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Best Tapered Style for Your Face Shape

tapered styleIn the natural hair community, there seems to be a kind of stigma that surrounds styling one’s hair- you can’t wear it short. I mean yes, a lot of naturals naturally have short hair because they have trouble growing it, but aside from that, a good majority strive for long flowing tresses, and that’s okay. There is just something about a stylized, tapered cut that can take your hair to the next level.

Let’s talk about the teeny weeny afro (TWA). They are just as in and trendy as Bantu knots and twist outs. The beauty of natural hair is the versatility it offers and believe it or not, tapered cuts are super versatile.

So what does a tapered natural hairstyle look like on you? That’s a good question. A lot of women stray from cutting their hair because they fear a not so favorable outcome. However, there are some styles better suited for you based on the shape of your face.

To put your mind at ease and to help you understand the power of the tapered cut, here are a few tips on tapered styles based on face shape.

Oval Face

A wider forehead and prominent cheekbones characterize this face shape. So you want to make sure you show off your assets here. A good tapered cut for you will be something short on the side and longer, thicker on the top. This allows you to bring attention to your cheekbones and gives you room to really play with accessories without having too much going on.

Long Face

With this face shape, all of your features are somewhat elongated, and your chin has prominence. You can get away with a lot and by a lot I mean nothing. Yes, you can totally rock an all-over fade and be edgy, fly and chic all at the same time. If a fade is too riskay for you, go with a shaped TWA that’s evenly shaped all over.

Round Face

This is a great face shape but can also be a hit or miss when it comes to tapering. A round face shape is usually characterized by a width and length that are pretty much the same, and the face is widest at the cheeks. I have to admit that this shape sometimes gets a bad rep as many women feel like long hair works best or is most flattering. But with this one, volume is key to making the tapered cut work. I suggest a combination of a fade and a TWA. Fade it on the sides and around the back while allowing for a lot to play with on the top. You can rock this hairstyle in so many ways, and it allows you to mess around with styling options.

Heart Face

The heart shaped face tapers prominently toward the chin making it somewhat pointy on some people. With this face shape, you can pull off a “high top” fade. Yes, I am talking about 90’s high top. Because your features are mostly balanced, you have a prime opportunity to do whatever you want with your hair. A “high top” gives you a lot of room to show your personality. It also enables some fun weave/extension options. Braid or twist your hair while in this style and see how funky you feel.

With the various face shapes (there are others) one tapered hairstyle seems to be a go to for all women with natural hair- the Mohawk. In the past, only punk rockers or attention seekers would amazement a room with this hair style, but today, it is perfectly acceptable to rock at any time, in any way. It is very easy and quick to do. In fact, you don’t even need a tapered cut to rock a Mohawk.

Don’t let the idea of what natural hair should be prevent you from exploring all that it is.

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How to Elongate Natural Hair

UntitledThe natural hair movement is a powerful statement that black women have been making for a long time. Living life as natural as possible is very important to a lot of women and one of the ways they express that personal truth is through wearing their hair in its natural state.

Now of course, there is nothing wrong with relaxing your hair or choosing to wear weave as it comes down to the old saying “to each its own.” But for those who rock natural hair, there are times when a fro is not the look you want. And that’s okay.

There is so much versatility with natural hair and you don’t have to use harsh heat or chemicals to experience all the creativity your hair allows. There are tricks and tips you can incorporate into your hair regimen to help aide in elongating your tresses because let’s face it, sometimes as a natural you want to show off your length. However, due to shrinkage, which varies by hair type, you can miss out on some prime opportunities to wear certain styles.

So to help you manage your hair just a little bit more, here are a few ways to achieve elongation without applying heat.


This may not seem like an ideal method, but using small bands to elongate your curls is a very effective, safe and easy way to achieve some great results. What you do here is wrap a small band around and down pieces of your hair stretching it as you go. Depending on your length it will take one to two bands. For best results, do it right after washing your hair while it is still wet.

