Going Natural… The Great Debate

So you have been thinking about it and wondering if it is the right thing for you to do- going natural. You have watched the YouTube videos, researched the natural hair blogs, spoken to people you know who have “taken the plunge” but you are still on the fence about it. While some people may not realize it, deciding to kick the “creamy crack” habit and start the process of going natural is a big decision. There are several things to consider and it is definitely something that should not […]

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Move Over Ombre! Spring 2015 Is All About The Sombre!

Spring is in the air and that means new hair color trends for 2015! For the past couple of years, ombre has been seen everywhere from the runways to the streets of NYC. Today, I’m sharing a new trend: Sombre. Sombre is a softer version of the ombre. Get it: Soft + Ombre = Sombre! This subtle addition of color allows for a softer transition from darker roots to lighter tips. This blending of color adds a bit of a textured look to the hair. The number of shades between […]

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Benefits Of Coconut Oil

You’ve probably noticed a coconut trend happening over the past few years. More and more Americans are on board with using coconut oil in, well, everything! If you haven’t started using this magical fruit oil yourself, then I’ve got a few benefits that could just change your mind for the better. Protect Your Hair Full of vitamin E, coconut oil has been used on hair since ancient times in parts of India, Asian, and South America. Apply a mixture of water and coconut oil can prevent hair loss and reduce […]

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A Few Secrets To Finding The Perfect Salon

In the age of the internet, we have more information at our fingertips than we know what to do with! But why is it still so difficult to find the perfect hair salon? Today, I’m sharing a few of my secrets to help you find the best salon for you. Your Friends Are The Key Seriously, between your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and your Starbucks barista, you’re bound to find someone who has a salon and stylist they absolutely love. Ask their opinion and for a referral! This is the best […]

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3 Tips To Prevent Breakage While Transitioning To Natural Hair

If you’re struggling with the process of transitioning your chemically relaxed hair into your natural curls, then you may benefit from these tips to prevent breakage. Moisture. Moisture Moisture. Proper moisturizing will keep your hair soft and supple, leading to fewer tangles and breakage. And yes, I said it three times because it needed to be said! If you only take one thing away from this blog post, it’s that you need to moisturize your hair regularly. Water is the ultimate moisturizer so use it to you advantage. Unfortunately, water […]

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Healthy Hair Needs A Good Night’s Sleep

Just like a great night of sleep does wonders for your face, getting a solid night snoozing can also benefit your hair. Lack of rest has been impact your stress levels, weight gain, and mood; but did you know lack of sleep can also effect your hair! Before you change your shampoo, consider changing your sleep patterns. Growth The most common benefit to your hair once you start getting consistent good nights of sleep is hair growth! Over night, your hair will have a chance to rebuild and reconstruct any […]

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A Few Reasons Why You Should Use A Leave In Conditioner

With any hair type, the benefits of using a leave in conditioner are in question. Some see it as an unnecessary addition to their routine while others use other products as a replacement. A leave in conditioner gives your hair the added bonus of moisture while allowing you to detangle and comb out your hair after washing it. Yes, simply washing with shampoo and in shower conditioner will moisturize your hair. But, using a leave in conditioner continues that moisturizing process that naturally helps your hair retain water, which it […]

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How To Measure Hair Growth

If you have natural hair, you’re probably looking forward to those moments when you can quantify how long your hair is growing! But first a few facts about hair growth to keep in mind! Most people grown an average of ½ inch of hair a month. That’s about 6 inches a year! Everyone needs trims, even the person with the healthiest and longest head of hair. If you don’t trim, your split ends could damage your hair and lead to breakage. Occasionally, your hair will experience a “growth spurt” but […]

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Alopecia Areata – How Your Stylist Can Help

A surprisingly common disease, alopecia areata typically happens in individuals in their twenties. Characterized by balding spots on the scalp due to hair loss, this form of alopecia has no know cure other than time itself. If you’re suffering from such a circumstance, having a knowledgeable stylish on your team can help you endure! First Point of Contact While your hair stylist typically isn’t a licensed dermatologist, often times they are the first person to notice something different about your hair! Typically, the hair loss doesn’t happen right away but […]

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5 Inspirational Natural Hair Journeys

If you’re on the fence about going natural, we’ve curated a few inspiration natural hair journeys that could help you make your decision! Rissikat Blade Model Rissikat started her natural hair journey with a short, spunky relaxed hairstyle as a result of her big chop! She admits to feeling shy about photographing her hair for the first three months, but you’ll soon see how much her hair changed just after a year of growing it out. Through a concentrated effort and lots of patience, her ‘frow turned out to be […]

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