The Regimen: Four-Step Process for Kids’ Natural Hair

One of the great things about the natural hair movement is that more parents are also including their daughters. In the past, too many young girls had chemically processed hair that made it even more difficult to care for and manage as they got older. Having natural hair involves more time, but when it comes to our children, it is well worth the commitment. So let’s talk about commitment. I know that it may seem that having natural hair as an adult is hard enough, but all things considered, it […]

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Best Shampoos for Natural Hair

No matter what time of year it is, the need for an outstanding hair cleansing routine is non-negotiable. I know what you are thinking, “It’s just shampooing, how much to it can there be?” A process like washing your hair should be simple but anyone who has had natural hair at any point will tell you that all is not fair in shampoo and washing. I know that we talk a lot about using the right products on your hair on the blog, but that is because it is a […]

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How to Keep Your Natural Hair Straighter for Longer,

Let’s face it; sometimes as a natural, you want to enjoy the beauty of bone straight hair. There is nothing wrong with it. That is one of the great things about being natural. There is so much versatility and being able to go from curly to straight is definitely one of them. Now, here’s the thing that all naturals know- keeping your hair straight can be a pain. And more often than not, you will find yourself putting heat on your hair all the time in an attempt to maintain […]

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Ginger For Your Hair: The Benefits

Hair. It is one of the most important aspects of who we are. So taking care of it is at the top of everyone’s list. If you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter. We all want to have great hair. We live in a world where there are products, ideas and ways to take extra good care of our hair, now more than ever before. If you are a natural or have relaxed tresses, there are specific methods and tips for the hair life you choose to […]

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Winter Hair Game: What to Know

Fall is here and with the beautiful weather comes a carefree sense of the world. But don’t let the joy of cool sunny days keep you from taking care of your hair properly. We all know that the elements in the air can affect our hair. And while summer definitely does a number on our tresses, cooler weather can also negatively affect it too. With that, as we zoom right through autumn, it may be time to think about your winter hair routine. Yes, you need to be ready to […]

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Why Won’t it Grow? Retaining Length with Natural Hair

The life of a natural is filled with all kinds of “good practices” which one should live by in order to achieve their hair goals. The hallmark of most women who have opted for the chemical free hair life is to make sure you have a routine in place that will ensure healthy, strong, flowing hair. But what happens when your tresses aren’t growing the way you want? Everyone’s hair is different, that is a given. And while there are some tips that work well for a lot of women, […]

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Hair Habits: The Bad Ones that Need to Stop!

Let’s talk about habits. We all have them. Whether it’s how we eat, how we act or how we spend money, there are some good ones and there are some not so good ones. When it comes to our hair, the same rings true. In the world we live in now, some of the tips and go-to rituals we’ve been taught don’t hold up to today’s best practices. It is true that many of the habits our mothers, aunties and cousins did are just bad. At the same time, neglect […]

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Porosity: How to Care for Your Hair

Let’s talk about moisture! I know we often speak about the products to use and ways to make sure your hair has it; but there is another aspect of moisture that can greatly determine your success in managing it. It is called porosity and knowing where your hair falls on the scale will increase your ability to get the results you want. Before going any further, let me start off by saying that there is no level of porosity that is better than the other. The term, when referring to […]

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Natural Tips: How Often Should I Wash My Hair

In the world of natural hair, it seems like new rules pop up everyday about best practices. From what to use, how much to use, and when to use, ideas and expert opinions are all over the place. One of the most debated aspects of being natural is how often one should wash their hair. This is an important thing to understand because although washing your hair sounds like a no brainer (everyone does it), the process is a little different when you have natural hair. And by different I […]

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Length Retention: It’s Within Your Reach

Let’s talk about length. When it comes to hair, for some women, it does matter. There are those who prefer shorter hair for their own personally reasons, but a majority of women seek after ways to grow their hair and keep their hair. In the natural world, having long hair is a big deal. Black women have spent decades trying to grow their tresses and for those who do, keeping their length can be just as challenging as getting it. Of course not every natural faces the pits falls of […]

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