Hairstyles To Try Now

One of the great things about our hair is that we can change it whenever we  want. And for those that like to be up to date on trends in fashion and other industries, you can stay in the know about hair too because trends come and go. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air in hair inspiration, you can choose from some of the hottest trends in black hairstyles. From Jada Pinkett-Smith to Toni Braxton, there are some sexy, flattering looks for you to try now. […]

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7 Ways to Care For Your Hair

I love seeing each and every one of my clients.  But giving them that particular look they came in for can sometimes be a challenge when their hair isn’t healthy.  So ladies (and gentlemen) Here’s 7 ways you can care for your hair in between appointments at the salon. Avoid putting heat on your hair If you use heat styling products on your hair, try and cut it down to 2 times a month max, and make sure you use a heat protection shampoo and/or moisturizer, or a good serum/spray […]

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Nourish Your Body to look and feel better!

Beauty on the outside begins – naturally – on the inside. To have glowing skin, strong nails and shining hair you must feed your body the right foods so it can thrive. What kinds of foods are these? They are whole, raw, nourishing ones. Cooked whole foods can do wonders for your body but often raw foods deliver more nutrients and hydration and obviously – less processing is required. Fruits and greens are the most important foods to eat raw. Vegetables, beans and grains can be cooked gently (preferably without […]

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11 Ways to Embrace Our Natural Beauty

Springy, kinky, coily, curly, crinkly haired sisters are all over the place now. Black women are embracing their natural hair like never before. No longer are we shying away from our natural roots. For many of us, straightening our hair with a relaxer will never again be an option. Why straighten when our lives aren’t even straight and narrow? Life is full of kinks, just like our hair, but we worked through them on this journey called life. But the natural movement isn’t just about hair. It’s about embracing ourselves […]

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7 Summer Hair Tips

Summertime is upon is and I hope you are getting outside and enjoying the weather in NYC. But with all the pros that summer brings, the season has its cons too- the effect it has on your hair. Being a mad hatter is a wonderful way to protect your hair. Sporting a chic sun hat to keep hair and skin shielded from those bright UV rays, while protecting color and moisture.  But aside from wearing a sun hat every day, here are some other awesome tips that you may want commit to memory. MOISTURIZE!!! When it […]

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9 Simple Tips to Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

How to boost your beauty in nine simple steps: from getting down and dirty in the bedroom to grooming your eyebrows, being more beautiful is easy when you make a few small changes to your routine. Here are our top 9 ways to make you look and feel irresistible. Beauty tip 1: Exfoliate It’s often hard to keep up with our skin. One minute we’re smothering it in moisturiser, the next it’s back to being dull and flakey. To compliment your moisturiser and ensure that your skin stays lovelier for […]

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Hair Masks

Our hair is so important to our self-esteem. It helps us feel better about ourselves and in so many ways it defines us. There is nothing wrong with that either because the truth is, we should all take pride in our hair. In the everyday hustle and bustle of things, we don’t always take care of our hair the way that we should. We neglect it, not on purpose, and then feel and see the effects of not giving it the attention it needs in the forms of breakage, stagnated […]

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Hair Extensions: What to do After the Weave Comes Out

In today’s world, it is almost a rare thing to meet a woman who does not wear weave. That’s not a bad thing by the way. It just means that women have more freedom now more than ever to live their lives the way they want and I say more power to them. Weaves are convenient, they are pretty and they give versatility that make doing your hair fun. In the midst of all the weave wearing, though, it is very important to still take care of your hair underneath […]

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To Loc or Not to Loc: Faux Locs

There are so many things to do with your hair. While there is always the go tos- braids and weaves- there are some great renditions of both of these. When contemplating what to do next with, there is a lot that goes into choosing your next hairstyle; the color, the style the cost. It almost becomes overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. Why not consider something that has been around for a while but continues to gain exposure and popularity- faux locs. Fuax locs are something fresh and new […]

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Soak in Indulgence with These Bath Recipes

For me, baths are a luxury. Making the time to clean my tub, light some candles, put on my bubblebath playlist – all of the things I need to do to prepare for the experience – takes time and effort. It’s an intentional exercise in relaxation and self-care. So it better be worth it by the time I step into the water. I need my bath to be relaxing and soothing, but more than that, these days I need my baths to be beneficial. I’ve really gotten into baths with […]

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