too. The tried and true brands – Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture just to name a couple – have amazing products that will do the job for you. You just apply the same as you would the DIY treatments.

No matter what you decide to use on your hair, it is a matter of preference and what works for you. Hot oil treatments are so beneficial and if you don’t do them regularly, maybe it’s time to consider adding them to your routine.