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Transform Your Look with These Daring Hairstyles

transform your look daring hairstylesThere is no better way to start the new year off, get motivated, and feel fabulous then with a new hairstyle. Celebrities are always transforming their look to rejuvenate their spirit. Here are some inspiring hairstyles seen over the past year, which are still on trend for 2014.

Jennifer Hudson is a definite trendsetter. She went from long, soft waves to an edgy pixie that was inspired by her son. Would you rock a short razored cut?

Solange Knowles is queen of the curls. Knowles sported a cropped fro as well as voluminous ringlets. Goapele went from shoulder-length hair to a very short curly hairstyle. Are you ready for the big chop?

Of course, we have to mention Beyonce. Who saw that pixie coming? While her pixie hair didn’t last long, Beyonce’s blonde bob hairstyle is chic. If you are looking to kick it up a notch, try a shorter green bob like Lil’ Mama.

Alicia Keys went a more retro route. She said goodbye to her long tresses and went with a quiff. Retro hairstyles are in the mainstream. What is your favorite throwback hairstyle?

Michelle Obama made headlines with her new look early last year. Who thought bangs would cause such a fuss? Bangs are always questionable. If you need advice whether bangs are right for you, ask!

Have these hairstyles inspired you? If so, contact us. We are ready to help you transform your look.

Obviously, a big change can be scary. We are here to help you with the maintenance of your new hairstyle whether it’s a cut, color, chemical or restorative treatment, etc. Call us: (212) 206-7962

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Long Layered Haircuts to Steal the Show This Christmas

Long layered haircuts are the epitome of style and sex appeal. Incredibly feminine and jaw dropping, long layered haircuts have an immediate effect on audiences of all sorts. Now that Christmas and the New Year is approaching, long layered haircuts can transform any outfit, and turn you into your sexiest and sassiest version yet.

Historically long layered haircuts have been the go to place for women willing to make a lasting impression. Hollywood divas, contemporary celebrities, even our very own impressive friends and coworkers have been known for their long, stunning tresses. It is time to steal the show! Dare a long layered haircut to give life to your long tresses today! Your hair will thank you for the body and volume it will have afterwards.


Long Layered Haircuts 101

It Should Fit Your Lifestyle

Before you decide to adorn your tresses with layers it is good to keep in mind that layers are relatively harder to style. It might take you considerably longer to wear long layered haircuts the way they look right out of your visit to your hairstylist. If you are used to wash your hair and go out immediately, a long layered haircut might not be the best option for you. Long layered haircuts also depend on the quality of your hair, so choose wisely and consult with your stylist to make sure that it is easy to adapt to your new style.

It Should Work with Your Face

The shape of your face is very important in choosing long layered haircuts that suit you. Talk to your stylist to make sure that your haircut works with your face and emphasizes your  best features. This is very important as long layered haircuts can have a transformative effect on your style, bringing forth your best features and toning down the ones you might not be as fond of.

It Works Better on Healthy Hair

This rule is important for all haircuts, but particularly long layered haircuts need healthy locks to show their splendor. It is usually the case that long hair is damaged from over-styling among other things, so getting layers can be both good and bad. On the one hand it might help you get rid of the brittle ends and damaged hair that you have, but on the other side of things the amount of styling that it might need in the future is definitely damaging enough on its own. If you intend to go for long layered haircuts make sure to pamper your hair well in advance and to always help it retain its moisture and shine with products that condition and protect against the heat. Leave-in conditioners, natural masks, natural essential oils, serums and heat protecting sprays are your best and most valuable allies in maintaining healthy long layered haircuts for a longer time.

Not persuaded yet? Come in for a consultation and we will find the perfect long layered haircut for you. The end result will be pleasantly surprising! We assure you! Let the celebrations begin with a stunning new look!


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Shoulder Length Haircuts – Our 5 Top Picks!

Shoulder length haircuts have been the epitome of style and effortless elegance for decades. No matter what your age is, shoulder length haircuts are suitable for your lifestyle and hair needs. Shoulder length haircuts are easy to style and maintain. They offer you the luxury of maintaining a polished look with minimum effort, while your hair stays healthy. They are your best alternative if your hair lacks volume and they can still be very versatile as you can wear it in up-dos without compromising the end result.

Shoulder length haircuts are also great if you are looking for a more professional look. Recent graduates and professionals interacting with people can attest to the beneficial effect of a polished healthy mane to your overall appearance. Shoulder length haircuts are therefore a great way to get rid of your dry split ends and rejuvenate your locks.

