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Understanding Curl Patterns of Black Hair

understanding curly hairA common misconception about black hair is there’s only one hair type. Thanks to curl patterns we are about to learn that there are many types of black hair. Curl patterns you say? It’s true. Black hair tends to curl but some curls are tighter than others. We need to know more about our hair to take care of it.

Curl patterns range from one to four; one is loose curls and four being tight or kinky curls. Two, three and four are broken down into subcategories because there are plenty of hair that fit into the three and four range. Here is the curl pattern in detail.

Type 1: Straight Hair

It is the most resilient hair type. It is hair damage and hair breakage-proof and full of sheen. However, this type is the hardest to curl and the oiliest hair of all. So if your hair can hold a curl longer than a few seconds and/or if you don’t wash your hair everyday to reduce the oil in your hair this is not your hair type.

Type 2: Wavy Hair

It is the easiest to go from curly to straight and from straight to curly. Of all the curls types it has the most sheen/shine. Anti-frizz/humidity products are your best friend. Type 2 is broken down into three types:

  • 2a: Waves are loose. Think of the letter S as if the S was completely stretched out (but not straight).
  • 2b: Waves are medium textured. It’s a mix of 2A and 2C. This combination makes the hair hard to style.
  • 2c: Waves are thick. These waves make hair frizzy and almost impossible to style.

Type 3: Curly Hair

It is the curls that are well-defined and springy. Overall it’s those sought-after curls on commercials. However, the weather isn’t kind to this type of hair. It is also prone to hair damage and look dull. Too much or too little styling product will mess your hairstyle up. You must start your hair from scratch each day: cleanse, condition, moisturize and styling product. Type 3 is broken down into three types:

  • 3a: Curls are loose. They curl but the curls look spiral and free.
  • 3b: Curls are tighter than 3A. These curls are bouncy ringlets.
  • 3c: Curls are the tightest. They lean toward type 4 (but not all the way) and they have a corkscrew shape.

Type 4: Kinky Hair

The curls are very tight and tough as it is hard to comb, but it is also fragile, thin and dry. Because of this you must be gentle with the hair. There’s no sheen in this curl pattern and it looks stiff. Type 4 also has the stigma that the hair cannot grow. This is false; mistreatment of the hair make it seem that way.

This hair must be treated like silk or delicate clothing: cleanse and detangle gently and softly. Avoid harsh chemicals, petrolatum oil, heavy wax and mineral and aim for natural products. Hair must be moisturized daily with creamy cleanser and hydrating conditioner. Wash out; use a rich moisturizer and a natural oil and butter cream. Like the previous two, type 4 also have three types.

  • 4a: Hair gives off the S vibe like 2A but the curls are very coiled and drawn in.
  • 4b: Hair is hard and stiff. Think of the letter Z as in a zigzag pattern or a crochet needle.
  • 4c: Hair has the Z pattern like 4B but the hair can easily turn into a afro just by brushing it.

That’s why certain brands or certain ingredients don’t work on our hair. Black hair is not created equal. Finding the correct hair type for you will give you an idea of what works for your hair. There is no wrong type of black hair; they are all represented, recognized and respected.

Contact us if need help with your curly hair.

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Why Isn’t My Hair Growing: 5 Common Causes

why isnt my hair growingBlack hair is delicate when compared to other hair types. You will have to keep an optimal moisture and protein balance to achieve healthy black hair. Coily hair will look like it is growing slower than other hair types, but this is not true. Coily hair has a longer “route” when it comes to growth, while straight hair types just grow straight, in a linear path. A road that has many turns and curves will appear longer when straightened out – even though it’s essentially the same length. Negligence can cause you to not see the results that you seek.

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why your hair may not be growing at its optimal rate.

A Clean Scalp for Optimal Follicle Health

If your hair and scalp is dirty, then you are hindering its natural growth. It may be common sense, but dirty hair is not healthy hair. Sulfates has had a bad rap in the past, but using a clarifying shampoo once a month to cleanse the scalp and hair of heavy silicones and product buildup, will allow the hair to grow. You will also find that hair products will react better to clarified hair.

Heat Damaged Hair Will Not Grow

Heat damage can occur on natural hair or relaxed hair. If you use extremely high temperatures – hot tool set on more than 450°F – then you are in danger of causing heat damage. Once you wash your straightened hair, and it struggles to retain its natural curl pattern, then the hair has been heat damaged. The heat damaged hair will become brittle and prone to breakage.

