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Summer Skin Care

If you live in the U.S right now, you know that summer 2016 is in full swing. With the heat wave spreading across the country, if you’re like most people, the beach, and the pool are your friends. By all means, please have your fill in the bodies of water of your choosing, but make sure to take care of your skin afterward. We talk about hair a lot because we love hair! It’s our passion and what we know. We also want to spread the word about the importance […]

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Swimmer’s Hair: How to Take Care of it This Summer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to take a dip in a pool; or a lake or a hot tub or the ocean. Regardless where you plan to cool off for the next few months, one thing is for sure- you have to take care of your hair. The chemicals and elements present in many of the bodies of what we love to swim in can be harsh. From salt in the ocean to chlorine in the pools, our hair can take a beating. The thing about it […]

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Best Foundations for Your Skin Tone

Let’s talk about foundation. I know we talk about hair a lot, but just as important as what we do with our heads is what we do to our face. Recently, Alicia Keys has made headlines for the “make up free” look she’s been rocking. Some people say she started a “no make up” movement with her fresh face look. A lot of folks love it, others, not so much. Regardless of how you feel about it, the awareness Keys has brought to the discussion about make up brings up […]

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Heatless Curling Options: The More You Know

Ah, curling irons. Believe it or not, they are one of the great frenemies that exist in life. Think about it, they can be used to make beautiful hairstyles on one hand and serve as a source of damage and stress to your hair on the other. There’s been a change from using heat so heavily by a lot of people, especially in the natural hair movement. However, the absence of heat can make it difficult to achieve some of the more fun, sexy hairstyles that so many people love […]

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5 Tips for Less Breakage

Summer is almost here and one of the things we experience with our hair during the dryer months of the year is breakage. We all go through it at some point in life. We try our best to take care of our hair but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out the way we planned. Either we aren’t doing something right or aren’t doing anything at all. It doesn’t matter if you have relaxed or natural hair, breakage can be one of the most discouraging aspects of hair care maintenance. Who […]

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Black Owned Hair Brands

When it comes to doing business, everyone wants a piece of the pie. I mean this is America, the land of opportunity. Many folks have a dream of managing their own business and with the progressive strides our country has made, black business is one of the fastest growing segments in industry today. The great thing about black owned businesses is that many of them cater to people of color (POC) and black hair is a significant share of the market. The thing about it is we aren’t always privy […]

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Going Vegan (For Your Hair)

Let’s talk about veganism. It’s not just about what you choose to put into your body. For those who wholeheartedly embrace the lifestyle, it comes down to what is put on their skin, nails, and even their hair. With the growth of the natural hair movement, brands have been created that cater solely to women forgoing the creamy crack. More established companies, wanting to take advantage of a growing consumer market, have also released lines that reflect what natural hair needs. With that, one of the healthiest things you can do for your hair is […]

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Best Oils for Hair Types and Conditions

Believe it or not all hair is not made the same. Hair is, however, equal. Contrary to popular belief, no one’s hair is better than someone else’s. I mean it’s hair. The fact that you have it when others don’t makes it good. With that, since the hair functions differently from person to person based on a number of contributing factors (family, conditions, environment, climate), different oils work better for certain grades and types of hair. While our hair is indeed created equal, hair oils are not. But that is […]

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Seven Reasons to Lay Off the Weave

Ladies when it comes to wearing weave, a lot of women swear by it. Some won’t even allow themselves to go out in public without their hair laid and slayed. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it is good to give your hair a break. I know, I hear you, “No way!” However, do you ever think of the benefits in letting your hair “breathe” free from weave of any kind? There are plenty of them. Here are a few things to consider the next time you takes […]

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Taking Care of Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a very popular hairstyle that men and women wear. They take a lot of commitment and to tell the truth, not everyone makes it through the initial locking process. But for those that do, there is a sweet satisfaction in knowing that you have done something that is culturally and socially adored. For those who have had dreadlocks for a while, you know that the maintenance process can be a tricky one. It can also be tedious and surpass the maintenance regimen of a natural. As with anything, […]

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