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Layered Haircuts Are Big This Fall – Our Look Book

Layered haircuts are making such a huge come back this fall. From long to short and everything in between you will be seeing a lot of layered haircuts in the streets of New York.

There are several reasons to love layered haircuts, and they have been your favorite for ages. They frame your face beautifully, they tame the freeze, and they give your hair movement and volume. Those arguing against them usually say that although beautiful, they tend to be less elegant than hair without layers. Layered haircuts also fail to reflect light in the same way hair without layers can, and thus they might appear to be flat and lifeless.

As always the truth is somewhere in between. Knowing your hair and being cognizant of your hair needs is always important. You can decide on the length or the extend of your layers based on the quality of your hair and your lifestyle. Moisturizing is also key for layered haircuts. No surprises here. Make sure that your hair always stays hydrated and in top condition. Leave-in conditioners, and moisturizing masks always  help, particularly when they contain essential oils. Finally, a consultation with your stylist is of paramount importance for good results.

Let’s take a look together on inspired takes of layered haircuts.

Layered Haircuts – The Look Book

Long Luscious Layers

Long layered haircuts are amazingly popular with most women. And quite frankly we can’t see why not. They are sexy, elegant and allow for movement and volume. They also frame your face and highlight your best features. Layered haircuts look amazing both straight and curly, but a beautiful blow dry will showcase their shape and style. Remember to go for longer layers when your hair has a lot of volume, as shorter ones might look bulky and shapeless.

Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

If volume is what you are after, a series of layers that culminates in bangs is your best bet. Your stylist will make sure to discuss with you the different options you have in terms of length and framing. Take some time to explain what you want and what you feel would be your best option. It is sometimes helpful to bring along pictures that you find inspiring to discuss relative values. What you think as “short” might not be what you stylist calls “short.”

Layered Haircuts with Highlights

Layered haircuts work amazingly well with color and highlights. The multidimensionality of layers allows for highlights to look more natural and less fixed on your hair. If you are contemplating layered haircuts, it might also be worthwhile to consider getting the highlights later to compliment the style you have chosen. Again, your stylist and colorist will help you decide what is right for you, based on your facial features and your hair type.

 Short Layered Haircuts


One might argue that there is really not much to say about short layered haircuts. Although they seem to be pretty straight forward they are actually very sophisticated in essence. A competent stylist will be able to give you the look you want and to compliment your facial features.

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Bob haircuts for the Win! Find Your New Style Now!

Bob haircuts are an old times classic for me. I just love the way they transform your style while they look both chic and incredibly sexy. It is usually the case that my clients want a shorter version of the haircut they have and I have to persuade them for the bob haircut of their dreams. But when I do…it is worth every second! Bob haircuts are always in style, always effortless and convenient. They are less scary than pixie haircuts, which actually makes them preferable to women. Even if you end up with a bob that you don’t exactly adore, which I doubt, you can always console yourself with the thought that bob haircuts grow out very fast.

When most of my clients think of bob haircuts they instantly recall looks from previous generations or decades. Bob haircuts are incredibly contemporary and they can get as edgy as you want them to be. The important think is to have a stylist with vision to guide you through the process. With bangs, or without, asymmetrical or straight bob haircuts are always in fashion. You just need to find the right cut and shape for your face and features. Let’s go through some bob haircuts with immense style together for an instant inspiration boost.

Bob Haircuts to Die For

Curly Bob Haircuts for the Win

Admit it, when you are thinking of gorgeous bob haircuts you are thinking of straight ones, right? As true as that may be, the picture above is proving you wrong! I have the most profound fascination with curly bob haircuts because truth is, they look awesome. It is always better to be on the safe side and avoid heavy bangs with a curly bob haircut that you intend to wear mostly curly. Other than that, just look at her gorgeous hair! It could be yours!

The Classic with a Twist

This classic bob is transformed in one of the edgiest bob haircuts out there with this asymmetrical twist that makes it super cool! This look is sexy and endearing in many ways and I have seen it work on so many clients that I have the suspicion that it can have a transformative effect on anyone! Check it out! You will be pleasantly surprised!

