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5 Fabulous Hair Trends to Reinvent Yourself for 2016

to Reinvent Yourself for 2016It looks like 2016 is going to be about rocking natural hair in an array of interesting ways. Bob cuts, with or without bangs will certainly be fresh and trendy during the coming year. Bobs can be straight, curly, or even have twist elements. They will work on the wavy spectrum as well. What many people could do to give the bob some new life is to add color. The color choices that will work best for the year will be more muted. Rather than yellowish blonde, a darker blonde hue or highlights along those lines will work. For brunettes, a softer shade will be trendier as well. Here are some other ideas for reinventing yourself for 2016.

One example of an upcoming fashion trend for 2016 is the Marley Twist, which is a chunk of double strand twists. These don’t have to be super neat, but they should be uniform in thickness. Color may work for this style, depending on your personality.

Braids can also be jazzed up with color. Examples include blue, purple, pink, green or a combination of all four of those colors. When it comes to length, there will be no wrong or right length for braids. Long, super long, ridiculously long, short or medium length braids will be trendsetting for the year. The length will depend on the statement the wearer is trying to make, and the circles in which they travel.

Afros with parts will also be big in 2016. They can also take on a curly or wavy look, to give the afro more personality. When it is a curly afro, many call it the afro-curl. Even the teeny weeny afro will carry over into next year with timeless grace. Layered styles will be big in 2016. Short and layered, like we’ve often seen on Taraj P. Henson, will be acceptable as a trendy staple on black women’s hair. At the same time, longer layers will also work. Sitting in a chair after choosing a layered look that works for you will be one way to switch up your look for the New Year. Just be sure that you have a picture of your desired style or that you can give accurate descriptions of what you want to achieve to the stylist. Layered with feathers will be back with a vengeance. That old Farrah Fawcett look (from the Charlie’s Angels era) will be an excellent go-to style for those who want layers in a longer length style.

While you can’t see the back of your head all the time, many others can. Be sure to consider having those luxuriant layers in the back, as they will give you a flattering teasing style for those following you or sitting/standing behind you. Layers can work to sculpt the face and show off the best features. For instance, high cheekbones may become more prominent if the hair near that area is layered up the right way.

Those who have gone natural, but still prefer their hair straightened could really do with a re-think on that during 2016. By constantly straightening your hair, you have robbed yourself of finding out about your hair’s specifics. The growth pattern, the curly tendencies, any wave patterns; all of that has been tampered with through the straightening process. This year, why not try to find out what truly and totally natural styles will work for you. After a shampoo and conditioning, you may be able to have your stylist suggest some ideas. Perhaps a natural pixie might work, or some type of finger wave. Even braids might give your locks a good reprieve.

Of course, those who have stuck with relaxers all these years can still get on the natural hair bandwagon and say goodbye to chemicals. In doing so, such black women may discover just how thick and beautiful their hair is in its natural state. Natural hair is, and perhaps will always be trendy. 2016 is the best time in the world to put this to the test.

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7 Black Beauty Trends to Watch out for in 2016

Portrait of beautiful serene African girl over grey studio background. African beauty with makeup and long hair.

Saying Who and What You Are

Daring, well-defined and assertive will be a black beauty staple in the year 2016. If you look at timeless beauties that stay modern and fresh, you get an idea of what 2016 should look like for those who will be watched and copied for their beautiful vibes and energy. Dressing and styling yourself to convey the message you are trying to put across will pay off big dividends if you are trying to brand yourself as an entrepreneur or attempting to climb the corporate ladder on your job. Knowing how to present yourself for the particular circumstance will pay off huge dividends, moreso in 2016 than in recent years. This will be one of the trendsetting practices that will get you noticed and taken seriously, no matter what field or industry you’re in. It will even work on the college campus.

Just like people, hair can project a certain energy. If you look at Patti Labelle, you get an idea of how hair can make statements about the person, what to expect from them, and how to emulate some of that je ne sais quoi, the certain something that you can’t put your finger on but which you can recognize from a mile away. She was a diva, and she dressed and wore her hair to match that image. Think about it, did you ever see Patti Labelle rocking a conservative girl next door style when singing Lady Marmalade? No, because that would have been inconsistent. Sometimes her hairstyles were sky-high, to match that coming up with a fierceness persona. In the same way that she kept her hair and clothing relevant for whatever she was bringing to the stage, black beauties of all walks of life have to do the same. If you are doing a Prezi presentation about hip hop, you have to think in terms of an ensemble and hairstyle that is professional and hot at the same time.

