Winter Hair Game: What to Know

Fall is here and with the beautiful weather comes a carefree sense of the world. But don’t let the joy of cool sunny days keep you from taking care of your hair properly. We all know that the elements in the air can affect our hair. And while summer definitely does a number on our tresses, cooler weather can also negatively affect it too. With that, as we zoom right through autumn, it may be time to think about your winter hair routine. Yes, you need to be ready to […]

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Why Won’t it Grow? Retaining Length with Natural Hair

The life of a natural is filled with all kinds of “good practices” which one should live by in order to achieve their hair goals. The hallmark of most women who have opted for the chemical free hair life is to make sure you have a routine in place that will ensure healthy, strong, flowing hair. But what happens when your tresses aren’t growing the way you want? Everyone’s hair is different, that is a given. And while there are some tips that work well for a lot of women, […]

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Hair Habits: The Bad Ones that Need to Stop!

Let’s talk about habits. We all have them. Whether it’s how we eat, how we act or how we spend money, there are some good ones and there are some not so good ones. When it comes to our hair, the same rings true. In the world we live in now, some of the tips and go-to rituals we’ve been taught don’t hold up to today’s best practices. It is true that many of the habits our mothers, aunties and cousins did are just bad. At the same time, neglect […]

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Porosity: How to Care for Your Hair

Let’s talk about moisture! I know we often speak about the products to use and ways to make sure your hair has it; but there is another aspect of moisture that can greatly determine your success in managing it. It is called porosity and knowing where your hair falls on the scale will increase your ability to get the results you want. Before going any further, let me start off by saying that there is no level of porosity that is better than the other. The term, when referring to […]

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Natural Tips: How Often Should I Wash My Hair

In the world of natural hair, it seems like new rules pop up everyday about best practices. From what to use, how much to use, and when to use, ideas and expert opinions are all over the place. One of the most debated aspects of being natural is how often one should wash their hair. This is an important thing to understand because although washing your hair sounds like a no brainer (everyone does it), the process is a little different when you have natural hair. And by different I […]

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Length Retention: It’s Within Your Reach

Let’s talk about length. When it comes to hair, for some women, it does matter. There are those who prefer shorter hair for their own personally reasons, but a majority of women seek after ways to grow their hair and keep their hair. In the natural world, having long hair is a big deal. Black women have spent decades trying to grow their tresses and for those who do, keeping their length can be just as challenging as getting it. Of course not every natural faces the pits falls of […]

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The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Let’s talk about ACV. If you don’t know what that means, it stands for apple cider vinegar and as far as millions of people are concerned, it is the cure for just about everything in life. If you are natural, then you know how important it is to give your hair the best. That’s not to say that women with relaxed hair shouldn’t consider what they put on it. It’s just that natural hair is delicate and can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It all depends on […]

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2016 Fall Hair Color Trends

Oh summer. We love you for all the fun and carefree moments you bring us. Each year, for three (or so) months, people all around the world indulge everything you have to offer- sunny skies, hot weather, the beach, sand between the toes and countless vacations to the most awesome places. Yes summer, you are everything, but sadly your time with us doesn’t last forever. I know that it seems like summer just started, but before we realize it, autumn will be here. While I look forward to the fashion […]

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How to Stop Traction Alopecia and Regrow Your Edges

There is a lot of talk about “edges” in the black hair community. The term refers to the outer front perimeter of your hair just to clarify. They are delicate, they are sacred and they are important. Too many black women have experienced what experts like to officially call traction alopecia. We have seen celebrities like Tamar Braxton become the target of mean memes, hair articles, and Internet bullying because she, essentially, lost her edges. Traction alopecia is a fancy way to describe the situation, which usually happens due to excessive or […]

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4 Ways to Take Care of Your Scalp

Let’s face it; at some point in time, our scalps can get itchy, dry and annoying. For some people, it’s a persistent problem that affects their quality of life. It doesn’t matter if you are natural or have relaxed hair; an itchy scalp is no fun. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be embarrassing because at times, flakes appear due to dryness and of course, scratching. One of the reasons that we encounter this problem is due to neglecting our scalps. We put a lot of focus on making […]

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