Flexi Rods

Now if you are looking to knock out to things at the same time, use flexi rods. These “rollers” are so easy to use and are easy to wear and sleep in. You can do one of two things here: a) Two strand twist your hair and then flexi rod the twits or b) just flexi rod your hair piece by piece. It doesn’t matter if your hair is wet or dry just know that you will need several hours for your hair to dry in the rods.

Braid/Twist Out

This is one of the most popular ways to achieve elongation because it doesn’t take a lot of effort and can last several days after the initial step. The great thing about braid and twist outs is that you can do so many different hairstyles after to make it new each day. What is key in making sure you get optimal results is the products you chose to use. It is always a slippery slope in trial and error when trying to find the right moisturizers, but it makes all the difference in the world once you do so keep at it if you haven’t found your go to.

Corn Rolls

This method is fairly simple and it is a go to for a lot of naturals. You can do as little as two jumbo braids or as many as five. The number is up to you as it depends on the length of your hair and the effect you want to achieve. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with two, neatly braided corn rolls. The results will be nice and give you good elongation.

No matter which method you choose, as mentioned above, the key to any hairstyle, regardless if you are stretching your hair or not, is to make sure you are using the best products. I recommend hair milks, moisturizers and other hair creams that have the fewest amount of harsh chemicals, like sulfates. You need to make sure your hair is nourished pretty much on a consistent basis so put in the effort to take care of it.

Healthy, beautiful natural hair is no “picnic in the park” by any means, but it is achievable, powerful and worth it.

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Braided Beauties: How To Maintain Natural Hairstyles

Many natural-haired women use braided hairstyles to give their hair a break from heat styling and to minimize its exposure to the elements. While braided hairstyles are supposed to be protective, some women have trouble with thinning, dryness or even breakage once they remove their braids. This could be because they aren’t properly caring for their braids. Do you want to learn how to maintain braided natural hairstyles? Here are a few tips to help you keep your hair strong and healthy before, while and after it is braided.


Prior to installing braids, it’s best to thoroughly wash and condition your hair. If you have been chemically relaxing your hair, you should consider coming into the salon to get a professional protein treatment before braiding it. When it does comes time to braid your natural hair, make sure they aren’t too tight as this could result in weakness or breakage.


Just because your hair is braided doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be regularly washing and conditioning it. While your braids are in, you should be washing your hair and cleaning your scalp at least once or twice a week. To wash your hair while it’s braided, simply split your hair into sections, apply a sulfate-free shampoo to your fingertips and then rub it into your scalp using circular motions once section at a time. When it’s time to rinse your hair, bend down and
let the sudsy water fall over your braids. Once you have rinsed out the shampoo, you should then condition your braids with a conditioner such as Pantene Pro-V’s Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner. Let the conditioner sit in the braids for a few minutes and then rinse it out. Turn off the water and squeeze the excess moisture out of your braids before using a soft towel to dry them in sections. Be sure you are squeezing your braids with the towel and not rubbing them as this will cause tangles and frizz. Moisturizing your scalp is key to maintaining healthy braided hair, which is why it is recommended that you then spritz a leave-in conditioner on your braids. We suggest you try conditioning sprays such as Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Leave-In Conditioning Mist or Cream of Nature’s Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner. Anytime you feel your scalp getting dry or itchy, spray one of these soothing conditioners to keep it moisturized between washes. When you go to bed each night, make sure you are protecting
your braids by wrapping them with a silk scarf, wearing a sating sleeping cap or sleeping on a satin pillowcase.


It’s important to never leave your braids in too long as this could cause trouble when it’s time to finally remove them. Typically, you should wear a braided hairstyle for about 2-5 weeks, 6 weeks max. When you do remove your braids, it’s crucial that you condition and detangle your hair before washing it. You may also want to consider coming into our natural hair salon here in NYC to get a professional protein treatment. Braided hairstyles are not only cute, they’re also protective and low-maintenance. Use these tips to maintain and extend the life of your braids! If you need any more natural hair care advice, we advise you make an appointment with one of the experienced stylists here at our natural hair salon.