2016 is not the year to send mixed messages. For example, if you are a techie, it won’t hurt to look like one. This could mean a cardigan and a minimally patterned shirt or blouse with a skirt or pants in a basic color like brown, black, grey or darker hues of green. You probably should have a bag handy, carrying your tech equipment like a tablet or laptop.

If you have curves, and it’s one of your claim to fame; in the right setting you should show this off. Look at how Beyonce shows off those curvaceous hips. She accentuates one of her great assets in selecting rompers, gowns and other attire. It will definitely be trendy to sport your best features and play them up. This makes a statement about your recognition of all with which you’re endowed.

Saying what and who you are through your styling choices will be big in 2016. Branding can be accomplished by wearing a clean, nicely starched chef’s suit to run errands if you are a culinary expert. You can be almost certain that people will ask if you do catering and similar questions. You are almost making yourself a human billboard by doing this. The person who wears their clean hairdresser smock outside the salon can also rack up business this way. If you have cards handy, you can seal the deal with people who approach you after noticing your attire. This puts your networking on-the-go into practice. Other than chefs and hair stylists, there are a host of others who can advertise and brand themselves by wearing styles that say what they do, even away from the job.

Hats will be big in 2016. Headwear of all sorts will do the job of adorning the head. Ample sized headbands for women are expected to be thicker and wider. A simple adornment like a flower on the side are going to be trendy as the old year gives way to the new. A sister with bangs, a side sweep and a ponytail will look trendy in a headband. Also bucket hats will be big for 2016. LL Cool J made them popular in the late 90’s. Some styles have a little more elevation, which can be cool with the right person. Available in solid colors in leather, and in patterned cloth fabric styles; bucket hats will work wonders with the right outfit. Once again, women would do well to look for ones with a nice bow adornment. While these hats can be plain, the way to really make them work is to rock the right outfit along with them. Avoid ones made of straw, although the JJ (from Good Times) canvas style might work, minus the floppy brim.

Trendy shoes for men will come in plain, sports themed and non-descript for 2016. For women, it will be the opposite. Expect lots of clunk, big buckles, multiple straps and clasps; as well as high platform style heels. Some of the styles of House of Dareon are daring, and those who are well-coordinated and brave can carry these shoe styles very well.

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5 Must Have Beauty Products for the Holiday Season

Profile of African woman

Profile of African woman

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is finally here and that means you will likely be attending all kinds of family gatherings, parties and other seasonal festivities. We just know you will want to look your best in all of those photos that will be taken over the next few weeks, so we recommend you pick up these 5 must have beauty products for the holiday season.

  1. Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard – Ladies with natural hair often struggle to attain cute, bouncy curls without all the frizz but that’s about to all change. This hair product by Miss Jessie is recommended for natural hair beauties because it defines your curls while also minimizing frizz. It also softens your curls and prevents shrinkage after washes. What more could you possibly ask for from one product?
  2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque – The cold winter weather can really do damage to your natural locks, so it’s important to nourish them with a moisturizing masque such as this one by Shea Moisture. It’s not only super conditioning, it’s also fairly affordable and sold at most drug stores. Not to mention, it smells really good and it is considered one of the best products for relieving a dry, flaky and itchy scalp.
  3. Mirabelle Plum Sulfate-Free Shampoo by Carol’s Daughter – Dry, brittle hair often becomes tangled and hard to brush but using a high quality sulfate-free shampoo such as this one can help keep your strands healthy and moisturized. Sulfate-free shampoos and natural conditioners are generally recommended for black women with natural hair because they do not contain oil stripping chemicals and harsh additives.
  4. Revlon Pro Collection Soft Feel Hair Dryer – If you have natural hair, you probably dread having to dry it after washes. Now you can speed up the process and have more time to spend with your loved ones these holidays by using a professional quality blow dryer such as this one. Some users say that this particular blow dryer has helped them cut drying time almost in half!
  5. Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones – Want to preserve that style you worked so hard to achieve? Now you can freshen up your do without having to wash it thanks to dry shampoo. Most dry shampoos go on hair like a white powder, which is extremely hard to blend into black hair, but this particular one has been formulated for darker tones. It smells wonderful, prolongs the life of your style and thickens your strands for a fuller, sexier look ready for all those holiday parties and activities.