The high end bob haircuts award goes to…

…Stunning Naomi. Look at this gorgeous bob! Sleek, sultry, yet youthful, it allows her amazing bone structure to impress us once more. A great pick for the work place, bob haircuts like this will never disappoint you!

Natural Bob Haircuts

Natural bob haircuts are absolutely amazing, and they acquire more and more fans as the days go by. If you are not certain about how your natural hair would look in a bob, consult with your stylist to see whether this look would work out for you or not. The natural bob is ideal for those of you who are sick of camouflaging your transitioning hair. It provides you with an immediate solution to the problem and offers you a gorgeous mane in return.

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Going Natural This Fall – Amazing New Looks to Start the Season!

Going natural is a decision that might change your entire outlook on fashion and aesthetics. It has often been the case that clients with processed, polished hairstyles come over one day and say “this is it!” Very few of them actually go back once they decide to go natural. Going natural is thus one of those moments when expert advice is needed. In-depth consultations with your stylist will help you decide what is best for your hair.Going natural also means refraining from other harm inducing activities like coloring your hair. If you are seriously contemplating such a dramatic change, make sure to start right.

Going Natural Step 1 – Assess the Damage

Let’s be honest here. One of the primary reasons that clients decide to go natural is excessive damage. Styling, heat and coloring can leave your hair dull and lifeless. In your effort to revive them, you need to be brutally honest with yourself when it comes to assessing the damage. Take a look at your ends and then take a look at the shaft of your hair. How much of it is affected? And how much can you live without? Going natural means that your hair will have to adapt to new conditions and the healthier it is, the easier this transition will be. Be brave and trim as much as possible. You will be thankful when your hair is far less frizzy than it would otherwise be!

Going Natural Step 2 – Moisturizing Is Still Your Best Ally

A common mistake my clients make when they are going natural is that they think moisturizing should not be as big a deal any more. Their logic is that since they have stopped abusing their hair, their moisturizing regimen should be much less thorough. This is sadly a misconception. It is now, more than ever, that your hair needs a solid moisturizing ritual as it rebuilds its lost vigor. Invest on a leave in conditioner and essential oils like avocado and olive oil to restore shine and smoothness to your locks.  Try to avoid shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals and go for natural or organic products instead. Your hair will thank you!

Going Natural Step 3 – Give It Some Time

This is very true for those of you who have lost the natural shape and bounce of your curls. Like any living organism your hair needs time to adapt to changes as dramatic as that. Expecting it to look amazing from the first week is not exactly realistic. Going natural means giving your hair time to breathe and readjust to its natural habitat. Keep that in mind as you try to tame your locks and don’t despair!

Going Natural Step 4 – Find the Right Products

Finding the right products for your hair needs is a big part of going natural. Take your time and work with different textures to find the perfect match for your hair. Once you find it, you will know!

Going natural is an amazing journey! Enjoy the process and share your experiences with us!


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Beyonce Natural Hair Looks – Transformations of a Diva

It is almost everyday that a client visits and it is evident that they are a true Beyonce natural hair enthusiast! Most of the times when clients come over with natural looks in their minds, they have seen something they want, and they are seeking advice to make it happen. Our lovely girl Beyonce has been a constant source of inspiration for women as her hair transformations have been innumerable through the years. However the Beyonce natural hair fascination remains, and this is our modest tribute to it!

So sit back and enjoy not the transformations of a diva in terms of her polished and highly stylized hair, but rather the fresh faced elegance of a true star (and her natural hair)!

The Beyonce Natural Hair Saga

Am I the only one who finds this picture hauntingly beautiful? Look at the pure beauty of this image, the Beyonce natural hair marvel that so many of you wish to accomplish when you visit us at the salon. What is important to note at this point is that for hair to be considered natural, and hence damage free, one needs to avoid other things as well, besides chemical straightening and heat. Excessive bleaching and other coloring practices may harm your hair equally and thus it is important to set your priorities straight and decide whether something is worth the effort or not. If you decide to go natural keep excessive coloring processes at a minimum and try to rejuvenate your hair with systematic hydration rituals and moisturizing regiments.
We know it is hard, but we thing it is worth it! That said, let’s move on to more recent Beyonce natural hair cases.

