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Veganism and Your Hair

Let’s face it! We live in a world where most people love to eat meat and the very talk of veganism or vegetarian draws all kinds of side eyes. The kind of diet you choose to establish for yourself is totally up to you and no one should look down on another person for what they decide. However, there are a growing number of studies, as well as experiences by individuals who lead vegan lifestyles, that suggest that forgoing meat and dairy can positively impact your hair.

We all know someone who doesn’t eat meat. I will admit that there have been times I have tried to go a few days or a few meals where I eat only plant based foods. I can’t say that I noticed a dramatic change in how I felt or the condition of my hair. But I am sure that has more to do with the fact that not eating meat a few times in a short time frame doesn’t really garner many results. Nonetheless, if you have considered going vegan but never really took the plunge, perhaps exploring some ways in which it can help your hair may assist you in making that decision.

So here are ways that veganism is directly connected to healthy hair.

Plant Based Diets Enriched Your Hair

With all the heart healthy foods that make up a vegan diet, it’s a no brainer that going that route is also good for your hair. Foods like avocados, chia seeds, and almonds are also items that promote healthy hair. They feed your follicles and give your hair the strength it needs to maintain itself.

An Increase in Antioxidants and Fatty Acids are Good for Your Scalp

One thing that is paramount to having beautiful hair is having a clean, healthy scalp. Naturally, when you take meat out of your diet, you fill up on foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain an effective body. Antioxidants and fatty acids like Omega-3’s are found in many of the fruits and veggies (Vitamin E and C and beta- carotene) that vegans consume. And remember, your hair is also one of the things on your body that, essentially, is what you eat. Antioxidants destroy free radicals that can damage your cells.

Water Does the Whole Body Good

It’s no secret that vegans, for the most part, consume a lot of water. We have been told pretty much all of our lives how important water is to a strong, healthy body. We have also been told most of our lives that majority of people don’t drink enough of it. Water is so much more than a thirst quencher. It has countless benefits that positively impact everything from your skin to your hair.

A Vegan Lifestyle Will More than Likely Give You Better Looking Hair

If you have been struggling with finding ways to achieve the hair goals you have set for yourself, it may be time to take the dive and say goodbye to meat altogether. The chemicals and additives found in meat can cause all kinds of issues in our bodies, mainly because as Americans, we don’t eat meat in moderation. Like many things in our lives, we over do it and it shows in more ways than one. All the health benefits of a plant based diet that benefit your physic will translate into building great hair. From leafy green vegetables like kale to rich, sweet fruits like pineapples, it all works in your tresses’ favor!

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is something to think about seriously. It may not happen over night, but if you put your mind to it you can do it and your hair will be better for it.

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Pregnancy and Your Hair

One of the most beautiful things in the world is the ability for a woman to have a baby. The process of giving life is one reserved for females and while we know the not so great things associated with pregnancy, there is one good thing that people soon forget – hair growth.

This is a great benefit that just about every woman experiences. Thanks to estrogen and androgen production increasing during your pregnancy, they promote shinier, healthier looking hair. Those hormones enable your hair and nails to go through major growth spurts during those all too important nine months. You can capitalize on that time of effortless growth (well as much as possible) by not only taking care of it during your pregnancy but also after. Therefore look at it this way: You may end up with stretch marks, a little extra weight, swollen feet, back issues and clothes that you can no longer fit, but your hair? Well, it will be strong, flowing, and glowing.

So let’s look at some of the things that happen to your hair and how you can keep up with your pregnancy growth.

Hair Texture Change

Thanks to the hormones, many naturalists experience a change in hair texture. This is can be in the form of more or less curly hair. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. It depends on the person. Some women want curlier hair and some want their curls to be a little looser. The change in texture can also mean naturally oilier hair as well.

Unwanted Hair Growth

While most increased hair growth during this glorious time is very much welcomed, there are some aspects of pregnancy hair growth that are not; namely facial and nipple hair growth. Yes, you may have a thicker head of hair, but to the contrast, you may have to deal with hair on your face that you usually don’t have to. If this is the case for you, the best thing you can do is get it waxed. Now, because your skin tends to be a little more sensitive, it may hurt more, but if you try any other method (shaving, Nair) it can cause even more growth. But as always, it’s up to you.