Overlapping Hair Relaxers

When going for a touch up, it is important that you do not apply relaxers on previously processed hair. Most instructions on at-home hair relaxers instruct you to relax new growth every 3 to 4 weeks. However, try to go for longer periods of time between hair relaxing treatments. The new growth will be obvious, allowing you to apply the hair relaxer without any overlapping. This process can also be done in the hair salon. Like heat damaged hair, overly processed hair will snap off at the ends. Even though the hair is growing, you will not see the growth because the damaged ends will travel up the shaft.

Traction Alopecia

When using protective hairstyles, make sure that you’re not pulling the hair too tightly at the roots. Prolonged tension will weaken the actual hair follicle as you literally rip the hair out of your scalp. The habitual use of tight hair buns and hair ties can potentially lead to traction alopecia.

Pregnancy Can Affect the Hair on Your Head And On Your Body

When you’re pregnant, you will experience an influx of hormones. Most women experience a growth spurt in their hair, while some may experience excessive shedding. Most of these ailments are temporary and apparent during certain stages of pregnancy. If you’re worried about excessive shedding, then consult the advice of your doctor. Administering a daily vitamin can help alleviate deficiencies that can impede hair growth.

To learn how you can jump start your hair care regimen for optimal hair growth, contact us.

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Tools That Every Relaxed Head Needs

Tools That Every Relaxed Head NeedsHair relaxers chemically alter the composition of the hair. By breaking down the keratin bonds in the hair, the hair’s curl pattern essentially “relaxes” – resulting in hair that is straight. Once the keratin bonds have been broken, the hair is susceptible to damage. If you do not take proper care of relaxed hair, then you will experience damaged ends, problems with hair length retention, and diminished hair quality overall. There are a number of hair tools that every person should have in their arsenal. These tools are designed to protect your hair, properly moisturize your hair, and diminish the damage from external aggressors.

A Wide Tooth Comb

A wide tooth comb is an essential tool for any person that has hair that is more than a couple of inches long. A widetooth comb will properly detangle the hair without ripping it out of the hair follicle. It can also help you properly distribute hair creams, hair conditioners, and other moisturizers.

A Shower Cap

Make sure to purchase a shower that fits the size of your head. A shower cap will protect styled hair from moisture. If you flat iron your relaxed hair, liquid will cause it to revert. A shower cap will protect your hair from moisture, preventing this. Shower caps can also be used to help improve the efficacy of your hair conditioners. By applying your hair conditioner on your hair and applying your shower cap on top of it, the heat generated from your body will activate the emollient ingredients in the hair conditioner.

Silk Bonnet or a Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping can be damaging to relaxed hair. The constant friction caused by most pillowcases will cause the hair to break and become brittle. You can protect your hair from your pillowcase by completely switching out your cotton pillowcase for one that is made out of satin. You can also purchase a silk bonnet. These can be tied and secured to your head, protecting it while you sleep.

Tourmaline or Ceramic Flat Irons

It is recommended that you try to sway away from hot tools when it comes to styling relaxed hair. However, if you need to use a flat iron, then make sure that it is made out of tourmaline or ceramic plates. These plates the emit ions that will seal the hair and remove static. Tourmaline and ceramic plates will also heat up evenly, removing hot spots from the flat iron. Older flat irons have the proclivity of not producing uniform heat, potentially causing damage.

Plastic Bottles with Dropper Tip

You can moisturize your hair and scalp by placing your favorite conditioners and oils in a plastic bottle that is installed with a dropper tip. The dropper tip will allow for precision, allowing you to place product in specific areas. If you have problems with a dry scalp, the dropper will penetrate through new growth, allowing you to pour the right amount of moisturizing oils on your scalp.

To learn more about how you can take care of relaxed and natural hair – then contact us. You can also follow us @Patwell.

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Clarifying Shampoos: When Should I Clarify My Natural Hair?

when should i clarify my natural hairBefore you decide to clarify your natural hair, you will need to determine if you are experiencing product buildup. If you feel that your hair seems permanently coated or particularly crunchy, then you might need a clarifying treatment.

Flakiness and an itchy scalp are also signs of clogged pores due to product buildup. Silicones have had a bad rap in the hair care industry. When used correctly, silicones can make hair look and feel pliable. However, silicones have the proclivity of creating product buildup. Many hair care brands have changed the way that they formulate silicones into the hair products, by using silicones that are lighter in texture and more water soluble like amodimethicone.

How Does Silicone Create Product Buildup?