While using these products will ensure that your hair is ready for the holiday season, don’t forget to make an appointment at a natural hair salon for professional quality post-holiday treatments and styles. If you live in NYC, we would be delighted to introduce you to our salon. We are one of the best natural hair salon and spa’s in NYC catering exclusively to natural haired women such as yourself.

Stop by our salon right in the heart of Chelsea or give us a call for a free style consultation.

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7 Pain-Free Tips for Detangling Your Natural Hair

Tips-for-Detangling-Your-Natural-Hair1Black women all over the world struggle daily to keep their natural hair free of tangles. If you can relate, you should check out these 7 tips that can help you detangle your natural hair the pain-free

1. Only Detangle Wet Hair

NEVER detangle your hair when it is dry because doing so can really ruin your do. Make sure that you only detangle your hair when wet in order to minimize breakage and overall damage.

2. Use the Proper Tools

If you experience lots of pain and breakage while detangling your natural hair, this is probably because you are using the completely wrong tools. In fact, the worse thing you can do is use a fine tooth comb to detangle your hair. The best kind of comb to use on natural hair to prevent pain and breakage is one with wide teeth. These wide tooth combs are also usually called shower combs for obvious reasons.

3. Split Your Hair Into Sections

Widespread breakage can be minimized by combing or brushing your hair one section at a time. Before you step into the shower to wash and brush your hair, it’s recommended you split it up into a few sections. Generally, 4-6 sections will do but you may need to split it up into more sections if your hair is long or extra thick.

4. Condition

You never want to comb natural hair when it is dry but you also don’t want to comb it without the use of a quality conditioner. This is why you should saturate your locks in conditioner before you even step into the shower. The ideal conditioner to use when detangling your hair is one that contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and natural omega-3s. Just make sure you avoid using a conditioner that contains damaging chemicals, parabens, sulphates or phthalates. You can also make your own hair conditioner at home with naturally moisturizing ingredients such as avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

5. Finger Comb

Before you start combing through tangled hair with your shower comb, you should first try to comb it out with nothing but your fingers. This helps loosen up the larger tangles so you can focus on smaller ones once you begin using your comb.

6. Work Your Way Up

If you have been brushing your hair from the roots down to the ends, you have been detangling your hair all wrong! Brushing from the roots down to the ends can contribute to hair breakage, which is why you should start combing the ends and then work your way up toward the roots

7. Protect Your Hair At Night

Tangles commonly develop overnight when you toss and turn in your sleep, which is why you should be protecting your natural hair when it’s time for bed. You can knot it, braid it or put it up in a shower cap. It doesn’t really matter which method you use as long as you secure your do before you dose off to sleep. By doing so, your hair will be more manageable and easier to detangle.


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DIY Methods That Effectively Boost Natural Hair Growth

DIY METHODS THAT EFFECTIVELY BOOST NATURAL HAIR GROWTHIf you have been struggling with hair that grows slowly or not much at all, here are a few DIY methods you can use to boost the growth of your natural hair.

  • Vitamins and Supplements

There are many different kinds of vitamins and all natural supplements that you can take in order to give the growth of your hair a little boost. For example, nutrients such as biotin and vitamin B6 have been known to improve hair growth and strengthen strands. You can purchase these supplements in capsule form online, at most large chain retailers, pharmacies or health food stores.

  •  Natural Oils

There are also all kinds of natural oils that you can massage on to your scalp every now and then in order to encourage healthy growth. A few of the most popular natural hair oils are castor oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, burdock root oil and Moroccan oil. Peppermint oil and rosemary oil are also known to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.

  • Herbs

Believe it or not, there are quite a few herbs that you can use to achieve long and healthy natural hair. Some herbs that are known to promote hair growth are wheat germ, saw palmetto and stinging nettle. You can consume these herbs in supplement form or use them to make a tonic water to spray on your hair once in awhile.

  • Deep Conditioners

Hair can’t grow if it is not nourished, which is why you need to be regularly conditioning your hair. Keep in mind that it’s best to use a conditioner that is free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulphates and phthalates. Most natural hair salons also offer deep conditioning treatments which infuse your hair with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow long and strong.

  •  Trim Your Ends

The key to growing long natural hair is regularly trimming any split or damaged ends. This is why you should be trimming your hair yourself at least once every few weeks or having it trimmed by a professional at a salon which specializes in natural hair.