Pregnancy Hair Routine

Okay, you have experienced great hair growth and probably a thicker texture, which means that the need to have a pregnancy hair routine is extremely important. In that routine, one thing that is not such a good idea to do while pregnant is dying your hair or using any kind of chemicals. Some reports say that it’s okay to do it later in pregnancy and should be avoided during the first trimester. However, it’s a good idea to forego it altogether. Just wait until after you deliver to be on the safe side, as it is believed that the chemicals in dyes and other products can be absorbed through the scalp and transferred to the baby.

There are so many things that happen to your body during pregnancy and while the hair growth is exciting for many women, usually it doesn’t last. According to numerous studies, about six to nine weeks after birth, the hair tends to shed and go back to its previous state (texture, length, etc.). When it comes down to it, that shouldn’t stop you from taking extra special care of your pregnancy hair because you never know what can happen. You might actually retain your pregnancy results.

Enjoy the time that you have with your unborn child. The good and the bad are definitely going to be new experiences so take it all in stride as you go through the process.


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Trying Something New: Tea Rinses

There are a lot of things we use on a regular basis that has many functions. We know about the foods like avocado, eggs, and mayonnaise when it comes to natural ingredients we can use on our hair. In fact, many of these kitchen items are tried and true tools in the natural hair movement. We know about the oils that work, and the veggies we can use on our tresses, but what about tea?


Yes, believe it or not, you can add the teas you drink to the list of consumable items that are also good for your hair. From green to black teas, you can incorporate all the benefits of a household favorite into your hair routine. They are best used as a rinse and can work wonders for your hair. 


So let’s jump into the nitty gritty to see just how helpful a tea rinse can be for you!


Green Tea


If there ever were a miracle drink, this is it for so many reasons. We love it because of its healing powers and energy giving properties and now there is another reason to make it a go to. Green tea is ideal for those who experience bouts of dandruff. It stimulates the scalp by improving the blood flow. That fights off bacteria and fungus that cause dandruff. Furthermore, it encourages growth! Just brew it, allow it to cool, spray it onto clean hair, let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse.


Black Tea


Another popular one amongst tea drinkers, black tea is ideal to combat shedding. The high caffeine concentration found in black tea counters the cause of hair loss and shrinkage. Our hair goes through growth and rest stages, and when there is an overabundance of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone, the hair just doesn’t grow the way it should. Black tea helps with that. When you brew it, you want an extra potent pot so use a few bags and let it sit for a while. Transfer to a spray bottle, apply to your hair, cover with a shower cap and rinse after about an hour. 


Rosemary Tea


If you are looking to darken your hair naturally, then Rosemary teat will help you accomplish that. This is especially true if you want to darken the gray hairs you might not be so fond of. It is also effective with growing your hair because the organic compounds promote circulation in your scalp and that will most definitely promote growth. To top it all off, it works to condition your hair as well and makes it shiny. Just brew, cool, spray, sit and rinse.


Chamomile Tea


The soothing tea that’s good for a restful night’s sleep will also help brighten your hair naturally; in particular, if you are blonde. This is a very gentle lightening agent and can work to bring new life to dull looking hair. The flavonoids found in the tea have worked for centuries to cure stomach ailments and other maladies and can work on your hair too. Now, the hair lightning is not going to happen in one sitting. It will take some time because it does it gently and slowly. But if you are patient, and if you want to try a method with no harsh chemicals, using chamomile tea may be a way to go. Follow the same instructions for the other tea rinses to take advantage of what it has to offer.


Don’t you just love when you find new ways to use old favorites? Tea rinses are an unconventional way to add some good stuff to your hair. 

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Wigs: How to Maintain Natural Hair Underneath Them

Wigs. Many women cannot live without them. That is not a judgment. When it comes down to it, they are helpful, convenient and allow for many different looks. Wigs are fun and they can save a lot of time when you need to have a hairstyle that is quick, trendy and cute. In short, wigs are a godsend. But when you are a natural, how do you take care of your hair underneath your wig?

This is a real question that needs a real answer. Too many naturals who wear wigs as protective styles probably don’t even think about their hair underneath. As far as they are concerned, they are giving their tresses a break; what do they really need to do? Well, I can see the logic in that, but when it’s all said and done, your hair still needs attention and care, pretty much, all the time. You cannot just forget about it because that can be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve.

