Curly Twist Out – You Have to Have It Now!


Curly twist out styles are here to celebrate Independence Day! Happy Independence day to all of you my clients and friends! We fought many battles for our independence ever since, and we are still facing our own everyday struggles, so let us rejoice this day and reward ourselves with the little joys of life. A glass of wine, a beautiful sunset, the magnificence of the fireworks, the smiles of a loved one. You name it. My own contribution to this day is an easy to do and maintain hairstyle, that […]

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How to Ombre Your Hair in Four Easy Steps

how-to ombre

How to Ombre your hair tutorial! It is finally here! You requested it and we delivered! When it comes to ombre you know we love it, and we know you love it too! For the past couple of months I kept receiving emails from clients and readers asking me how to ombre their hair at home. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it might not end up as you were hoping it would. But I am here to give you my advice in order to minimize the risk of damage and […]

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Black Ombre Hair Rocks the Summer – Our Favorite Celeb Looks!

Black ombre hair has been the talk of the town for several months now, but the trend is still going strong! More natural and effortless than traditional highlighting techniques, black ombre looks awesome, and truth be told, it requires have the money and effort to maintain! Several celebs have been spotted with ombre hair recently, but I have chosen three of my favorite black ombre looks to share with you and hopefully inspire you! The Kardashian Black Ombre It almost seems to me that all of the Kardashian sisters, at […]

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Transitioning Hair Care Products – The Hall of Fame!


Transitioning hair care is one of my biggest passions, but that you already know! I am going back to my favorite topic to discuss transitioning hair care products, as summer is already here, and your hair needs a moisturizing boost. Now, moisturizing is a topic we have talked about numerous times in the past…let’s be honest, i cannot overemphasize how important proper care is when it comes to moisturizing transitioning hair. Chances are, if you decided to go for transitioning hair, your tresses are relatively damaged, and we want to […]

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Ombre Nails at Home! Yes, You Can!


Ombre Nails? Yes, please! Now that we are all a bit more well versed in ombre hair, let’s think about how to make ombre nails at the convenience of our home. Now don’t get me wrong! I am hardly an expect when it comes to nails, my kingdom has always been, and still is, your lovely tresses. I do have a few suggestions though, having worked with nail care professionals for years, and possessing the basic criteria to judge whether a trend is aesthetically pleasing or not. Rest assured, ombre […]

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Natural Twist Out Styles to Rock this Summer


Natural twist out styles are so hot this summer! And how could they not be, given their versatility and effortless chic! Natural twist out styles offer you the advantages of a beautiful mane without frizz. At the same time they protect you from excessive heat and the styling damage you an cause your hair with styling tools like straightening irons or curling irons. As I mentioned in my previous post, the key to beautiful natural twist out styles is moisturizing and taking your time to work with your tresses. Start […]

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Twist Out Hair: What Is It and How to Do It!


Twist out hair is always in vogue, as it is an easy stylistic fix to your natural or transitioning hair. For those of you, who might have not encountered the term before, chances are you have seen the twist out hair style nonetheless. Twist out hair is the hair you get when you wear your hair into, guess what, twists, and then you unravel them to get a nice wavy do.  It is easy to make and maintain and it is bound to look good no matter what. The twists […]

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Short Transitioning Hair – Our Top 3 Looks!


The short transitioning hair post resumes our transitioning hair special! We have talked extensively about what makes transitioning hair a much more comfortable experience, and I am sure that we have agreed by now that there is no better hair than healthy hair. Moisturizing, detangling, avoiding chemicals, all of these measures are bound to help you maintain your sanity as you are transitioning to natural. In spite of your best efforts, however, the chopping might sometimes not be avoided. First of, stay calm. Your hair will thank you for the […]

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Transitioning Natural Hair – How To Care For It!


Now that we have gotten the gist of transitioning natural hair, let’s focus on the basics. Taking care of transitioning natural hair can be quite a challenge. The most important aspect of it is to remember that it has unique hydration and moisture needs. To make sure that the damaged and relaxed part is over and done with, follow these simple rules! Transitioning Natural Hair – Rule 1 – Moisturize and Hydrate Moisturizing is extremely important. Using natural products also helps, as sulfates and artificial ingredients make hair coarser and […]

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Transitioning Hair – What Is It And Why Should You Do It?

Transitioning hair is what we are stuck with when our natural hair has been so damaged by heat and styling tools that we need to take a break. We all love smooth silky hair, but unhealthy hair doesn’t good look on anyone. I highly recommend taking a break from styling you hair when you see that it is damaged beyond repair. It might also be useful to book an appointment with your stylist to refresh your haircut, so that you get rid of damaged or extremely dry strands. Moisturizing is […]

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