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Natural Black Hairstyles For Spring – 4 Looks To Fall In Love With!

Natural black hairstyles are my absolute favorite this spring! Long or short, this low maintenance, laid back look is classy, yet sexy at all times. As I have mentioned several times in the past, natural black hairstyles rock! Your hair benefits from the lack of excessive styling and it shines, healthy and wild, at its full potential. Again it is important to keep in mind the following factors: 1. Natural black hairstyles look awesome when your hair is healthy. Make sure that your hair is moisturized and treated with respect! […]

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Top 7 Short Black Hairstyles


Short black hairstyles are back in fashion! This spring and summer, short sassy hairstyles are the absolute trend. If you are fed up with long lifeless tresses that look dull and motionless, try a shorter haircut that is bound to rejuvenate your hair. Shorter cuts are effortlessly elegant and require minimum work to look polished at any time. To follow up on my previous post on the hottest short looks for 2013, let’s take a look together at 7 fashionable haircuts that have been making headlines in the past year. Short […]

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Honey Hair Treatment Recipes: Growth, Strength and Extra Shine!

Having covered the benefits of essential oils for hair moisturizing in my previous post, let me persuade you to indulge in a honey hair treatment! Like essential oils, a honey hair treatment can work wonders on your locks in terms of moisturizing and conditioning. Honey has been known since ancient years for its nutritional and medicinal uses and it is absolutely amazing for hair care. Why having a honey hair treatment? Honey is a humectant  and an emollient. This means that it absorbs moisture and that it also softens and smoothes! This […]

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Short Black Hair- Top Secrets by Patrick!

Short black hair has always fascinated me. There is no hairstyle that can accentuate a woman’s natural elegance and beauty as effortlessly as a short black haircut. I love working on short black hair. It is a challenge to style it impeccably to suit each woman, her taste and lifestyle. It looks less challenging than managing a mane full of volume, but the strategic choices you have to make on short black hair are many, and one cannot take them too lightly. Given the fact that there is not much […]

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Honey Brown Hair Color, in Depth!


Honey brown hair is elegant and sexy! Don’t get me wrong, I adore dark brown hair. I just think the the right shade of honey brown can look amazing in everyone’s dark hair. This is no news. But the stunning effect of honey brown hair can be new to you, if you have never tried it in the past. If you don’t fell like going for the entire gig, full honey brown hair, you can always work with highlighting a few tresses or going ombre. Ombre is hot right now, […]

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3 Celebrities With Natural Hairstyles


Natural hairstyles are effortlessly cool, seriously elegant and so edgy! Youthful, low maintenance and impressive, natural hairstyles are your go to solution if you want your hair to look healthy and naturally beautiful. As I have been saying in the past the key to lovely natural hairstyles, is healthy, shiny, strong hair. Celebrities have been sporting the look for quite some time now, but we all know that it doesn’t always end up looking on us as ravishing as it does on them. The key for stunning natural hairstyles is […]

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4 Quick Natural Hairstyles To Do At Home


Quick natural hairstyles that you can do at home are always good to keep in mind! It is often the case that we seek a bit of a change without going back to our stylist for a trim or a new coloring process. These 4 quick natural hairstyles will be your best allies as you try to revamp your hair at home. You do not need major skill to achieve those, although at a first glance some of them might look challenging. Keep a positive attitude and give them a […]

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6 Curly Black Hairstyles For Inspiration


Curly black hairstyles are effortlessly stunning! As spring approaches and summer gets even closer, it is good to keep in mind that a low maintenance yet elegant do is always possible! Although curly hair does not necessarily require an awful lot of styling you need to make sure that your hair is in top condition, as frizzy, damaged hair will look even worse when curly. So again, trim your hair regularly and moisturize as much as you can! If you need to remind yourself how to keep your locks hydrated […]

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Ombre Hair Color: Made To Impress This Spring and Summer


Ombre hair color has been referred to so many times in my previous posts. Guess what? It is not a lucky coincidence. Ombre hair color is absolutely huge right now! It would not be an exaggeration to say that ombre is one of the most innovative and ground-breaking color ideas that have happened in the past years. It is a clear indication of what thinking outside the box enables stylists and colorists do. Celebrities love it, as I have mentioned before, and women seem to embrace its low maintenance glam […]

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Top 3 Black Celebrity Couples For Spring 2013


Black Celebrity Couples Extravaganza this week, ladies and gentlemen! Let me take our conversation to places other than hair…although, admittedly, most of them have amazing hairdos indeed. Instead of doing my regular post about hair matters, I decided to do something more broadly connected to our subject matter. I am presenting you with the Top 3 of stunning black couples in love! Black Celebrity Couples #1 – Michelle and Barack Partners, lovers and friends, Michelle and Barack are the most amazing of black celebrity couples. Their achievements and accomplishments throughout […]

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