So because it may not be on your mind but you do understanding that hair care is still important when wearing a wig, here are some tips on how to take care of your hair when you are rocking your favorite wig.

Braid It

You would be surprised by how many women just slap their hair in a ponytail, or slap a wig cap on and go. To get the best results in taking care of your hair and with the look of your wig, you should braid it. This will allow easier access to taking care of your hair when you take your wig off, at night usually. If you plan on wearing your wig nonstop, then the braids will help your hair breathe as well underneath. Before you braid your hair, detangle it with a wide-tooth comb or with your fingers. Also, if you wear your wig on a regular basis, then you should re-braid your hair throughout your wig wearing process.

Wash It

You cannot go too long without washing your hair. You don’t have to wash it every day or week, but the build up that you experience while wearing a wig needs to be taken care of at least once every three weeks. The idea here is to keep your hair clean. Plain and simple. Remember, you are not just wearing a wig to look good, but as you give your hair a break you want to ensure you are doing all you can to give it a chance at growing. A great way to keep your scalp healthy and clean is by co-washing. This option can be less harsh on your hair than shampoo and will help maintain it.

Moisturize It

That brings me to a very important aspect of any hair care regimen- moisturizing. This is a no brainer and one that you must adhere to in order to make your hair all that it can be. When you wear a wig, sometimes the wig cap can actually strip your hair of its moisture and that is never fun. It’s a good idea to moisturize with an effective oil a few times a week. With all that you do throughout the day, your hair needs all the help (moisture) that it can get.

You have to pay attention to your hair at all times and when wearing a wig, it’s all the more important. Remember, natural hair takes more effort and time. Even when giving your hair a break in the form of wearing a wig, you still have to treat it with all the love and care you would if you were wearing it out by itself.

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Steam: How to Use it to Create Strong Hair

Women do a lot to their hair and if you are a natural, it can seem like you do more than those who aren’t. From the heat to the products with harmful chemicals to the pulling and tugging, taking care of natural hair is a song and dance at times. When it comes down to it though, majority of people want to do what’s best for their tresses and continually look for ways to do that. While most women know about the basics – shampoo, condition and oil – there is another thing you can do to help make your hair as healthy as it can be. Steaming.

There are great benefits to incorporating steam into your routine. It is best for nourishing dry and brittle hair. When you use steam, you are adding moisture back to your hair in the form of moist heat that can bring brand new life.

It’s super easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of extra money. In fact, many naturals can achieve the results they want and take advantage of all the benefits of steaming with the help of their shower.

So here are some benefits of steaming and some ideas on how to get it going in your life.

Reduces Breakage

A lot of women experience this and need some real solutions. Breakage can devastate a person, especially if you’ve worked hard to prevent and or stop your hair from breaking off. Steaming will help reduce breakage because it naturally hydrates the hair.

Refreshes/ Enhances Curls

Steaming is an ideal way to add definition to your curls. By increasing the moisture retention, it reshapes and boots the curls, giving you a look that is fresh and clean. Once you restore your hair with the steam, you can then add your favorite product to help set the curls. That way, you are using less stressful techniques to achieve the look you want for your hair.

Strengthens Hair

We all want strong hair. There are a lot of things you can do it reach that goal. Without a doubt, steaming is a great method to use. It helps increase the elasticity of your hair. When it has the proper flexibility, you will experience less “wear and tear” as you style it. When your hair is adequately hydrated, it will grow stronger and stronger hair, for many women, means longer hair.


As mentioned above, you can take advantage of the steam from your shower as a way to give your hair the hydration it needs. Another way to do this is to use shower caps. By placing two to three shower caps on your hair at a time, it will create a seal around the perimeter and the heat that naturally emits from the top of your head will be enough to give you the effect that you need to get the job done. Now, if you’d prefer something that is a little more “official” you can always opt to buy a steamer. Q-Redew has a really good handheld one. Steamer caps are popular as well. They are portable and easier to adjust. The Gold ‘N Hot Conditioning Heat Cap is super inexpensive and a great go-to for those naturalists on a budget. If you have the time to commit to sitting down and spending a few minutes under a steamer, Elite Hair Steamer is fairly affordable. It’s just up to you what works best for your time and hair situation.

When it comes to getting the best out of your hair care efforts, don’t be afraid to try new things. With all the benefits that you get from steaming, it is definitely worth trying to see if it is right for you.