Beyonce Natural Hair Look of the Decade- The Halo

I am only calling this the halo because of the amazing light that it assigns to her face every time a Beyonce natural hair day arrives. Beyonce’s beautiful blonde color and the highlights that give depth to her hair create a lovely interplay with light that looks natural on her and makes her hair look healthy.


Health and moisture is extremely important in one’s hair and this is a priority we have emphasized several times in the past. If your hair is healthy it is bound to look beautiful and shiny. However, when it comes to special occasions sometimes health on its own does not suffice. Natural hair might seem to be a bit restrictive when it comes to special occasions and hairstyles that could be performed, but this Beyonce natural hair look is absolutely stunning!



It manages to impress with its clear lines and ’60s elegance without being overly stylized or over the top.

Similarly if you are concerned with styling that suits the wild  beauty of your natural hair, accessorizing can prove to be a major ally in transforming a look from simply cute to absolutely sensational. A pair of dramatic earrings can make a major difference when it comes to dressing up. Explore your options and allow your beautiful hair to shine a ‘la Beyonce natural hair!



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Natural Hair Blogs – Our Top Picks

I have covered natural hair blogs in the past, but I have decided to give it one more go for those of you who are new to our discussions. Natural hair blogs are amazing for several reasons. The fact that they are written by people like you, who have been trying to figure out their hair gives them distinct character. I find their immediacy very pleasing. It is like carrying on a conversation that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling as if you are talking to someone you know. And indeed, even if you don’t know these people per se, you are definitely familiar with their needs and concerns, as they mirror you own needs and concerns when it comes to your hairstyle. Natural hair blogs address these issues through the experiences of their authors and the advice they have received from professionals in the field. Their content also includes advice on new hair products you can rely on (usually tested by the authors themselves) as well as suggestions on new hairstyles, depending on the type of hair you have or a special occasion. Let’s review some of the best natural hair blogs out there! Feel free to follow them…! I am certain you will enjoy them!

Natural Hair Blogs – My Top 5

1. Curly Nikki – Hair Therapy

Curly Nikki is one of my favorite natural hair blogs. It has gone through major changes over the years and has blossomed into a beautiful website with a lot to offer to natural hair enthusiasts out there. It has advice on hair care, posts on traveling and lifestyle and you will find a lot of amazing things to browse through if you pay it a visit. I absolutely suggest it!

2. Confessions of a Blog Vixen. Natural Hair Blog. Fashion. Life.

A new edition to natural hair blogs, Confessions of a Blog Vixen also has a lot of topics to browse through and feel inspired.  Beauty and fashion, tutorials and new products make up a site that is worth seeing. Give it a try…I am certain you will enjoy it!

 3. Natural Hair Rules

Natural Hair Rules focuses on growth and transitioning hair and gives you ample advice from personal experience. The different tabs on the website help you navigate the content with efficiency. It also gives you information on how to create your own products for hair care, as well as advice on where to buy the different items you need.

4. Natural Belle

Another one of the natural hair blogs that I love is Natural Belle. All natural hair blogs have specific features that tend to be repetitive but some of them as especially good on one particular item. For Natural Belle that would be product reviews. Although it does provide you with amazing tips and hair care solutions, the product review section is one of the best you will encounter in natural hair blogs out there.

5. Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog

Another great site to browse is Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog. Its tips, hair care advice and styling ideas make a great natural hair website for both experienced and new natural hair blog enthusiasts out there.