The number of different hairstyles you can do with different shoulder length haircuts is inexhaustible. Straight or curly, up or down, layered or not, shoulder length haircuts offer you a wide variety of options that depend on your preference.

We have chosen our favorite 5 looks to share with you and maybe entice you to consider shoulder length haircuts!

Shoulder Length Haircuts – Top 5

Shoulder Length Waves


This do is instantly glamorous without being overly sexy. Shoulder length haircuts allow your do to look appropriate without being too much at all times. The sort, subtle wave is endearing and sophisticated. A gorgeous look to show of your beautiful collar bones.

The Long Long Bob


Shoulder length haircuts that are geometrical often look like long bobs, which is absolutely perfect. Not only they carry the structure  of the haircut overall, but they are even better in round faces as they create the illusion that your face is longer. A lovely do for all ages and phases of life.

Sleek and Stylish


This look is the ultimate winner of shoulder length haircuts. Long, sleek and polished, it is the perfect do to keep your hair long but manageable. It is also a friendly approach for those looking for a way to cut their long tresses into a mid length do. Shoulder length haircuts are lovely in between phases for those of you who cannot live without your long tresses.

Effortlessly Chic Waves


This look is stunning, youthful and effortless. It also looks great on natural hair as shoulder length haircuts help your hair retain its volume and shine. To achieve best results on waves that are natural or relatively loose, keep your hair hydrated and stick to your moisturizing ritual.

Edgy and Asymmetrical


If shoulder length haircuts don’t really do it for you, because you find them predictable and boring, an asymmetrical do might be the best fit for you. It still has all the positive aspects of shoulder length haircuts (like being manageable and healthy, but it also has an interesting, edgy effect. Discuss your options with your stylist and feel free to experiment with different layers and, why not, different colors.

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Updo Hairstyles 101- Instant Elegance to Impress Your Friends!

Updo hairstyles are instantly classy and feminine. They emphasize your best features and make all outfits look more sophisticated and  polished. No matter what length your hair is, updo hairstyles are your best bet to look effortlessly chic in minutes. From long and layered to short bobs, all haircuts can be transformed in show-stopping updo hairstyles with the right accessories and tips. Favored by celebrities and every day women alike, updo hairstyles can be both flirty and youthful, as well as polished and fashionable. You can make your own pick depending on your hair length and fashion sense, but we are here to offer a few pieces of advice to make the task easier.

Updo Hairstyles 101


1. Hydration and Moisture Are Key

Hydrating and moisturizing your hair is key for all hairstyles, let alone updo hairstyles. Your hair needs to have volume and to be in top condition to make sure that the end result looks good, feels awesome and lasts long. Leave-in conditioners and deep moisturize hair masks are your best allies in keeping your hair in excellent shape. If your hair is thick and has lots of volume you can also use essential oils to tame it and make it more managable. This will also help you to keep it in place in case unruly strands are driving you nuts!

2. Partners in Crime

You need to pick your partners in crime with caution. Make sure that your accessories and pins are tasteful and discreet, unless you are trying to make a statement with your hairpiece. Updo hairstyles are supposed to look polished and feminine, so it is better to avoid showing off your “scaffolding” in terms of the pins you use to keep it into place. Make sure to manipulate your hair accordingly to avoid looking as if your pins are part of the show. If an elegant hat or hairpiece accompanies your style, make sure that pins are not visible, as the look will look less polished.

3. The Make-up Challenge

It might seem that your face is a clean slate given how beautiful and bare it looks with updo hairstyles, but make sure not to undermine your elegant style with excessive make-up. The sleeker your updo the easier it is for you to go bold. Keep in mind that your best option with updo hairstyles is to either emphasize your eyes or your lips, depending on which feature you want to draw attention to. It is also a matter of your overall stylistic preferences and the kind of aura you are trying to create with your look.

4. Updo hairstyles Rock Winter Parties

Although we  usually associate updo hairstyles with excessive heat, it is the case that nothing look sexier or more polished than updo hairstyles during the Winter Holiday Season. This look is particularly suitable for dresses or coats which are embellished and rich in texture or pattern. A simple updo and a stunning dress should always be accompanied by natural make-up. Accessorize it wisely and get ready to shine!



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Long Bob Hairstyles – The Bob Saga Part 2

Our long bob hairstyles guide is here to continue our bob saga! I cannot express how excited I get when I think of all the amazing possibilities for long bob hairstyles. They are so versatile that it is such a great pity not to devote an entire post on long bob hairstyles. So brace yourselves, because there is much more excitement, where this came from!