Silicones coat the hair, making the hair “behave”. However, silicones tend to mask problems and not really fix it. The more silicones you put in your hair, the higher chance that you will experience product buildup due to the silicone essentially “choking” the hair. Water and most shampoos will have a difficult time penetrating the barrier created by the silicone – requiring a clarifying shampoo rinse.

How to Clarify the Hair:

For a more holistic approach to clarifying your natural hair, mix a bit of baking soda with your favorite shampoo. The baking soda will open up the hair’s cuticle, allowing the shampoo to work better at removing product buildup. The exfoliating granules can be used to exfoliate the scalp, removing any flaking.

After massaging the shampoo mixture for a couple of minutes, rinse the hair with warm water. Condition the hair with a vinegar rinse. Vinegar is a natural acid, which acts as a medium that will close the hair cuticle once again. Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar into a quart of warm water. Pour this mixture onto the hair, making sure to massage it in. There might be a smell, but it will quickly dissipate as the hair dries. This could be done once a month – not too often or else it might dry out natural African-American hair. Many hair care brands have also created products that will clarify the hair.

To learn more about proper shampooing of natural hair, then contact us. Follow us @Patwell.

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Tips on Caring For Your Relaxed Hair

Tips on Caring For Your Relaxed HairAre you considering a relaxed hair look? Are you unsure if you will be able to manage and maintain your new look? It’s not as difficult as you may think. Here are some tips on caring for relaxed hair:

  1. Relaxing your hair can cause damage so it’s important to relax your hair every 6 to 12 weeks and not before. The week following your relaxing treatment use a re-constructor instead of your normal conditioner when you wash your hair. After a week, you can start using your regular moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Wash and condition your hair one to two times a week. Use a gentle shampoo for chemically-treated hair. Once a week, use a deep conditioner that is rich of protein and moisture. It is very important to apply a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair. Using a wide tooth comb or shower/detangling comb because wet hair is more prone to breakage.
  3. If you feel you must wash your hair more often consider conditioner washing only and eliminate shampooing. This is because shampoo can cause hair to become dry if it has been chemically treated if it is done too often. To achieve the best results, rinse hair with warm water, and then apply conditioner to the hair, starting about 2 inches away from the scalp, and smooth it through to the ends. Add more to the ends if they are appear dry. Do not condition scalp unless it is dry. Conditioner must be rinsed out very well.
  4. Avoid heat to dry your hair. Hair must be air dried to avoid damaging hair any more. You can use a blow dryer on a low setting after your hair has air dried a bit. Relaxed hair must be dry before a curling or flat iron is used on it. Apply a heat protection product before you use any heat styling product.
  5. Do not use a petrolatum jelly or mineral oil hair oil on relaxed hair to moisturize. These do not add any moisture to the hair but rather acts as a sealant. Some people may need to daily conditioner their hair, but should only use products that will oil the scalp like, jojoba, coconut, almond, or olive oil. Apply 1-2 lightly through the scalp of the hair. Comb though your hair evenly distribute through the tips of the hair. This can also act a great leave-in conditioner when applied to wet hair.
  6. In order for hair to maintain strength and moisture, you must deep condition your hair ever other week. This will help to maintain strength and moisture in the hair. Apply a deep conditioning treatment that is both moisturizing and contains mild protein ingredients to clean damp hair. Cover hair with a plastic shower cap and let hair sit for up to 30-45 min. If available, sit under a hooded dryer on medium heat for 15-20 min is equally effective. This will help your hair maintain integrity and be able to handle styling and prevent damage. A good deep conditioner will be great investment.
  7. Do not use a brush with harsh bristles to prevent damage and breakage to your hair.
  8. Most importantly, your body needs plenty of water, rest, a well-balanced diet, exercise, vitamins and try to avoid stress to help achieve healthy hair.

These tips are very important if you are thinking about chemically treating your hair. If you decide arelaxed hair style is something you would be interested in or have any additional questions, contact us at the Wellington Hair Spa. We’ll be happy to assist your needs.

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5 Kinds of Black Hairstyles You Can Copy From Celebrities

5 Kinds of Black Hairstyles You Can Copy From CelebritiesYou don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one. You’ve probably seen a variety of celebrity black hairstyles and have wanted to have the same head of hair.

While everyone is unique, there are many popular black hairstyles that you can get for yourself and rock it like your favorite singer, actress, or anyone in the spotlight. Here are five kinds of black hairstyles that are popular right now.