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Black Hairstyles For Round Faces – Our Top 5

Black hairstyles for round faces are uniquely trimmed and styled to compliment your face and your features. Clients often ask me what is my one piece of advice on black hairstyles for round faces. Well the secret is there is to know your facial features and the quality of your hair to come up with the best possible combination. I have seen several black hairstyles for round faces looking absolutely awesome on some women and really terrible on others, even when their facial features were not worlds apart. Particularly when trying out short black haircuts for round faces, you should be a hundred percent certain that you won’t miss the length. The rest is up to your stylist to figure out and give you the haircut of your dreams.

To inspire your transformations I compiled my favorite five black hairstyles for round faces for you to see and contemplate. Remember that it is important to create a visual image of you in this particular hairstyle. If you like the overall picture, but would nonetheless change a few things make sure that your stylist knows so that he can plan in advance! Lets take a look at the following black hairstyles for round faces together.

Black Hairstyles for Round Faces – Our Top 5

The Layered Bob

I tend to love layered bobs as short black hairstyles for round faces. They are chic, sexy and very elegant at the same time. They are also very versatile, as you and your stylist can choose the type, placement and nature of your layers and you can wear them in multiple ways. Lengthy or short the layered bob is effortlessly polished and it can also be quite sassy when curly. Remember that it is very important to have an honest discussion with your stylist regarding your expectations. When done right a layered bob is your best ally to awesome hair on a daily basis.

 The Straight Bob

This is a look for you to sport if you are particularly fond of your jawline. The layered bob is usually more forgiving, attending to your slight imperfections and covering them to allow your best features to emerge. The straight bob on the other hand is absolutely fantastic and extremely elegant, but it tends to bring out your features, making slight imperfections evident. When it comes to black hairstyles for round faces the straight bob is the ultimate test. Chances are if you can sport it and like it, you can do almost everything to your hair.

The Asymmetrical Short Bob

I do find this look amazing! The asymmetrical short bob is the creme de la creme of black hairstyles for round faces. This edgy look is contemporary and effortlessly chic! You are bound to love it!

The Short Pixie

If you have a round face the pixie is the absolute haircut for you, as it gives your shapely head more height and texture. Experiment with different pixie hairstyles and find your match in consultation with your stylist.

The Natural Bob

You can go for layered or straight, but when it comes to natural black hairstyles for round faces the bob is the ultimate length for you. Anything shorter is a bit too bushy, anything longer is just too much. Enjoy your fabulous bob and prepare to amaze!

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Coconut Oil Hair Mask – Our Most Indulgent Recipe

My favorite coconut oil hair mask is ideal for your hair now that the summer is almost over. This indulgent coconut oil mask recipe will leave your locks hydrated and replenished. Any damage caused by heat, styling and humidity is bound to be reversed, and this will save you a few more precious inches that would otherwise be chopped off when you would go to trim your hair.

When it comes to hair care, many products claim to contain coconut oil, but nothing beats the real thing. In order to harness the pure benefits of the coconut hair treatment you want to try using actual coconut oil on your hair. It is natural, unrefined, does not contain silicon or chemicals, and it is far more affordable than professional products that use it as an ingredient.

I have talked about the immense advantages of using coconut oil in the past, as I find that coconut oil is one of the easiest natural ingredients to find in the market, and one of the most convenient to use. Its texture when in room temperature is more solid, which makes it so much easier to massage into your hair. It also stays longer in your hair, which is ideal, as your tresses need the extra time to absorb all the wonderful natural goodness that coconut oil has to offer.

A coconut oil hair mask is the first thing that comes to mind when my clients ask me for a quick pampering tip. It is also a great time to share as an indulgent coconut oil hair mask is ideal for all hair types and ages. You can share one with your friends, your mother or daughter. They will surely love it!

My Favorite Coconut Oil Hair Mask Recipe

You can find a trillion coconut oil hair mask recipes online, but this one has no match! It is enhanced with honey and rosemary oil to harness the natural goodness of all ingredients. This coconut oil hair mask is potent, luscious and leaves your hair ultra shiny and nourished. This is the Beyonce of coconut oil hair masks…there I said it. This is the star of every mask there is out there for you to try.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask Ingredients

(For two people, depending on the length of your hair. Prepare some more if you both have long hair).