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Example Weekly Care Regimen for Gorgeous and Healthy Natural Hair

hair careOne of the main concerns among women with natural hair is whether or not they are taking the appropriate measures to properly care for their locks. Are you a natural-haired beauty who occasionally wonders if you are following the recommended care steps for your tresses? While hair care regimens can vary based on factors such as your style, the texture of your hair, the porosity of your hair, or the weather, there are some basic steps that should be followed by all women with natural hair. Here is an example of a weekly hair care regimen for gorgeous and healthy natural hair. You can follow the example regimen or use it to build your own weekly hair care regimen.


First off, make sure you cover your hair with a shower cap when showering in the morning. After you get out of the shower, remove the cap and spritz the hair with a little water. (You can add a few drops of essential oil to the bottle of water to give it a slight fragrance. We recommend grapefruit oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil in the mornings for a quick pick-me-up.) If your hair tends to be a tangled mess in the mornings, you could also try a natural hair detangling spray or cream such as the Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler by SheaMoisture. Once your hair is damp, it’s time to gently comb out tangles and knots. Make sure you are using a wide tooth comb or a hair care tools that are made specifically for natural black hair such as the ones by Denman. The final morning step is to seal the hair follicles by applying a touch of sealant oil. Typically, the best oils to use to seal natural hair are argan or coconut oil. Both are lightweight and smell great.


When it’s time for bed you’ll want to follow the morning care steps once again but add in a leave in repair treatment. We recommended Mizani’s H2O Intense Night-time Treatment because this concentrated treatment leaves your hair soft, frizz-free and moisturized in the morning. Since it’s important to protect your hair overnight, remember that you should put on a satin sleep cap or sleep on satin sheets.

Tuesdays and Saturdays (or any 2 days of your choosing)

Pick any two days of the week to precondition, wash and condition your hair. Start by preconditioning your hair with a deep conditioner and then thoroughly wash your do with a natural cleansing conditioner before applying a nourishing leave-in conditioner. Make sure you use gentle, sulfate-free hair products to maintain moisturized locks.

Keep in mind that this is only an example care regimen for natural hair. Schedules may differ for some people, which is why it’s all about finding what works best for you. Also keep in mind that besides regularly maintaining your natural hair at home, you’ll also want to make sure you’re getting a professional protein treatment at least once month. We invite you to contact us here at our natural hair salon in NYC to set your monthly appointments if you live or work in the area

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Living Your Life in Color

aaIt’s a new year and so you know what that means- time to try new things. With that, let’s talk about color! A lot of black women don’t explore all the many shades that can take their style to the next level and I am not just talking about hair here. From blush, to nail polish to lipsticks, life is colorful and it’s time to embrace it.

Now, we make New Year’s resolutions every January and as such, I am encouraging you to consider all the ways in which you can add new hues to your beauty arsenal toolbox. Color is fun, it’s creative and it allows us to express who we are. Plus, stepping out and boldly going where we have never been before reveals a little something more about us that perhaps we didn’t even know existed.

So, to help you find a more colorful you, here are some things ideas to make your life pop in 2016.


A lot of women steer clear of using color on their lips, but they shouldn’t. There are so many new lip products to try and that’s what it comes down to- trying. Finding the right beauty and hair go to’s can be a game of trial and error, but it is definitely one worth playing.

It really works out too that many companies make products catered more toward women of color and Milani is a good one. They have rich colors and textures that not only look good on, but feel good on your lips as well. If you usually keep it safe but want to take the plunge, red is a nice introductory color. Milani, as well as Black Radiance, has a wide range of lipsticks and lip-glosses from which to choose.

Also, if you’d rather stick to more mainstream name brand products like M.A.C, try their Morange, which is neon orange, as it especially astonishes on ebony complexions.

