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Simple Trends – HatStyle Edition

Hats have been a staple piece within fashion for decades. However, most women find them quite difficult to master. When choosing to wear this accessory, it’s not always necessary to hide and stuff your beautiful tresses underneath it. Whether your hair is curly, straight, or otherwise; hats have the mysterious power of changing the dynamic of your style.

Take a look at these hat-trends below for your own inspiration.

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Hair Transformations – Jada Pinkett – Smith Edition

When it comes to hair, Jada Pinkett-Smith has a pioneering style that constantly evolves, yet still remains fresh and current. She is a classic beauty with an eclectic edge. Never conforming to trends, Jada proves her individuality through a collection of hairstyles. As a mother, business owner and actress, this woman is more than just an innovator; she’s a powerhouse.

Take a look at the hair transformation of Jada Pinkett-Smith.

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Simple Trends – Rain Edition

In light of the recent summer storms, Wellington Hair Spa wants to help our readers find solutions to combat hair’s greatest adversary–RAIN! In this weather, most hairstyles are nearly impossible to maintain. However, we’re always thinking positively and figuring out ways to work with Mother Nature, rather than against her. Check out our gallery of easy-to-do hairstyles that are quick and simple to pull off when precipitation is looming.

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Special Wellington Feature: Wellington Hair Photo Shoot


Wellington Hair Spa celebrates beautiful and healthy hair this week. To showcase the art of style, Wellington held a beauty forward hair shoot. Take a look at the behind the scene images.

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Simple Trends – Summer Edition


In the summer, your hair can either be a major liability or a major assetto your overall look. Sustainability and maintenance are key when searchingfor that perfect summer hairstyle. However, between the heat and humidityit’s sometimes difficult to keep a healthy head of hair. Thankfully, we’vecompiled a variety of hair Dos that will keep your mane looking healthy and stylish.

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Hair Compliments

>Ladies. Have you ever had a problem figuring out a hair style that goes perfectly with the new outfit you just purchased? I wanted to share my thoughts on the best hairstyles for certain ensembles.

Strapless dresses are one of the most elegant, classic and timeless looks.The best styles for strapless gowns are elegant updos, or very clean blowouts or ringlets. See my Hollywood red carpet celebrity style gallery for cues on the perfect hair/outfit Do’s.

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Rihanna’s New Cut – Yay or Nay


We’re kind of loving Rihanna’s new do. Her ever evolving hairstyles set the trends and keep people talking. Now Rihanna is giving us a bowl cut in a bright red hue. We give it two thumbs up for precision and orginality. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? We’re just wondering how ever does she keep it healthy with so many frequent style changes.
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May 13, 2010

> On May 7th and 8th, Wellington Hair Spa celebrated the beauty and essence of women by hosting an intimate “Mother’s Day” tea event. In addition to refreshing teas and desserts, clients were provided with superior service and special treatment on their designated day of beauty. So, in celebration of mothers everywhere, we want to say thank you!

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WHS and Memphis The Musical Cast Makeovers

>I had the pleasure of making over cast members from the critically acclaimed “Memphis the Musical,” which is currently playing on Broadway.

Cast members dropped by the Wellington Spa here in Chelsea to undergo a total makeover experience. The Wellington team made their already gorgeous locks even more camera and stage ready.

View the before and after photos and tell us what you think.

I also got a chance to check out the musical, and there is only one word describes it: AMAZING!!!
Be sure to check it out. For more info on the show, go to:
Until next time,

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Getting Beautified! Pre Fashion Week Pampering Party!

With fashion week coming to a close 🙁 , I thought I’d share some pictures from a Pre Fashion Week Pampering Party for editors that was held at my salon.

In the midst of a hectic snowstorm, I joined up with M2M Nail Polish to give some of NY’s most respected editors a night of pampering before they hit the Bryant Park tents. The night included manicures by M2M and Wash & Style/Blow Outs courtesy of myself. With champagne and cupcakes to accompany these beauty services, this night was filled with fun, food, fashion & FABULOSITY! These editors left Wellington Hair Spa ready to take the tents by storm with coiffed “do’s” and perfectly manicured nails, looking nothing short of perfection.

Check out some pictures below. Unil next season…


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