So, why would you go for long bob hairstyles? Well, there is this category of women that does not want their tresses trimmed an awful lot (I am sure you know lots of those – I surely do). I respect my clients’ decisions and I do not want to impose on them a hairstyle they might find restrictive. Long bob hairstyles resonate better with women who like their hair relatively long, yet stylish. Long bob hairstyles are preppy and elegant. They are suitable for the workplace but still long enough to glam up on a night out.

Let’s take a look at a few looks together. Would you go for it?
Instead of bombarding you with images, I decided to offer the basic lines for long bob hairstyles. Your stylist can help you tweak them to give you the long bob of your dreams!

Long Bob Hairstyles – The Ultimate Winners

Do It Like Tyra

Tyra knows her long bob hairstyles oh so well! It is one of her trademark looks as it beautifully accentuates her features and makes her look youthful and fun! Straight long bob hairstyles look great on most women, but you can always experiment with layers if that is what suits you the most. A consultation with your stylist is always an important part of getting your long bob to work. Once you have your mind set on it fear not! The right stylist can make it look awesome!

Naomi Chic


2011 Angel Ball To Benefit Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation

You would be right to say that anything would look good on Naomi. But would it look that good? Long bob hairstyles with bangs can be a bit tricky to wear and maintain, but the result always looks extremely flattering. An important part of the decision process has to do with the thickness and length of the bangs. It is better to consult with your stylist to figure out what exactly your look would look like before attempting it. It is always preferable to go for longer bangs and trim them if they don’t work rather than shorter ones that could cause you inconvenience.

 Tyra Does It Again

For those of you wondering how long bob hairstyles with bangs work when curly, Tyra has the answer once again. Loose curls or waves work amazing particularly when frizziness and immense volume is eliminated. As always moisturizing is key to healthy, glossy frizz free locks! Embrace the natural awesomeness of your hair, but give it the chance to shine as well. A deep moisturizing regimen along with the right haircut will have your locks look awesome no matter what!

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Hairstyles with Bangs Are Back This Fall!

Hairstyles with bangs made a huge come back last year, with First Lady Michelle Obama, among other black fashion icons, wearing them with style and elegance. Hairstyles with bangs are the secret to a youthful, playful look. Their recent reintroduction as an elegant hairstyle staple has been surprising to many, but I do love the carefree effect that it creates. Hairstyles with bangs can be long or short, clear cut or asymmetrical, curly or straight. It is usually up to your stylist to decide what is the length of tresses and bangs that suits you best. Until you decide, feel free to browse through the following suggestions. We hope that they serve as inspiration pieces for your new transformation!

Hairstyles with Bangs – The Look Book

Long, Wavy and Polished

Sometimes working with bangs and wave at the same time can be tricky, but who wouldn’t love this look? Kelly’s elegant do is an instant winner, as it combines perfectly trimmed bangs with a lovely wave. The secret to keeping this hairstyle effortlessly gorgeous is controlling the volume, as big, frizzy hair doesn’t look good on anyone. Products such as essential oils or silicon can help you deal with the extra frizziness and volume without weighting your hair down. A must try look!

Straight and Luscious

It would be a lie to say that you are not thinking of exactly that when you hear hairstyles with bangs. This is the ultimate hairstyle with bangs look. Polished, sexy and incredibly elegant. This style lets you have the best of both worlds with its effortless chic and sexy look. In this particular instance the bangs are way to long. It is the stylists way of creating the mysterious look the model is going for. You don’t need to be that mysterious! Find the perfect length for your bangs so that you can wear them comfortably on a daily basis.

 Short and Preppy

This look is so adorable it is really hard to resist. This is one of the hairstyles with bangs that look incredibly youthful on ladies of all ages. If you are comfortable with the length and the slight wave this look will be perfect for you. Soft curls and relatively thick bangs evoke a playful innocence that transforms even the most tired complexions. A great idea for those of you who want a new fun and youthful transformation to welcome the fall!

The Pixie with Bangs

Pixie hairstyles with bangs are so fashionable right now. The pixie has made such a revival in the past year, it is almost certain that you’ve seen it around. For those of you confident and daring to cut your lengthy tresses pixie hairstyles with bangs are amazing. They are both edgy and incredibly feminine, while the bangs make the loss of length easier to deal with. Although I am not a major fun on the coloring scheme on this one, I have to admit that this is a hairstyle with bangs I would suggest to my clients any day of the week.


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Layered Haircuts Are Big This Fall – Our Look Book

Layered haircuts are making such a huge come back this fall. From long to short and everything in between you will be seeing a lot of layered haircuts in the streets of New York.