Nail Polish

Do not be afraid to branch out here and paint your nails a color that you have not tried. I think many black women don’t explore the color spectrum because society or just tradition, has told them not to. But we live in a progressive time and honestly, anything goes when it comes to your nails. Try lime green, yellow and even hot pink because truth be told, these colors look great on a variety of skin tones.


Another great lipstick and nail polish trend is matte. Matte is dull and or flat and while that usually is not a desirable characteristic for most people, it is all the rage in lip and nail color. It’s chic and bright colors, in my opinion, look the best.

Hair Color

I know this may come as a no brainer to some, but believe it or not, a lot of women don’t venture out with coloring their hair. I think part of it has to do with the fear of damaging their hair or causing irreversible harm, but when done correctly, hair color is just the thing some women need. Furthermore, many women never go back to their original hair shade because they love the newness color brings.

You don’t have to keep it safe either when you color your hair. Today, people dye their hair every color of the rainbow and it all works. Naturals can also take advantage of the trend as well. There are safer options that can minimize damage while still giving flawless color.


Keeping with the notion of incorporating color into your daily life in 2016, it may be time to update your wardrobe as well. This can be done subtly with a cute pair of electric blue shoes here or a popping blush blouse there. It all just depends on you and what you like.

As you can see, color is nothing from which to shy. It livens your look in many ways and is not limited to one of form of incorporation. So go for it.

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3 Important Ways to Care for Your Skin During NYC Winter Months

UntitledWinters in New York City can be severe, and even vicious on some days. You’ve got the wind and cold making its way to exposed skin and punishing the owner for daring to live in New York City. That’s not OK. With the varied cold weather temperatures hitting the skin, it’s bound to dry out if not safeguarded properly. In order to have that wintertime radiance, you have to use proper steps of protection and care. After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ. Don’t forget that. You don’t want a blast of cold, snow, ice or wind to assault this barrier organ and strip it of its much needed moisture. One of the main reasons that skin gets dry during the winter is because of moisture loss. Following are three critical ways to care for your skin during the harsh winter months in New York City.

  1. Don’t take any actions that will deplete your skin of vital moisture. This includes taking hot showers and baths. This may feel good at the time, but it is sure to backfire on you later because water that’s too hot will zap the essential oils from your skin. Don’t rub your skin like it’s an enemy when drying off post-shower or after a bath. Experts say patting the skin will be a friendlier method. Make certain that your detergents – whether pods, powder or liquid – are not full of dyes and perfumes. Go for mild and sensitive laundry detergent when looking for brands and varieties within brands. Also, don’t overdo it on antibacterial gels and other formulas. These will deplete your skin if you overuse them.
  2. Do use time-honored products like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and emollient lotions. Vaseline seals in moisture, creating a barrier that dares the elements to bring it on. Vaseline is one staple you should definitely have in your skin care arsenal for winters in New York City. You can use it on just about any body part, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. It’s good on the lips and just as great on the hips. This is one form of moisture that works. It does double duty by adding moisture and keeping that moisture in. Lotions of merit include Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer. The original, with a cherry almond scent, is gentle and has endured over the years as a top-of-mind choice. There are other varieties under the Jergens banner. Gold Bond lotions are known for their high moisture content, strength and resilience. CeraVe is a brand with a high ceramide content. This spells extra moisture for the skin. Keep in mind that many high-end brands like Nivea now offer lotions that you put on while in the shower. Even if you don’t opt for such a choice, keep in mind that you can always blot yourself reasonably dry after a bath or shower and put lotion on right afterwards.
  • Don’t be so naïve as to avoid sunscreen just because the sun is not beating down on you. Sunscreen is a critical component during winter and summer. If a day seems overcast and the sun is playing peek-a-boo or not making an appearance at all; you still need sunscreen. Believe it or not, the sun’s rays are still getting through – clouds, fog and all. You should defend your skin with SPF15 or better on winter days.