  • Protein Treatments

Many natural haired beauties can also benefit from using a protein treatment. These treatments contain natural sources of animal or plant-based protein in order to fortify the follicles, which will in turn encourage longer and faster growth. The majority of natural hair salons offer clients with powerful protein treatments but you can also find at-home protein treatments at beauty supply stores.

  • Nutrient-Rich Diets

We all know that beauty starts from the inside, which is why it’s important that you are eating foods that are rich in nutrients which promote healthy natural hair growth. The best foods to eat for long, luscious hair are ones that are packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, avocados, spinach, eggs and yogurt.

If your hair is still not growing as fast as you would like it to even after trying these methods, you might want to consider scheduling a consultation with your hairstylist in order to discuss the best hair regimen for you.

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4C Hair

4c-hairHave you ever wondered why your hair is not growing like others with type 4 A B or C natural hair? You know, you look at the pictures on the Instagram feeds and the Facebook posts of other naturals who have thick curly hair down their backs and think to yourself, “How?”

There are some factors that contribute to how much your hair will grow, but outside of genetics and texture, you can do your part to ensure that your beautiful hair has the best chances of achieving maximum length.

So to help you understand just a little more the importance of having a routine that works for you, here are some ideas and tips to help you along your way.


Too my naturals don’t give the thought needed to their hair. They think that because they aren’t putting lye or other harmful chemicals in their hair, that means it will be free to be its long natural self on its own. But that is not always the case. In fact, going natural is a process that takes effort, energy and, yep you guessed it, money.

Take action with your hair. Don’t just sit back and complain or wonder why it’s stagnant. Do something about it because it really is in your hands.


This is one of the most important things that you can do, and honestly, you really shouldn’t move forward without doing so. YouTube is your friend as well as other social media platforms because it gives you access to people who have the same kind of experiences with their hair as you do.


After you do your research, plan. This is the next most important thing. Have an idea of the products or ingredients you want to use and write it down in a way that gives you an overview of your approach. Planning includes things like when you will wash your hair, how often, with what, what will you use after, how will you style it and so on. It may seem to be very involved, but you have to be. You may not continue at these measure as you progress, but in the beginning it is definitely suggested.

Finger Detangle

This is a big one and falls under “tools” to add to your routine. Believe it or not, a lot of naturals don’t use a comb to detangle their hair. Because it can put unwanted stress on their tresses, they opt to set time aside and using their favorite conditioner or ingredient (olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) portion their hair and use their fingers to detangle. It will take you some time, but it will be worth it.


Consider this something that affects your entire being because it does. Eating a healthy diet or one free of certain foods is not just to make you look good (which it does) physical, it also aids greatly in how healthy your hair is as well. More veggies, more fruits will definitely improve your locs. This is another aspect to include in your research.

Protective Styling

This may be a no-brainer, but it really does work. The key here is what you do after your period of protective styling is over. One woman I know wore Marley twists for a year, getting them done every three to four months. Her hair growth was as expected and she made sure to have a routine to go into so that she retained her growth, which she did. Furthermore, while your hair is braided up or in whatever style you choose, keep in mind to give it moisturize it properly via oils and other products.

While achieving length comes more easily to some naturals, it is not out of reach for you if your hair is a type 4. It just takes a little more love, a little more care and a little more effort.

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In The Black Hair World Of Today

blackhairIn the black hair world of today, the natural hair movement has taken over. It’s a great thing to see women of color embracing the natural state of their hair and proudly wearing it. Of course, wearing weave, getting a relaxer or doing other things with your hair outside of the movement is fine too.

If you are natural or looking to go natural, there is a lot of excitement to know that you are doing something important and lasting for your hair. With that, A lot of women dive right into it, and that’s okay, but have you ever wondered about the type of natural hair you have?

Believe it or not, there are a few types of natural hair based on a number of factors like texture and the curliness or coil of your hair. For this article, I am going to deal with type 3 and type 4 hair as there are several sub-types within each and a majority of natural hair women typically fall into these two.

Type 3 A

This hair is pretty wavy and has a defined at times loose S pattern. It is easily manageable and offers the most versatility when it comes to being able to transition between straight and wavy hairstyles. Think of Alicia Keys when her hair is not straight.

Type 3 B

This is a combination of curly and wavy hair. The curls are big and bouncy and many times, this hair type grows very long and thick. Singer Jordan Sparks is a great example of this hair type.