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Peppermint Oil and all its Benefits

We talk a lot about hair oils because, well, they are important to maintain a healthy scalp. Taking care of black hair can be a hassle, for lack of a better term. We love our hair because it is beautiful and powerful and everything in between. But just because we try our best to give it all the good things in life doesn’t mean it will always return the favor. That’s why oiling it and giving it the proper attention is paramount to keeping it healthy and strong.

You hear people mention the usual when it comes to using oils on our hair. Olive, coconut, almond and tea tree are all pretty high up on the list. They are go-tos for countless women because oils, for the most part, work very well. But in the sea of hair oils that bring life to our tresses, a lot of times peppermint is not mentioned. That is a shame because it is an effective hair oil that more people need to know exists.

So, because I know we want what’s best for our hair and are always looking for ways to give it the good things in life, here are some benefits on how to incorporate peppermint oil into a hair care regimen.

Balances pH Levels

Many of the issues we run into with our hair can come from having imbalanced pH levels. Peppermint serves as a great way to help restore the balance. When our levels are off, it can cause all kinds of problems in our scalps, including the inability to create new growth.

Acts As An Antiseptic

It is a natural antiseptic and is great for clearing away dead skin and bacteria in the scalp. You cannot promote healthy hair growth if there are layers of harmful agents preventing it from getting the right nutrients. Peppermint oil will help get your hair on the right track.

Relieves Itchy Scalp

Some people experience horrible itchy scalps and have tried all kinds of things to relieve it. Peppermint oil is known to soothe the scalp and can greatly combat dandruff. The dead skin flakes are not attractive and many times are caused by fungi that we can’t see. This oil gives you the cooling feel of peppermint and goes straight to work on the problem areas.

Inviting and Relaxing Fragrance

Who doesn’t love the smell of a nice fragrance? Peppermint oil, like many other oils, is a great addition to hair care routines when combined with other protective products like leave-in conditioners. Aside from the benefits that help increase the positive aspects of your hair, it leaves your tresses smelling amazing, as well as your scalp, feeling wonderful. You can never go wrong with something with such a favorable aroma.

Prevents and Reduces Hair Loss

The sad truth is that a lot of people deal with hair loss in one form or another. To say that it can be devastating is an understatement. For women, it is even more of a blow to the self-esteem and overall quality of life. Using the natural abilities of peppermint oil, countless people have found success in re-growing their hair. It acts as an antimicrobial, making it extremely effective against all kinds of bacteria that can lead to hair loss. It also helps to increase blood flow, which reaches the hair follicles, stimulating them to work the way they are intended to work.

If you have experienced or are experiencing hair issues that you just can’t find any solution for, peppermint oil may be a good idea to consider adding to your hair care arsenal.

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Using Your Fingers to Detangle Your Natural Hair

One of the greatest hindrances to retaining length with natural hair is a lack of proper detangling. It is probably not always at the forefront of your mind but it most definitely should be. There are many ways to detangle and most naturals use a wide-tooth comb. This is the go-to because, hey, it’s pretty convenient and gets the job done in a decent amount of time. But if you want to give your hair even more tender love and care, consider using your fingers to detangle it.

It has become more and more popular to detangle natural hair this way and that’s because it is less stress on your tresses. When you pull and comb your hair, you always run the risk of causing some kind of breakage that can lead to damaged looking hair. Using your fingers to detangle takes time, but if you are willing to put in the effort, you will reap the benefits of your commitment. Countless women have had major results, longer and healthier hair, with this method of detangling.

So let’s look at how to finger detangle the right way.

Shampoo Your Hair

Before you get to running your fingers through your dry hair, know that this method is intended to be used on wet hair. It is also best to do it on clean hair. While you are in the shower, shampoo your hair to prepare it for the detangling process. It is never a good idea to try detangling your hair when it is dry. This will most certainly and without a doubt lead to breakage. You can also opt to wet it or dampen it with a spray bottle and detangle that way.

Condition Your Hair

After washing it, add conditioner. This is where the process really begins. Whatever you use to condition your hair is the product that will prepare it for detangling. A good conditioner is the best kind of product to use because it is slippery enough for your fingers to easily glide through your strands. You want to minimize stress to your hair as much as possible during this process and the conditioner will definitely do that.