New York City, with its coastal location, snow and winter rain, below freezing days and dreary forecasts for days on end; is a place where residents have to be proactive in protecting their skin. Bleak days, snow on snow days, days of hidden sunlight are all times when it’s important to do due diligence so that your body’s most vulnerable organ stays incubated and at full-on mode for a lifetime. When choosing what to put on the skin and how to treat it, it’s important for New York residents to keep in mind the noteworthy power dynamics of certain products and stockpile them when they’re on sale.

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5 Fabulous Hair Trends to Reinvent Yourself for 2016

to Reinvent Yourself for 2016It looks like 2016 is going to be about rocking natural hair in an array of interesting ways. Bob cuts, with or without bangs will certainly be fresh and trendy during the coming year. Bobs can be straight, curly, or even have twist elements. They will work on the wavy spectrum as well. What many people could do to give the bob some new life is to add color. The color choices that will work best for the year will be more muted. Rather than yellowish blonde, a darker blonde hue or highlights along those lines will work. For brunettes, a softer shade will be trendier as well. Here are some other ideas for reinventing yourself for 2016.

One example of an upcoming fashion trend for 2016 is the Marley Twist, which is a chunk of double strand twists. These don’t have to be super neat, but they should be uniform in thickness. Color may work for this style, depending on your personality.

Braids can also be jazzed up with color. Examples include blue, purple, pink, green or a combination of all four of those colors. When it comes to length, there will be no wrong or right length for braids. Long, super long, ridiculously long, short or medium length braids will be trendsetting for the year. The length will depend on the statement the wearer is trying to make, and the circles in which they travel.

Afros with parts will also be big in 2016. They can also take on a curly or wavy look, to give the afro more personality. When it is a curly afro, many call it the afro-curl. Even the teeny weeny afro will carry over into next year with timeless grace. Layered styles will be big in 2016. Short and layered, like we’ve often seen on Taraj P. Henson, will be acceptable as a trendy staple on black women’s hair. At the same time, longer layers will also work. Sitting in a chair after choosing a layered look that works for you will be one way to switch up your look for the New Year. Just be sure that you have a picture of your desired style or that you can give accurate descriptions of what you want to achieve to the stylist. Layered with feathers will be back with a vengeance. That old Farrah Fawcett look (from the Charlie’s Angels era) will be an excellent go-to style for those who want layers in a longer length style.

While you can’t see the back of your head all the time, many others can. Be sure to consider having those luxuriant layers in the back, as they will give you a flattering teasing style for those following you or sitting/standing behind you. Layers can work to sculpt the face and show off the best features. For instance, high cheekbones may become more prominent if the hair near that area is layered up the right way.

Those who have gone natural, but still prefer their hair straightened could really do with a re-think on that during 2016. By constantly straightening your hair, you have robbed yourself of finding out about your hair’s specifics. The growth pattern, the curly tendencies, any wave patterns; all of that has been tampered with through the straightening process. This year, why not try to find out what truly and totally natural styles will work for you. After a shampoo and conditioning, you may be able to have your stylist suggest some ideas. Perhaps a natural pixie might work, or some type of finger wave. Even braids might give your locks a good reprieve.

Of course, those who have stuck with relaxers all these years can still get on the natural hair bandwagon and say goodbye to chemicals. In doing so, such black women may discover just how thick and beautiful their hair is in its natural state. Natural hair is, and perhaps will always be trendy. 2016 is the best time in the world to put this to the test.

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7 Black Beauty Trends to Watch out for in 2016

Portrait of beautiful serene African girl over grey studio background. African beauty with makeup and long hair.

Saying Who and What You Are

Daring, well-defined and assertive will be a black beauty staple in the year 2016. If you look at timeless beauties that stay modern and fresh, you get an idea of what 2016 should look like for those who will be watched and copied for their beautiful vibes and energy. Dressing and styling yourself to convey the message you are trying to put across will pay off big dividends if you are trying to brand yourself as an entrepreneur or attempting to climb the corporate ladder on your job. Knowing how to present yourself for the particular circumstance will pay off huge dividends, moreso in 2016 than in recent years. This will be one of the trendsetting practices that will get you noticed and taken seriously, no matter what field or industry you’re in. It will even work on the college campus.

