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Nutritional Deficiencies and Hair: What’s the Connection?

What are you putting into your body? This is an important question and applies to more than just how you look on the outside. Everything that goes into your mouth affects every part of who you are. From how your skin looks to how your nails look, you have to care more about the long-term affects of food on your body. That’s why paying attention to your hair and how it functions is paramount. It can be a telling sign about what’s taking place inside of you.

For a lot of women, thinking about the kinds of nutrients needed for optimal hair growth isn’t always on their radar. There are many reasons for this, but regardless of what the case is, in those moments when you have deficiencies, you have to know what they are so that you can rectify them.

The lack of certain nutritional elements in your diet can greatly take a toll on your hair. The way it works is that as your hair grows, about a centimeter a month, in the pockets of hair follicles, the dermal papilla, located under the bulb at the base of the follicle, is responsible for taking nutrients from the body’s blood to ensure growing, healthy hair. When you have a deficiency of certain nutrients, therein lies the root of any issues you might be facing.

So let’s talk about the nutrients that can stop hair growth and health when you don’t have enough of them in your body.


Believe it or not, an iron deficiency is very common. The lack of iron can lead to hair loss and breakage. This deficiency can happen for many reasons including menstruation and after the birth of a baby. If you feel tired often, or become out of breath after completing simple tasks, you may be in need of some iron. When it comes to your hair, if it is dry, brittle, or breaks easily, getting more iron in your life could be the answer.


This is a big one and is extremely common in women as well. Magnesium helps with boosting your energy and aids in the regular operation of your nerves. Ever have a twitching eye or experience a “jumping” nerve in other areas of your body? You could have a magnesium deficiency. It can lead to unwanted facial hair, polycystic ovarian syndrome and consistent hair loss. Get some magnesium-rich foods in your life like nuts, seeds, fish and beans; or you can take pills.

B12 Vitamins

If you ever feel extremely tired, you might need some B12 in your life. As far as your hair is concerned, it can greatly affect the look and manageability of your tresses when you don’t have enough B12. It is necessary for good red blood cell production and will encourage hair growth. B12 is also great for nail growth. Overall, you can get B12 in your life a few ways. There are shots that can get at the doctor. You can take pills as well and of course, you can eat foods like Salmon, beef liver, sardines and milk.

We don’t always think about the way foods affect other parts of our bodies; mostly because we aren’t really taught that we should. We are told that it obviously takes a toll, good and bad, on the size of our pants, but we aren’t really told about the way it impacts our hair. Take the bits of information here and make some adjustments if you find that your hair is not acting the way you want it too. You may be deficient in one of these nutrients.

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How to Protect Protective Styles

Okay so lets talk about protective styling. If you are a natural, then you know that this is one of the go-tos that saves a lot of time, money and effort. There are those within the movement who wear their hair in protective styles all year round and more power to them. But even in the midst of doing what you believe to be a good thing for your hair, you can run the risk of still causing major damage. Let me explain.

Sometimes, when wearing a protective style, you can forget that you still have to perform maintenance, meaning you have to watch your hair to see how it reacts. You also have to make sure you are giving it the proper love and care because growth and the need for moisture, etc. doesn’t stop just because you have some Marley twists in your hair. There are a lot of mistakes you can make with protective styling that can end up doing more harm than good. But just like other things, it doesn’t have to be that way.

So here are some ways to maximize your protective styling efforts and prevent hair loss during and after protect styling.

During: Pay Attention

This is so important because ignoring what’s going on with your hair will cost you. Just because you have braids or weave doesn’t mean you can forget about your hair underneath. Pay attention to how the style is treating your hair. Are your edges protected, is it braided too tightly in the back, is the thread from your installment cutting into your hair? I know that it’s tempting to just let things be, but don’t forget to stay on top of what’s going on.

During: Moisturize

What is the point of giving your hair a break if you’re still not taking care of it? You are giving it a break not you. Please remain aware of the fact that you have to continue moisturizing and oiling your hair. The idea of protective styling is to give your hair the chance to be still without much tussle but it still needs the TLC to keep it happy and healthy.

After: Detangle

If you don’t usually detangle your hair, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Regardless of the type of protective style you had (some may cause more knots/kinks than others) you really need to carefully detangle your hair. After taking down your style, you don’t want to just wash and go. You need to take the time to use either your fingers or a large toothed comb to detangle. Make sure to also use a creamy/thick conditioner. That way, you will have good lubrication, which is essential in the detangling process.