1/2 cup coconut oil

Tsp of honey

5 drops of rosemary essential oil

2 warm bath towels

Start with mixing the ingredients and letting them rest for some time before applying it to your hair. The potency of this nutritious coconut oil hair mask depends on the time it stays on your hair as well as at the time that the ingredients mix and match. Try to keep the temperature low in the meantime. You don’t want your luscious coconut oil to lose its amazing texture. Then apply the mixture on dry hair and cover with the warm towel. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Your hair will be ready to shine in no time! Enjoy!

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Best Products For Curly Hair – Our Guide to Gorgeous Curls

Our guide to the best products for curly hair is here! It is a bit hard to find the best products for curly hair if you don’t want to try all of them. The good news is that we know which ones they are, because we are the first ones to try them. That was easy. What is difficult is deciding what works on your hair, your needs, and styling preferences. As a result, deciding which are the best products for curly hair is really up to you. You are the one to figure out what kind of hair needs you have, and therefore find the best products for curly hair available in the market. Here are our suggestions to figure out your needs and match them with the corresponding product!

Best Products For Curly Hair – Combatting Frizziness 101

You have all guessed what my first piece of advice will be. The best products for curly hair to combat frizziness are those that pump up moisture and hydration. Start with a homemade hair mask containing essential oils like avocado, argan or almond. Then rinse and apply conditioner generously. Leave in conditioners also work wonders, as they make your hair healthier and thus your curls are more vivacious and defined. Use a couple of drops of your essential oils when your hair is dry to make sure that your curly do remains frizz free for a longer time.

Best Products For Curly Hair – Pumping Up the Volume

It is rarely the case that curly hair is flat and lifeless, but when it happens it is quite sad a spectacle to see. There are numerous products in the market that promise not to weigh your curls and to leave them bouncy and soft. Go for them! The best products for curly hair that suffer from lack of volume are usually curling mousses. Try to avoid creams, gels and other products that contain too much oil. Instead go for products like weightless conditioners that promise to leave your locks soft and gravity defying!

Best Products For Curly Hair – Detangling and Polishing

My oh my, for those of us with extremely curly hair, detangling can be quite a struggle. Your best bet for potent detangling action is extremely rich conditioners with shea butter or essential oils. Try to detangle your hair while the conditioner is working to eliminate breakage and frizz. When you are done with putting your curls in place, the best products for curly hair to give you shine and a glossy finish are glossy serums and shine inducing hairsprays. Try them and you will not be disappointed.

Finally if your hair is naturally awesome and effortlessly gorgeous, we envy you. And the best products for your curly hair are most likely curling creams that maintain the form and texture of your curls with minimum intrusion. Go for them but use them with caution. You don’t want to overdo it and have tons of product undiluted on your hair. Work the cream in your palms and apply it with gentle moves to make sure that your curls are finely covered!

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Braids Hairstyles To Look Fabulous – Our Top 5!

Nothing says summer like braids hairstyles! Braids hairstyles are sweet, romantic and sexy, while they also bring out your finest features. They also provide a great way to deal with frizziness and they help in damage prevention, as you do not need to apply heat to get your hair in shape. Braids hairstyles vary from simple dos to elaborate constructions. As a result they are perfect for every occasion! Braids hairstyles are easy to make with a bit of practice and they stay perfect for a long time, even when the weather is hot and humid!

Several celebrities have embraced braids hairstyles both in their everyday lives and on special occasions. Braids are not overpowering and they generally allow for your best features to show. There are multiple ways to wear braids hairstyles, varying from braiding you hair a bit, or a lot. Let’s take a look at the following braids hairstyles together to get inspiration for our favorite looks.

Braids Hairstyles – Our Top Five Picks!

1. Zoe ‘s Elegant Do

Notice how impeccably elegant Zoe Saldana’s look is. No matter what your desired hairstyle looks like, a little braid will help you keep it in place without going over the top. Go for it especially if you are going to an event where you are expected to dance. Braids hairstyles tend to stay in place longer and look amazing all the time!