Just like people, hair can project a certain energy. If you look at Patti Labelle, you get an idea of how hair can make statements about the person, what to expect from them, and how to emulate some of that je ne sais quoi, the certain something that you can’t put your finger on but which you can recognize from a mile away. She was a diva, and she dressed and wore her hair to match that image. Think about it, did you ever see Patti Labelle rocking a conservative girl next door style when singing Lady Marmalade? No, because that would have been inconsistent. Sometimes her hairstyles were sky-high, to match that coming up with a fierceness persona. In the same way that she kept her hair and clothing relevant for whatever she was bringing to the stage, black beauties of all walks of life have to do the same. If you are doing a Prezi presentation about hip hop, you have to think in terms of an ensemble and hairstyle that is professional and hot at the same time.

2016 is not the year to send mixed messages. For example, if you are a techie, it won’t hurt to look like one. This could mean a cardigan and a minimally patterned shirt or blouse with a skirt or pants in a basic color like brown, black, grey or darker hues of green. You probably should have a bag handy, carrying your tech equipment like a tablet or laptop.

If you have curves, and it’s one of your claim to fame; in the right setting you should show this off. Look at how Beyonce shows off those curvaceous hips. She accentuates one of her great assets in selecting rompers, gowns and other attire. It will definitely be trendy to sport your best features and play them up. This makes a statement about your recognition of all with which you’re endowed.

Saying what and who you are through your styling choices will be big in 2016. Branding can be accomplished by wearing a clean, nicely starched chef’s suit to run errands if you are a culinary expert. You can be almost certain that people will ask if you do catering and similar questions. You are almost making yourself a human billboard by doing this. The person who wears their clean hairdresser smock outside the salon can also rack up business this way. If you have cards handy, you can seal the deal with people who approach you after noticing your attire. This puts your networking on-the-go into practice. Other than chefs and hair stylists, there are a host of others who can advertise and brand themselves by wearing styles that say what they do, even away from the job.

Hats will be big in 2016. Headwear of all sorts will do the job of adorning the head. Ample sized headbands for women are expected to be thicker and wider. A simple adornment like a flower on the side are going to be trendy as the old year gives way to the new. A sister with bangs, a side sweep and a ponytail will look trendy in a headband. Also bucket hats will be big for 2016. LL Cool J made them popular in the late 90’s. Some styles have a little more elevation, which can be cool with the right person. Available in solid colors in leather, and in patterned cloth fabric styles; bucket hats will work wonders with the right outfit. Once again, women would do well to look for ones with a nice bow adornment. While these hats can be plain, the way to really make them work is to rock the right outfit along with them. Avoid ones made of straw, although the JJ (from Good Times) canvas style might work, minus the floppy brim.

Trendy shoes for men will come in plain, sports themed and non-descript for 2016. For women, it will be the opposite. Expect lots of clunk, big buckles, multiple straps and clasps; as well as high platform style heels. Some of the styles of House of Dareon are daring, and those who are well-coordinated and brave can carry these shoe styles very well.

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5 Must Have Beauty Products for the Holiday Season

Profile of African woman

Profile of African woman

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is finally here and that means you will likely be attending all kinds of family gatherings, parties and other seasonal festivities. We just know you will want to look your best in all of those photos that will be taken over the next few weeks, so we recommend you pick up these 5 must have beauty products for the holiday season.