After: Deep Condition

Remember that taking care of your hair is a process that calls for different steps at different times. One of the most important things you can do, period, is apply a deep conditioning treatment. This can be a product formulated for deep conditioning or a DIY mixture that you concoct yourself with the right ingredients at home. Regardless, you should set time aside after your protective style to give your hair the treatment it needs, which can include sitting under a dryer to really penetrate your hair shaft. This is especially true if you plan to style soon after. Give your hair a fighting chance at remaining strong before you start stressing it again.

Protective styling is a staple in the natural hair community. If you are going to have them, create a protective styling regimen that’s going to enhance your efforts and continue to strengthen your hair.

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Combat the Winter Brittle: 3 Reasons For Dryness and 3 Ways to Fight It

We are in full swing of winter and many times, we don’t consider how harsh cold weather can be on our hair. We cover up our bodies, get our cars winter ready and winterize our houses, but what about setting up our hair for success during the coldest months of the year?

One of the ways to protect against dry hair, which ultimately leads to breakage, is to combat a dry scalp. Yes, keeping your scalp flake free and healthy is paramount to the overall look and feel of your hair. Some people are more prone to dry scalp than others but believe it or not, there are some pretty simple reasons for this. No matter what your case is, you can combat the issues you may face and succeed with having healthy, strong hair.

So let’s look at a few reasons one might experience dry scalp and ways to change this annoying issue.

You Are What You Eat

How many times have you heard this in your lifetime? What you eat is so important to your body and has an impact on how you look, how you feel and how you function. You can also add the condition of your hair to that list. One of the best things you can do for your diet is increase your water intake. If you don’t drink enough of it, it will affect everything about you. From your skin to your organs, it is nonnegotiable; with that, as much as possible, try to remove the things from your diet that offer little to no nutritional value. It will not only help your body’s appearance but also your hair’s appearance. Drink more water to fight a dry scalp.

Oil A Day Keeps the Brittle Away

So here is the thing- your hair needs oil. Most non-people of color have natural oils in their hair and is why they wash their hair nearly everyday; to remove the oil. For black women and people of color, it’s the opposite. You have to add oil to your hair to make sure you have a balanced, moisturized scalp. The lack of applying oil on a regular basis will greatly impact the condition of your scalp. So the solution for that is to simply add oil. It can be the kinds of oil you find in your kitchen like olive or coconut or you can buy products formulated for the purposes of keeping your hair in tip top shape.

Be Mean, Fight those Genes

For some people, a dry scalp is just something that they inherited from family. You know how there are things that we get from our mother or father’s side of the family? Well, having a dry scalp is just another one of those things. But just as with most issues we face, there are ways to combat dry scalp so that you can have relief and growth. This particular reason for the condition is a little trickier because it’s really not your fault. The best thing to do is find the right kind of shampoos, conditioners and treatments and use them as the first form of defense. From there, it becomes even more important for you to use the right kinds of oils and to have a balanced diet.

Having a dry scalp is never fun and finding a remedy can be challenging for some, but not matter what you face, you can have relief. Don’t let the weather (or genes) stop you from achieving the hair goals you want.

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Five Oils for Hair Growth

One of the best things about deciding to go natural is that fact that you are taking control of your hair. It requires a strong commitment and a lot of patience to be successful at managing natural hair. All and all, it’s something that one must not go into lightly because that plunge into the world of the natural hair movement is no joke. It is, nonetheless, worth it.

Just as with most other things, you have to learn your hair and in the case of the natural, you have to learn a lot. From when to wash it, what to wash it with, how often to moisturize it and which protein treatment works best for your type hair, you have your hands full. With that, knowing the best kind of oil to use is paramount to achieving your hair goals. There are some that just work better than others. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what some of them are as you journey down the natural hair road?

Well of course it would! So here are a few of the best oils that many women have used on their hair with excellent growth and strengthening results.

Lavender Oil

Not only does this oil smell absolutely amazing (it has the best aroma in my opinion) but it also is great for stimulating circulation of the scalp. That, of course, promotes growth and gives your hair fabulous nutrients starting at the root, which makes it stronger. Furthermore, lavender oil’s anti-bacterial properties fight against infection and fungus. It’s a winner all around.

Sweet Almond Oil

If you are looking for something to bring great softness to your hair, then sweet almond oil is it. With both vitamins E and D, it boasts calcium and magnesium as well, which are ideal deterrents from dry and brittle hair. And we all know that if you hair is dry and or brittle, breakage is soon to follow.