2. Jada’s Edgy Look 

Jada Pinkett Smith has a lot of love for braids hairstyles. She has been spotted wearing them over and over, which she should, because quite frankly they look amazing on her! This time she picked an elaborate braids hairstyle in which all of her hair is braided and then braided some more. It goes perfectly well with the fierce outfit she has chosen and it accentuates her beautiful features. Just look at these stunning cheekbones!

3. Alicia’s Funky Braids

Another noted enthusiast of braids hairstyles, Alicia Keys has worked the style into her styling choices over and over. In this early take on the braids, Alicia styles them with beads and rocks the denim rock look. If this doesn’t look elegant to you, you might consider a lighter version on your young daughter. Girls love braids hairstyles that are beaded particularly in the summer!

4. Alicia’s Braids’ Upgrade

This youthful, yet mesmerizing look gives Alicia the allure and glamour of a hot blooded woman! Her grown- up style is decorated and put to place with a single braid that makes all the difference. Look at this beautiful hairline! This one is a good starting point for those of you willing to experiment with braids hairstyles. No matter how inexperienced you are, with a bit of practice you will be able to pull this one off.

5. Braids as Finishing Touches

If you are not entirely crazy about braids, don’t be negatively predisposed against their strategic functions. A couple of braids can be incorporated to your hairstyle to make it more secure and more appealing to the eye. Embrace the braid and enjoy a flawless do at all times!

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Homemade Hair Masks – Our Indulgent Recipes

Homemade hair masks are such amazing gifts of nature! They offer you the luxury of creating your own beauty potion and applying it at the comfort of your own home. Homemade hair masks offer instant indulgence and pampering as well as a great ritual to have amongst friends on a cosy night in. They are also excellent for a productive bonding time activity between mothers and daughters!

Their healthy ingredients, replete with the goodness of nature will give you amazing results, very similar if not better to those of professional products that contain an array of chemical substances.

At the same time you are bound to have in your kitchen most of the ingredients involved . Some typical ingredients are bananas, avocados, olive oil (and other essential oils), honey, yogurt and oats.

Now that we took an introductory look to what homemade hair masks are about, let see how we can put all this knowledge into practice.

Homemade Hair Masks 101

It is not rocket science. I repeat. Homemade hair masks are not rocket science. You don’t need to use the exact amount of ingredients I am suggesting. Just go with your instincts and make sure that the texture is conveniently staying on your hair and scalp….if it drips on the sink it is hardly a hair mask, even if it is a homemade emulsion.

Secondly, make sure it is appealing to your senses. If you put on homemade hair masks that look gross to you, you are not going to like the result no matter how soft and hydrated your hair is. Make the process appealing to your senses!

Last, it is nice to keep your space clean when you use homemade hair masks. The last thing you want to do after your amazing relaxation is start cleaning up. Don’t make a huge mess, and be careful when you handle essential oils!

Greek Yogurt and Honey Mask

This is one of my favorite homemade hair masks because, I have to admit, I absolutely love Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is amazing for your hair because it restores moisture and shine, while it reduces breakage and damage.  The enzymes in yogurt are also known to relieve an itchy scalp and combat dandruff. Just add a bit of honey to enhance the texture and achieve super glossy hair, and you are good to go! (This is adapted by a recipe also provided by sassy missy curly Nikki)

The Queen of  Homemade Hair Masks

This is the most amazing, most nutritious, most hydrating mask of all times! Check out the ingredients:

  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 Tbsp honey
  • 3 Tbsp buttermilk
  • 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Now, start mashing the banana, egg and avocado in a bowl. All all other ingredients and stir until you get a smooth homogenous mixture. Apply to your hair generously and let it set for 30 minutes. Wash it out with a soft, if possible organic, shampoo and use conditioner as normal! You can now enjoy your luscious glossy hair! Keep this amazing mask in mind and repeat on a bimonthly basis!

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