Type 3 C

This hair type has a tight curly pattern that mimics that of a bed springs or tight corkscrews. The density is higher and coarser than the previous types, so volume is more present. A great of this hair type is Traci Ellis Ross.

Type 4 A

This is where you get into coiled hair that is similar in pattern as type 3a but is more spiral in nature and is closely “packed.” You want to take extra care of your hair if it is type 4 because the way in which it grows doesn’t allow for natural damage protection like type 3 hair. But that’s okay because there are things that you can do it keep it healthy and safe. Teyonnah Paris is a great example of this kind of hair.

Type 4 B

This hairstyle can be considered to have the least amount of curl or coil definition as its strains are more shaped like a Z than an S. The reason being is that it bends at angles instead of curves or waves. Type 4 B hair is the one that can feel a little crunchy to the touch or wiry. This is also the hair type that experiences a lot of shrinkage with an estimated 75% of its length condensed into its coils. To give you an image of this hair in society, think Willow Smith.

Type 4 C

This hair type is similar to that of 4 B but is tighter which means that the shrinkage can be greater than 75%. The coils are very dense and can be fine and thick to extremely coarse with a resemblance to cotton for some naturals. This hair type is also the most susceptible to dryness and breakage, so it is suggested to make sure you have a strong care regimen in place to ensure optimum health. Furthermore, type 4 C hair is the least versatile in that going from kinky to straight takes some effort, especially if you are looking to have bone straight results. Solange Knowles-

Ferguson or Viola Davis are perfect examples.

Knowing your type puts you in a better position to understand how to best care for your hair. Take the time to determine what yours is and capitalize on that knowledge for the sake of your hair.

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Great Hair Trends For Autumn Winter

Autumn WinterWe all know that winter is right around the corner when the leaves start to fall and the temperatures start to drop. Well, of course the change of season also calls for a new hairdo. To provide you with a little inspiration for your own do, here are some of the best hair trends popping up this fall and winter season for stylish beauties with natural locks.

Color – When it comes to natural hair trends, this season is all about color! If you’re feeling extra adventurous this winter, you should try a fun and trendy color such as violet, blue or gray. For a more understated pop of color, you could try an autumnal shade such as burgundy, red or deep orange. Hair that has been dip-dyed or colored with an ombre effect are once again really popular hair trends for autumn. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to dye all of your hair, highlights are always a good option.

Bantu Knots – These funky knots are totally making a comeback this season. This particular style is super cute and flirty, but it’s also incredibly easy to create. If you do decide to knot your hair this fall, don’t forget to thoroughly cleanse your scalp beforehand as it will be exposed once your style is complete.

Braids – Keeping your hair braided during the dry winter months is actually a good idea because braids help to hold in moisture. Instead of regular braids, you may want to give some other types a try. A few not-so-common braid suggestions are box braids, crochet braids and goddess braids. Ghana braids are also popular for the fall and winter season because they look really cool and they can be styled in a number of unique ways.

Mini Buns – Although they’re often confused with Bantu knots, these mini buns aren’t as little or as tight. The best way to wear this style is to create two loose buns on the top of your head where a pair of bunny or Mickey Mouse ears might go. Since this style is a little more adventurous, it’s recommended for those wanting to make a real fashion statement.

Short Afros – Afros are also making a comeback this fall and winter season but in a slightly different fashion than they were worn back in the days of disco. These days, many black women are choosing to update the classic hairstyle by wearing their natural hair in short, well-kept afros. If you want to mix it up every now and then, you can always try adding a headband, a couple of small barrettes, a scarf or some rhinestone encrusted bobby pins to your fro.

If you live in or around New York and are interested in having your natural hair dyed, cut or styled by a experienced stylist who is passionate about your hair, feel free to stop by or call us anytime to schedule an appointment. Our staff here at our NYC natural hair salon waiting to help you achieve your desired look this autumn.

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5 Struggles That Only Natural Haired Women Have

Natural Haired Women HaveNatural hair is of course beautiful but it sure can be quite difficult and time consuming to manage and maintain. If you’re a black woman with natural hair, you very well know exactly what we mean. Below are 5 of the biggest struggles that apply only to natural-haired ladies. We’re sure you can relate to a few of these natural hair struggles, if not all of them.