Black Seed Oil

Some people refer to black see oil as a miracle worker. It is used to treat numerous ailments and originates in the Middle East. Many people have spoken about its hair growing properties, which users report have helped regrow receding hairlines and bald patches. The benefits it offers is more than likely a result of its amino acids and other natural ingredients like zinc and calcium. Black seed oil is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent that protects your hair follicles.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This is one potent substance. Created from peppermint leaves, it is one of the best things you can use to grow and thicken your hair. It has a wonderful smell and leaves your scalp feeling clean and refreshed after use. It’s that tingling sensation that stimulates your hair by revitalizing latent follicles all while strengthening the weak parts of your hair.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

For those with thinning hair, Jamaican black castor oil is a perfect product to have. It is known to help reverse alopecia with its thick consistency and healing properties. You can combine it with another oil like olive oil (also a great one to use) to maximize your efforts too.

When it comes down to it, having the right kind of oil is one of the most important things you can have in your hair arsenal. Try these out to see what works for you and make sure to keep them on hand at all times. You never want to be without the good stuff.

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Five Don’ts to Grow Natural Hair in 2017

It’s finally 2017 and that means it’s time to reevaluate your hair routine. A lot of people don’t even consider that perhaps what they usually do to and for their hair is in need of some updating. We are more than halfway through January (already) and it’s the perfect moment to take the time to make some short and long-term goals for your hair.

One of the things at the top of most women’s list, especially naturals, is to grow long and healthy hair. That notion is one of the cornerstones of going natural because who doesn’t want to have enviable tresses?

With that, too often the things that we think are good for our hair aren’t. Some of the things we do are “tried and true” advice that our mothers, aunts and grandmothers taught us. Other habits are ideals we’ve picked up along the way through trial and error. We can’t change what we’ve done to our hair but we can go forward to do much better.

So if you are looking to grow your hair long and pretty in 2017, here are a few tips on what NOT to do this year.

Do Not Go Without Moisturizing

This is a big one but one that many women, surprisingly, don’t always do. A part of taking care of your hair is making sure that it has adequate moisture at all times. This prevents your hair from being dry and, ultimately, from experiencing breakage. You can oil your hair a few times a week before you go to bed to ensure that it’s getting the moisture it needs to be healthy.

Do Not Ignore Your Hair Type

If you don’t know what kind of hair you have (4C, 4B 3A, etc.) do yourself a favor and put the time in to learn. Knowing will do wonders in how you take care of it. Along with that bit of knowledge, also know the porosity of your hair. This goes along with the moisture part. Understanding and testing your hair’s porosity will help you know how often you should moisturize and what products you should use.

Do Not Go Without Pre-Pooing

Another important part of a hair care regimen is pre-pooing. This is where you apply a conditioning agent to your hair before cleansing. It can be done the night before (which is what many naturals do) or an hour or more before you shampoo. Because the actual act of washing your hair is a bit intense on your locks, pre-pooing with something like coconut oil or a product specially formulated for the process, is just good practice.

Do Not Forgo Trims

This is probably the biggest one of all. I know that a lot of people feel like cutting the hair is counterproductive to growing the hair, but I promise you it’s not. When you have split ends or damaged hair, it can severely limit your hair growth as well as its overall manageability. You don’t have to trim every week or month, but every quarter or three times a year will greatly help with the growing process.

Do Not Forget A Scarf at Night

I know that it is tempting to lie right down at night and go straight to sleep, but if you have natural hair, there are some extra things you need to do before you hit the hay. Namely, tie your hair up. This can be with a scarf or a bonnet, but no matter how you do it, make sure it’s satin or charmeuse silk material.

Make the next twelve months the best your hair has ever seen with these tips.

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2017: The Year to Go Natural?

This year is all but gone and per usual, that means New Year’s resolution making is in full effect for 2017. It’s a good thing. Making goals and planning to stick to them is healthy because it makes us work toward something that betters our quality of life.

We make resolutions about money, about our bodies and about relationships so why not make some commitments about our hair? In 2017, it may be time for you to finally take the plunge and go natural.

Now I know that you hear me talk a lot about how much of an involved process maintaining natural hair is and there is no exaggeration with that. It takes more time, more effort and comes with trial and error. But these things should not be deterrents to starting the natural hair journey that so many women are on right now. It may start off shaky, but the end product will be hair that is chemical free and healthy. And these are just two of the benefits of going natural.

So to help you understand just how awesome and powerful being natural can be, here are a few reasons for you to go natural in 2017.