Section Your Hair

Some people do a quick detangle in the shower and that is perfectly fine, but to really give your hair the attention it needs when you’re finger detailing, it’s best to do it outside of the shower in front of a mirror and in sections. If you don’t want to stand and watch yourself go through strand by strand, just know that in the moments when your fingers get stuck because of a knot, you do need to see what you are doing so that you don’t make the situation worse. Also, sectioning off your hair allows you to completely detangle every inch effectively. Finally, I suggest leaving the conditioner on your hair as you sit (or stand) and detangle. You cannot beat the leverage it gives you. Just do a rinse after you’re done and then you can easily and quickly run your fingers through your hair afterward and style per usual.

Points to Remember

This detangling method is meant to benefit your hair in a way that combing just cannot. If you find that it is too hard to use your fingers, or if your hair is very course, you may need to do it in smaller sections or go ahead and use a wide-tooth comb.

There are so many tips and trick to remember when handling natural hair. If you’ve never considered this method of detangling, it may be worth the time and effort to see how it works for you.

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How to Care for Hair After Protective Styling

Protective styles are staples in the black hair community. A lot of women wear them during summer and just as many wear them all year round. Protective styles serve many purposes. From allowing a woman to transition (going from the creamy crack to chemical free hair) with ease to allowing the hair a break from all the tugging, pulling and stressing that many women put on it, protective styling is a no-brainer.

There are several ways that you can incorporate a protective style into your life. By far wearing any form of braids is the most popular. They last long, vary in length and are fairly easy to maintain. In essence, protective styles rock but sometimes those who wear them fall short of taking care of their hair underneath. That’s where your hair care routine comes in after you are done with your protective style. If you keep braids in for three months and never oil or wash your tresses, they will need major tender love and care.

So here are some tips on how to treat your hair after wearing your protective styles.


This is non-negotiable. Many times, your hair can become filled with knots that need to be taken care of before you shampoo. It is not a good idea to wet your hair for any reason if it contains knots because you are going to have a killer time trying to safely comb them out. I am going to tell you now that it usually doesn’t work and you end up majorly damaging your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb and detangle in sections if possible.


This is always a good idea, regardless if you’re doing it after having a protective style or not. I suggest doing a hot oil treatment to help add some moisture back to your hair. This can be done by taking your favorite oil, heating it up, applying it to your hair and letting it “simmer” under a heating or shower cap. This will get your pores open and ready for the next stage of your hair care regimen.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Most of the time when you wear braids, you aren’t able to cleanse your hair the way it needs to be cleaned. That’s why you can’t just use any kind of shampoo when you finally have the chance to do so. You need to use one that’s clarifying and free of harmful ingredients like sulfates. After protective styling, you will usually see significant hair growth and you want to capitalize on that by using the right products to get the job done.

Deep Conditioning

Your hair is going to need some deep conditioning. After you shampoo, it’s time to condition it with a good product meant to give your hair the nutrients, balance, and moisture it needs after going long periods of time without it. I suggest during this time that you apply your product, wrap your hair and sit under a dryer to make sure your hair shaft is penetrated properly. Staying under the dryer for at least 20 minutes and no more than 30 minutes will give your hair the good deep conditioning treatment it needs to stay strong and look great.

There is an important process after you take down your protective style; a process that you no doubt want to do. Giving it the time it needs is paramount to maintaining the progress you’ve made thanks to the protective style.

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Black Beauty Boxes to Try

Are you a product junkie? Do you like trying new shampoos, lipsticks and face creams? If you have natural hair, one thing is for sure- Naturals run through products. You know how it goes; your shelves are lined with product after promising product. You want to know what works for you and sometimes finding that out means going through a number of items before you find the one that changes your life. Wouldn’t it be great to sample them before you buy?

Well, thanks to the culture we live in (instant gratification) we can do just that. The big craze right now is subscription boxes. From ties and cufflinks for men to perfume and body lotions for women, there is something for everyone, including black women looking for their next go-to miracle worker hair product or sexy lippy.

Subscription boxes are ideal because you pay a minimal monthly fee for a box of samples that give you the option to try things out without wasting a fortune on products that do nothing for you. The great thing about them too is that they are usually very specific. That means you can find almost anything you are looking to test.

Here are some beauty boxes for women of color to try now.