Rihanna: Rihanna changes her hairstyle quite often but one black hairstyle that has been popular is her asymmetrical bob. The great thing about this style is that you don’t have to go as extreme or can even keep your straight bob the same length if you’re not sure of making such a drastic change.

Halle Berry: Halle Berry has an impeccable and timeless look even with a cutting edge cut. Her hairstyle choice is almost always short, choppy and edgy, which perfectly frames her bone structure. You can go as edgy as you want or something more subdued with a copy of her pixie cut.

Kerry Washington: Kerry Washington is another example of black hairstyles that are simple, yet elegant. She has hair that is a little past her shoulders and you’ll see her with curls and straight hair depending on the occasion. This is perfect for those that want something casual that can look elegant just as easily with an updo, curls, or sleek and straight.

Michelle Obama: The First Lady looks impeccable with her stylish bob that is versatile and elegant. Whether she has it styled with more curl and body or straight with bangs, this is the perfect hairstyle for women that want something more mature but still edgy and fun.

Beyonce: For those that love a long hairstyle, Beyonce always looks spectacular. With voluminous curls and an hombre color, you can achieve the same look. Best of all, you can play with the colors you want.

No matter what look you want to achieve you can find your own style and inner beauty at Wellington Hair Spa. What’s your favorite celebrity look?

To talk more about what we can do for you, or anything else, please Contact Us.

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7 Tips to Manage Your Afro

7 tips to manage your afroIf you have been given the gift of having Afro hair and are having a hard time managing your hair and spent a lot of money trying to, don’t worry you are not alone. Here are some great tips to help you achieve a great Afro hairstyle.

1. Stay away from the chemicals

Relaxers, hairsprays and other products all have harsh chemicals that can damage, dry out and break African-American hair. Instead go with all natural products that do not contain alcohol. These products will not dry out you hair and keep it looking beautiful and healthy.

2. Wash and condition your hair often

You may hear differently, but African-American hair needs to be washed regularly. Conditioning afterward is necessary to keep your hair properly moisturized.

3. Have your hair trimmed monthly

Hair won’t grow unless the ends are trimmed regularly.

4. Avoid heat

If you can’t stay away from your blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron totally, definitely try to keep it to a minimum. Excessive amounts of heat can cause your hair to dry out or break.

5. Moisturize your hair often

African-American hair usually is dry, therefore it is necessary to add your own moisture to it. hair oil or crème that is full of vitamins and minerals is best to keep your hair as healthy as can be.

6. Use henna dyes

If you must dye your hair stay away from the ones with the harsh chemicals in it, and use dyes that contain henna. These henna dyes are plant-based, therefore all natural, and won’t cause as much damage to your hair.

7. Go natural

If you want to keep your locks healthy and beautiful, natural is your best option.

Looking to keep your Afro healthy, shiny and beautiful? Try these tips and let us know what you think!

If you have any additional questions on maintaining your hair, please contact us here at the Wellington Hair Spa.

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5 Nutrients to Feed Your Natural Hair for Natural Beauty

5 nutriends for natural hairThe saying “beauty comes from within” isn’t just talking about personality and strength of character. It also alludes to the fact that our bodies are, quite literally, what we eat and how we feel. Have you ever noticed that after a stressful week and eating comfort foods that your skin feels drier, your hair more fragile? This is because what we eat also feeds our body — including our natural hair.

Eating certain foods can have an amazing impact on natural hair. Dyed and permed hair can often mask the effects of a stressed diet a little longer, but even they can benefit from a good, healthy diet. So, what can we eat to feed our bodies, hair and soul?

Protein: Natural hair is made mostly of this macronutrient, so the plenty of protein will give you faster growing hair. Some good sources of this are lean proteins such as fish, poultry, and legumes.

Zinc: Zinc is good for the hair because it is essential to a healthy scalp. The mineral is key for maintaining a health cell structure, which translates to a scalp that is not dry, irritated, or flaky. Best of all, you can get enough zinc from a tasty afternoon snack of pumpkin seeds or by tossing some white beans into a soup.

Omega 3: If your scalp is extra dry during winter months, you may wish to also increase the amount of omega 3 fatty acid you consume. This nutrient also helps to combat a dry, itchy scalp. It’s not just good for an itchy scalp; natural, wavy hair will be smoother, more resilient, and shinier, too.  It can be found in fish like salmon or walnuts.