There are several reasons to love layered haircuts, and they have been your favorite for ages. They frame your face beautifully, they tame the freeze, and they give your hair movement and volume. Those arguing against them usually say that although beautiful, they tend to be less elegant than hair without layers. Layered haircuts also fail to reflect light in the same way hair without layers can, and thus they might appear to be flat and lifeless.

As always the truth is somewhere in between. Knowing your hair and being cognizant of your hair needs is always important. You can decide on the length or the extend of your layers based on the quality of your hair and your lifestyle. Moisturizing is also key for layered haircuts. No surprises here. Make sure that your hair always stays hydrated and in top condition. Leave-in conditioners, and moisturizing masks always  help, particularly when they contain essential oils. Finally, a consultation with your stylist is of paramount importance for good results.

Let’s take a look together on inspired takes of layered haircuts.

Layered Haircuts – The Look Book

Long Luscious Layers

Long layered haircuts are amazingly popular with most women. And quite frankly we can’t see why not. They are sexy, elegant and allow for movement and volume. They also frame your face and highlight your best features. Layered haircuts look amazing both straight and curly, but a beautiful blow dry will showcase their shape and style. Remember to go for longer layers when your hair has a lot of volume, as shorter ones might look bulky and shapeless.

Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

If volume is what you are after, a series of layers that culminates in bangs is your best bet. Your stylist will make sure to discuss with you the different options you have in terms of length and framing. Take some time to explain what you want and what you feel would be your best option. It is sometimes helpful to bring along pictures that you find inspiring to discuss relative values. What you think as “short” might not be what you stylist calls “short.”

Layered Haircuts with Highlights

Layered haircuts work amazingly well with color and highlights. The multidimensionality of layers allows for highlights to look more natural and less fixed on your hair. If you are contemplating layered haircuts, it might also be worthwhile to consider getting the highlights later to compliment the style you have chosen. Again, your stylist and colorist will help you decide what is right for you, based on your facial features and your hair type.

 Short Layered Haircuts


One might argue that there is really not much to say about short layered haircuts. Although they seem to be pretty straight forward they are actually very sophisticated in essence. A competent stylist will be able to give you the look you want and to compliment your facial features.

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Bob haircuts for the Win! Find Your New Style Now!

Bob haircuts are an old times classic for me. I just love the way they transform your style while they look both chic and incredibly sexy. It is usually the case that my clients want a shorter version of the haircut they have and I have to persuade them for the bob haircut of their dreams. But when I do…it is worth every second! Bob haircuts are always in style, always effortless and convenient. They are less scary than pixie haircuts, which actually makes them preferable to women. Even if you end up with a bob that you don’t exactly adore, which I doubt, you can always console yourself with the thought that bob haircuts grow out very fast.

When most of my clients think of bob haircuts they instantly recall looks from previous generations or decades. Bob haircuts are incredibly contemporary and they can get as edgy as you want them to be. The important think is to have a stylist with vision to guide you through the process. With bangs, or without, asymmetrical or straight bob haircuts are always in fashion. You just need to find the right cut and shape for your face and features. Let’s go through some bob haircuts with immense style together for an instant inspiration boost.

Bob Haircuts to Die For

Curly Bob Haircuts for the Win

Admit it, when you are thinking of gorgeous bob haircuts you are thinking of straight ones, right? As true as that may be, the picture above is proving you wrong! I have the most profound fascination with curly bob haircuts because truth is, they look awesome. It is always better to be on the safe side and avoid heavy bangs with a curly bob haircut that you intend to wear mostly curly. Other than that, just look at her gorgeous hair! It could be yours!

The Classic with a Twist

This classic bob is transformed in one of the edgiest bob haircuts out there with this asymmetrical twist that makes it super cool! This look is sexy and endearing in many ways and I have seen it work on so many clients that I have the suspicion that it can have a transformative effect on anyone! Check it out! You will be pleasantly surprised!

The high end bob haircuts award goes to…

…Stunning Naomi. Look at this gorgeous bob! Sleek, sultry, yet youthful, it allows her amazing bone structure to impress us once more. A great pick for the work place, bob haircuts like this will never disappoint you!

Natural Bob Haircuts

Natural bob haircuts are absolutely amazing, and they acquire more and more fans as the days go by. If you are not certain about how your natural hair would look in a bob, consult with your stylist to see whether this look would work out for you or not. The natural bob is ideal for those of you who are sick of camouflaging your transitioning hair. It provides you with an immediate solution to the problem and offers you a gorgeous mane in return.

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Going Natural This Fall – Amazing New Looks to Start the Season!