  1. Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard – Ladies with natural hair often struggle to attain cute, bouncy curls without all the frizz but that’s about to all change. This hair product by Miss Jessie is recommended for natural hair beauties because it defines your curls while also minimizing frizz. It also softens your curls and prevents shrinkage after washes. What more could you possibly ask for from one product?
  2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque – The cold winter weather can really do damage to your natural locks, so it’s important to nourish them with a moisturizing masque such as this one by Shea Moisture. It’s not only super conditioning, it’s also fairly affordable and sold at most drug stores. Not to mention, it smells really good and it is considered one of the best products for relieving a dry, flaky and itchy scalp.
  3. Mirabelle Plum Sulfate-Free Shampoo by Carol’s Daughter – Dry, brittle hair often becomes tangled and hard to brush but using a high quality sulfate-free shampoo such as this one can help keep your strands healthy and moisturized. Sulfate-free shampoos and natural conditioners are generally recommended for black women with natural hair because they do not contain oil stripping chemicals and harsh additives.
  4. Revlon Pro Collection Soft Feel Hair Dryer – If you have natural hair, you probably dread having to dry it after washes. Now you can speed up the process and have more time to spend with your loved ones these holidays by using a professional quality blow dryer such as this one. Some users say that this particular blow dryer has helped them cut drying time almost in half!
  5. Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones – Want to preserve that style you worked so hard to achieve? Now you can freshen up your do without having to wash it thanks to dry shampoo. Most dry shampoos go on hair like a white powder, which is extremely hard to blend into black hair, but this particular one has been formulated for darker tones. It smells wonderful, prolongs the life of your style and thickens your strands for a fuller, sexier look ready for all those holiday parties and activities.

While using these products will ensure that your hair is ready for the holiday season, don’t forget to make an appointment at a natural hair salon for professional quality post-holiday treatments and styles. If you live in NYC, we would be delighted to introduce you to our salon. We are one of the best natural hair salon and spa’s in NYC catering exclusively to natural haired women such as yourself.

Stop by our salon right in the heart of Chelsea or give us a call for a free style consultation.

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7 Pain-Free Tips for Detangling Your Natural Hair

Tips-for-Detangling-Your-Natural-Hair1Black women all over the world struggle daily to keep their natural hair free of tangles. If you can relate, you should check out these 7 tips that can help you detangle your natural hair the pain-free

1. Only Detangle Wet Hair

NEVER detangle your hair when it is dry because doing so can really ruin your do. Make sure that you only detangle your hair when wet in order to minimize breakage and overall damage.

2. Use the Proper Tools

If you experience lots of pain and breakage while detangling your natural hair, this is probably because you are using the completely wrong tools. In fact, the worse thing you can do is use a fine tooth comb to detangle your hair. The best kind of comb to use on natural hair to prevent pain and breakage is one with wide teeth. These wide tooth combs are also usually called shower combs for obvious reasons.

3. Split Your Hair Into Sections

Widespread breakage can be minimized by combing or brushing your hair one section at a time. Before you step into the shower to wash and brush your hair, it’s recommended you split it up into a few sections. Generally, 4-6 sections will do but you may need to split it up into more sections if your hair is long or extra thick.

4. Condition

You never want to comb natural hair when it is dry but you also don’t want to comb it without the use of a quality conditioner. This is why you should saturate your locks in conditioner before you even step into the shower. The ideal conditioner to use when detangling your hair is one that contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and natural omega-3s. Just make sure you avoid using a conditioner that contains damaging chemicals, parabens, sulphates or phthalates. You can also make your own hair conditioner at home with naturally moisturizing ingredients such as avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

5. Finger Comb

Before you start combing through tangled hair with your shower comb, you should first try to comb it out with nothing but your fingers. This helps loosen up the larger tangles so you can focus on smaller ones once you begin using your comb.

6. Work Your Way Up

If you have been brushing your hair from the roots down to the ends, you have been detangling your hair all wrong! Brushing from the roots down to the ends can contribute to hair breakage, which is why you should start combing the ends and then work your way up toward the roots

7. Protect Your Hair At Night

Tangles commonly develop overnight when you toss and turn in your sleep, which is why you should be protecting your natural hair when it’s time for bed. You can knot it, braid it or put it up in a shower cap. It doesn’t really matter which method you use as long as you secure your do before you dose off to sleep. By doing so, your hair will be more manageable and easier to detangle.


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