Vitamin C: With vitamin C, we once again see that what is good for the skin is also good for the hair — but in a different way. Collagen is another protein that holds structures together. This is what keeps the hair from being brittle.  But, our bodies manufacture it with the help of vitamin C. Top sources of vitamin C are not found in oranges, however. You can actually find more C in vegetables like red bell peppers and broccoli or fruits such as kiwi and strawberry.

Iron: While our hair naturally dies and falls out, excessive hair loss is a symptom of iron deficiency. Vegetarians, pre-menopausal women, and others that have iron deficiencies should supplement their iron with healthy options such as spinach, lentils, and other beans.

Remember, Billy Yamaguchi, celebrity hair stylist and founder of Yamaguchi Salons once said, “A healthy diet is more important than any product when it comes to healthy hair.” So, eat for your health, eat to bring out your natural beauty.

Need more tips, advice, or a great hairstyle? Contact us; we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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Transform Your Look with These Daring Hairstyles

transform your look daring hairstylesThere is no better way to start the new year off, get motivated, and feel fabulous then with a new hairstyle. Celebrities are always transforming their look to rejuvenate their spirit. Here are some inspiring hairstyles seen over the past year, which are still on trend for 2014.

Jennifer Hudson is a definite trendsetter. She went from long, soft waves to an edgy pixie that was inspired by her son. Would you rock a short razored cut?

Solange Knowles is queen of the curls. Knowles sported a cropped fro as well as voluminous ringlets. Goapele went from shoulder-length hair to a very short curly hairstyle. Are you ready for the big chop?

Of course, we have to mention Beyonce. Who saw that pixie coming? While her pixie hair didn’t last long, Beyonce’s blonde bob hairstyle is chic. If you are looking to kick it up a notch, try a shorter green bob like Lil’ Mama.

Alicia Keys went a more retro route. She said goodbye to her long tresses and went with a quiff. Retro hairstyles are in the mainstream. What is your favorite throwback hairstyle?

Michelle Obama made headlines with her new look early last year. Who thought bangs would cause such a fuss? Bangs are always questionable. If you need advice whether bangs are right for you, ask!

Have these hairstyles inspired you? If so, contact us. We are ready to help you transform your look.

Obviously, a big change can be scary. We are here to help you with the maintenance of your new hairstyle whether it’s a cut, color, chemical or restorative treatment, etc. Call us: (212) 206-7962

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Long Layered Haircuts to Steal the Show This Christmas

Long layered haircuts are the epitome of style and sex appeal. Incredibly feminine and jaw dropping, long layered haircuts have an immediate effect on audiences of all sorts. Now that Christmas and the New Year is approaching, long layered haircuts can transform any outfit, and turn you into your sexiest and sassiest version yet.

Historically long layered haircuts have been the go to place for women willing to make a lasting impression. Hollywood divas, contemporary celebrities, even our very own impressive friends and coworkers have been known for their long, stunning tresses. It is time to steal the show! Dare a long layered haircut to give life to your long tresses today! Your hair will thank you for the body and volume it will have afterwards.


Long Layered Haircuts 101

It Should Fit Your Lifestyle

Before you decide to adorn your tresses with layers it is good to keep in mind that layers are relatively harder to style. It might take you considerably longer to wear long layered haircuts the way they look right out of your visit to your hairstylist. If you are used to wash your hair and go out immediately, a long layered haircut might not be the best option for you. Long layered haircuts also depend on the quality of your hair, so choose wisely and consult with your stylist to make sure that it is easy to adapt to your new style.

It Should Work with Your Face

The shape of your face is very important in choosing long layered haircuts that suit you. Talk to your stylist to make sure that your haircut works with your face and emphasizes your  best features. This is very important as long layered haircuts can have a transformative effect on your style, bringing forth your best features and toning down the ones you might not be as fond of.

It Works Better on Healthy Hair

This rule is important for all haircuts, but particularly long layered haircuts need healthy locks to show their splendor. It is usually the case that long hair is damaged from over-styling among other things, so getting layers can be both good and bad. On the one hand it might help you get rid of the brittle ends and damaged hair that you have, but on the other side of things the amount of styling that it might need in the future is definitely damaging enough on its own. If you intend to go for long layered haircuts make sure to pamper your hair well in advance and to always help it retain its moisture and shine with products that condition and protect against the heat. Leave-in conditioners, natural masks, natural essential oils, serums and heat protecting sprays are your best and most valuable allies in maintaining healthy long layered haircuts for a longer time.

Not persuaded yet? Come in for a consultation and we will find the perfect long layered haircut for you. The end result will be pleasantly surprising! We assure you! Let the celebrations begin with a stunning new look!


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