Going natural is a decision that might change your entire outlook on fashion and aesthetics. It has often been the case that clients with processed, polished hairstyles come over one day and say “this is it!” Very few of them actually go back once they decide to go natural. Going natural is thus one of those moments when expert advice is needed. In-depth consultations with your stylist will help you decide what is best for your hair.Going natural also means refraining from other harm inducing activities like coloring your hair. If you are seriously contemplating such a dramatic change, make sure to start right.

Going Natural Step 1 – Assess the Damage

Let’s be honest here. One of the primary reasons that clients decide to go natural is excessive damage. Styling, heat and coloring can leave your hair dull and lifeless. In your effort to revive them, you need to be brutally honest with yourself when it comes to assessing the damage. Take a look at your ends and then take a look at the shaft of your hair. How much of it is affected? And how much can you live without? Going natural means that your hair will have to adapt to new conditions and the healthier it is, the easier this transition will be. Be brave and trim as much as possible. You will be thankful when your hair is far less frizzy than it would otherwise be!

Going Natural Step 2 – Moisturizing Is Still Your Best Ally

A common mistake my clients make when they are going natural is that they think moisturizing should not be as big a deal any more. Their logic is that since they have stopped abusing their hair, their moisturizing regimen should be much less thorough. This is sadly a misconception. It is now, more than ever, that your hair needs a solid moisturizing ritual as it rebuilds its lost vigor. Invest on a leave in conditioner and essential oils like avocado and olive oil to restore shine and smoothness to your locks.  Try to avoid shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals and go for natural or organic products instead. Your hair will thank you!

Going Natural Step 3 – Give It Some Time

This is very true for those of you who have lost the natural shape and bounce of your curls. Like any living organism your hair needs time to adapt to changes as dramatic as that. Expecting it to look amazing from the first week is not exactly realistic. Going natural means giving your hair time to breathe and readjust to its natural habitat. Keep that in mind as you try to tame your locks and don’t despair!

Going Natural Step 4 – Find the Right Products

Finding the right products for your hair needs is a big part of going natural. Take your time and work with different textures to find the perfect match for your hair. Once you find it, you will know!

Going natural is an amazing journey! Enjoy the process and share your experiences with us!


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Beyonce Natural Hair Looks – Transformations of a Diva

It is almost everyday that a client visits and it is evident that they are a true Beyonce natural hair enthusiast! Most of the times when clients come over with natural looks in their minds, they have seen something they want, and they are seeking advice to make it happen. Our lovely girl Beyonce has been a constant source of inspiration for women as her hair transformations have been innumerable through the years. However the Beyonce natural hair fascination remains, and this is our modest tribute to it!

So sit back and enjoy not the transformations of a diva in terms of her polished and highly stylized hair, but rather the fresh faced elegance of a true star (and her natural hair)!

The Beyonce Natural Hair Saga

Am I the only one who finds this picture hauntingly beautiful? Look at the pure beauty of this image, the Beyonce natural hair marvel that so many of you wish to accomplish when you visit us at the salon. What is important to note at this point is that for hair to be considered natural, and hence damage free, one needs to avoid other things as well, besides chemical straightening and heat. Excessive bleaching and other coloring practices may harm your hair equally and thus it is important to set your priorities straight and decide whether something is worth the effort or not. If you decide to go natural keep excessive coloring processes at a minimum and try to rejuvenate your hair with systematic hydration rituals and moisturizing regiments.
We know it is hard, but we thing it is worth it! That said, let’s move on to more recent Beyonce natural hair cases.

Beyonce Natural Hair Look of the Decade- The Halo

I am only calling this the halo because of the amazing light that it assigns to her face every time a Beyonce natural hair day arrives. Beyonce’s beautiful blonde color and the highlights that give depth to her hair create a lovely interplay with light that looks natural on her and makes her hair look healthy.


Health and moisture is extremely important in one’s hair and this is a priority we have emphasized several times in the past. If your hair is healthy it is bound to look beautiful and shiny. However, when it comes to special occasions sometimes health on its own does not suffice. Natural hair might seem to be a bit restrictive when it comes to special occasions and hairstyles that could be performed, but this Beyonce natural hair look is absolutely stunning!



It manages to impress with its clear lines and ’60s elegance without being overly stylized or over the top.

Similarly if you are concerned with styling that suits the wild  beauty of your natural hair, accessorizing can prove to be a major ally in transforming a look from simply cute to absolutely sensational. A pair of dramatic earrings can make a major difference when it comes to dressing up. Explore your options and allow your beautiful hair to shine a ‘la Beyonce natural hair!



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