With this subscription box, you can discover hand-selected products created specifically for curly hair. For only $20 every month, you get four or more quality products from selected brands that are trusted names in the natural hair world, including DevaCurl, Shea Moisture, Clairol, Palmers and more.


Another great one for the ladies with curly hair is Curlkit.  With products like Cream of Nature, they boast themselves as the “single best way to try before you buy.”  Their boxes include mini and full-size options and many times they give free celebrity samples and subscriber-only discounts. In business since 2011, Curlkit will run you around $25 a month.

Essence Beauty Box

Yes, the magazine is getting in on the box subscription action. Their $15 a month beauty box will bring you five products, a mixture of skincare, hair and fragrance items.  And because they know how it is to be a black-owned brand, they include at least one product of an independently own business in every box.


Created by Dana Hill, a woman who has worked in fashion and entertainment for a number of years, Cocotique is a deluxe beauty box that includes fivw to eight sample and full-size hair and skin care products from brands that are trusted in the natural hair community. For $20 a month, you get items from companies like Radiance, Aikay Naturals and other black brands that work hard to bring quality products to women of color.


This box not only includes all the same kinds of goodies as the others, it also includes, yep you guessed it, sass, in the form of accessories and everyday gadgets. For $25 you get this unique box; so along with the products that make you look the part, things like eye masks with the slogan “Today has been canceled,” help you be the part. Sass is an art, and with Sassboxx you can have it down pat.

No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in any of these or countless other subscription boxes. For those who like new things and to experience different products, this is definitely a great avenue to explore.

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Hair Color: Best at Home Products

One of the best things about summer is the fashion. There are a lot of things that fall under that umbrella. Beauty, makeup, and yes hair, all go hand in hand. We change it up with our clothing, that’s a given. And now more and more women are changing things up with their hair as well. So let’s talk about color.

The summer months are one of the best times of the year to try something new.  We like to take chances with our outfits so why not spice things up with our hair? It’s fun, it’s exciting and for countless women, it’s a way to find a new aspect of themselves they never even knew existed. Now I know that for some, getting their hair done at a salon is not always in the budget. But if you are one that doesn’t mind the risks associated with doing your own hair, why not consider coloring your tresses yourself?

Hey, it’s just hair, right? If you mess up you can always cut it off or wear a wig. In all seriousness, adding a pop of color to your hair is a great way to update your entire look. So if you don’t mind taking matters into your own hands, here are some great at-home coloring systems to try that work nicely on all kinds of black hair.

Shea Moisture Hair Color System

When it comes to creating products that work, Shea Moisture is a master. Their Hair color system is formulated to nourish your hair and contains neither ammonia nor sulfates. Their chestnut brown is a beautiful color that will boost your hair color for sure.

Adore Creative Image Hair Color

Let’s go red! This sexy color is a popular one amongst naturals. Maybe it’s because red is enticing and energizing. Whatever the reason, it never grows old. From Ronald McDonald red to auburn, there are so many shades and tone from which to choose. Adore Creative Image Hair Color’s 52 French cognac will give you a nice vivid color to rock all summer long.

Manic Panic Vegan Hair Color

Remember I mentioned taking risks? Most people stick to what they know- blondes, reds, browns- but there are some who like to rock the boat and go for the gusto. I would definitely say dying your hair any shade of blue is going for the gusto.  And when a product like Manic Panic Vegan Hair Color has an amazing deep navy, you really can’t lose. Their semi-permanent hair color cream “after midnight” is a super deep blue that will give you the perfect black-blue blend.

Clairol Texture & Tones

This hair brand has been one of the top names in the game for nearly one hundred years. With a product line that provides items for a variety of hair textures, it is a go-to for a lot of women. And with celebrity stylists like Kiyah Wright, who has worked on everyone from Gabrielle Union to Mary J. Blige, endorsing Clairol, an increasing amount of black women are catching on to what they have to offer. Their Texture and Tones collection is natural hair friendly and doesn’t use ammonia or other harmful ingredients in their formula. With their vast color options, you are sure to find something that works just for you.

Coloring your hair doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some aspects of the process that definitely need more attention than others, but there is nothing that you can’t learn in this day and age with a little help from Google and YouTube. If you’ve been wanting to spruce your hair up, but are limited monetarily, taking the time to learn the basics and doing it yourself may not be a bad idea.

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