  1. Breakage – Breakage is an incredibly serious problem for women with natural hair but it can actually be prevented with a little TLC. First of all, if you frequently experience breakage, make sure that you regularly trim your ends. It’s also important to condition your hair with a quality conditioning cream that is formulated with plenty of protein and whatever you do, do not brush your hair when it is wet.
  2. Shrinkage – If you have natural hair, you’re likely well aware of the drastic shrinkage that can occur after you wash your do. In order to avoid shrinkage after wash day, try banding your hair to stretch it out while it’s still damp. You can also try styling your hair in ways that minimize shrinkage such as in a high bun or in Bantu knots.
  3. Spending a Small Fortune on Hair Products – Another struggle endured by natural-haired women everywhere is having to budget each month in order to buy the hair products that you need. This is because women with natural hair require all kinds of products to keep their do under control including combs, brushes, sponges, sprays, creams, serums, sealants, caps and of course moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.
  4. Smelly Hair – Since women with natural hair apply a number of products to their do on a daily basis and don’t wash it that often, it’s no wonder why it can get a little smelly every once in awhile. One method that you can use to avoid smelly hair is co-washing. This method allows you to cleanse your hair more often without having to worry about breakage or dryness. You could also look at using natural hair products which include fresh odor-fighting ingredients such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus.
  5. Having to Wear a Bonnet – Another struggle that only natural-haired women can relate to is having to wear a hair bonnet at night in order to preserve your style. This can obviously be a little embarrassing when it comes time to go to bed with someone else. If you don’t want to wear a bonnet at night, a few other style preserving methods you can try out are wrapping, knotting, twisting or even braiding.

Although many black women with natural hair go through some rather extreme measures at times to maintain a healthy head of hair, it’s definitely something to be incredibly proud of. Wellington Hair Spa is a hair salon located in Chelsea NYC that specializes in the care of natural hair. If you have decided to go all natural, give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our passionate stylists.

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3 Do’s and Do Not’s for Straightening Natural Hair

Over the past few years you may have noticed that going all natural has become more and more popular among black women. Well, did you know that having natural hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t style it how you would like? It’s true. As a matter of fact, if you prefer natural hair but desire it to be straight and silky, here are 3 do’s and dont’s for straightening your natural strands.

3 Do’s and Do Not’s for Straightening Natural Hair


  1. Wash Your Hair Thoroughly – You never ever want to straighten dirty hair. This is because straightening dirty hair will produce a rough texture due to the caked on build up. It’s recommended you use an all natural shampoo that is free of sulfates, parabens and other harsh chemicals to cleanse your hair before straightening it. An excellent shampoo for natural hair is SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo.
  2. Use Heat Protection – Everyone knows that excessive heat can dry up and damage your hair, which is why it’s incredibly important to use a protective spray or serum on your locks before straightening. Many black women prefer to use protective hair products such as the Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray by Lee Stafford, the Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum by Organic Root Stimulator or Redken’s Smooth Lock Heat Glide.
  3. Straighten Hair In Small Sections – It’s best to straighten your hair in small sections that measure about an inch wide because it ensures that you don’t miss a spot. Once your hair starts setting, you’re not going to want to re-straighten certain sections because it will surely mess up your do.


  1. Straighten Wet Hair – Straightening wet hair can really damage your hair by making it brittle and rough. This is why you’ll want to make sure that your hair is completely dry before you begin straightening it. You can let your hair air dry naturally or use a blow dryer on a cool setting to dry out your locks.
  2. Forget Your Shower Cap – Humidity is your number one enemy when it comes to keeping your natural hair smooth and straight. When you take showers in the days after straightening your hair, don’t forget to cover your do with a shower cap. This will keep your hair protected from the humidity produced by a hot shower so your straight hairstyle lasts longer.
  3. Use a Flat Iron With No Temperature Control – To get the best results with the least amount of damage, you’ll need to monitor the temperature of your flat iron. You’ll want to start at the coolest setting and then slowly add more heat if necessary. Just remember that you won’t ever want to exceed 350 degrees. Generally, the ideal temperature for straightening natural hair is around 300-325 degrees.

Straightening kinky natural hair doesn’t have to be that difficult. Use these 3 helpful do’s and don’ts in order to safely and effectively straighten your natural hair. Once your natural hair starts to curl again, you may want to repeat the entire straightening process or give your hair a little break before applying heat once again. If you want to have your hair professionally straightened, give us a call and make an appointment. We’d love to see you!

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