Allows for Versatility

If like to change things up, then this lifestyle may be for you. Being able to go from curly to straight whenever you want is convenient to say the least. This is a big reason so many black women have gone this route. You can do so much with natural hair.

Promotes Healthy Hair

We all know that putting harmful chemicals on your hair is counterproductive to having healthy hair. The relaxers found in retailers and salons are full of ingredients that should never be used on humans. For those who want to live a more natural lifestyle, you will love how much your hair glows in its natural state. Along with that, many times what you put on your hair affects the rest of your body as well.

Inspires Pride

One of the things about having natural hair is that it definitely debunks the European standards of beauty that exist in today’s world. For black women, straightening their hair is a way of conforming. It’s a way of fitting in and for a long time, it was the only way to be accepted in some industries. The natural hair movement has changed that and given pride to women of color everywhere. It will empower you to embrace who you are and teach you how to love yourself exactly as you are.

Teaches Self Awareness

This is a good one and goes along with inspiring pride. I say that you don’t really know how confident or unconfident you are until you go natural. That’s because black women take a lot of pride in their hair, and when what’s on your head goes against the “norm” it can mess with your self-esteem. But again, this is a good thing because having confidence in who you are is what gives you the power to live your best life. I truly believe that natural hair does just that (if you let it).

Saves Money

Ultimately, when everything is said and done, you will save money. Yes, there are a lot of products marketed to the natural hair community, but once you find what you like and get in the groove of what works for you, you will see the change in your wallet. Because you will learn your hair and how it works, you will do a lot of maintenance yourself, which is great. Protective styling will become your best friend and is as easy as some twists or braids over night.

These are just a few reasons why going natural may be the best thing you do for yourself in 2017.

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5 Protein Treatments to Try Now

There are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to taking care of natural hair. From using the right shampoos to knowing what works best for protective styling to changing up your routine from season to season, naturals must always be on in order to maintain healthy hair.

Proper care is not something that should be taken lightly regardless if you are natural or have relaxed hair. I know that there are some that don’t feel the need to really have a regimen in place and that is their right. But if you want healthy hair, you have to deliberately plan for healthy hair.

One of the things that’s an important part of your hair care process are protein treatments. People have their opinions about them but when it comes down to it, protein makes your hair strong. It allows for reconstruction to take place and it is important to grow your hair. Furthermore, using protein treatments will help prevent breakage and repair your hair. You need them in your life!

Here are a few products with great protein treatments that you can try right now on your hair.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment

It goes without saying that Shea Moisture is an industry standard. They rarely disappoint with their products and countless naturals swear by them as the reason for their beautiful hair. The brand’s Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque is an excellent option for a protein treatment. It is ideals for natural, chemically treated and or color treated hair. It will rebuild and help grow your hair as it nurtures and softens.

It’s A Miracle Hair Mask

This is a great product if you haven’t made the plunge into natural hair. It’s a Miracle Hair Mask is formulated for color treated, heat styled and processed hair. It can be used as a daily conditioner or as a deep conditioning treatment that does a wonderful job at repairing hair. With oat kernel extract, apricot kernel oil and linseed extract, it is a powerful agent that users have found extremely effective.

Curl Junkie Repair Me! Reconstructive Hair Treatment

While it may be a little more on the expensive side, it is worth it. If your hair needs a major dose of protein, is brittle, weak or damaged from too many chemicals, then Curl Junkie Repair Me! Reconstructive Hair Treatment will help get you back on the right track. It is ideal as an intense once a month treatment as it fills in the cracks of your hair shaft to give it the boost it needs. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor

This reconstructor re-energizes tired and damaged hair. Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor also promotes thickness and volume by filling in porous hair with helpful proteins. This is a great one for chemically damaged, over-processed or heat damaged hair. It is very affordable and serves as a good addition to your hair care mix.

Hydratherma Naturals- Protein Leave In

If you need a lighter option, then Hydratherma Naturals- Protein Leave In is a nice one to have on hand. It brings balance to your hair by penetrating your hair shaft to prevent breakage. It also detangles and increases flexibility as well as protects your hair from heat damage during styling. All of this and more are desired benefits in a protein treatment product.

Giving your hair the best is paramount to its health. If you aren’t doing some kind of protein treatment at least once a month, considering adding one of these products to your routine.

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Let’s Celebrate: Three New Year’s Eve Hair and Make Up Looks to Try

It’s the end of the year and while most people are looking forward to 2017 with much anticipation, there is still one more big night of partying that everyone is planning for- New Year’s Eve. With so many events happening on the last day of 2016, you want to look your best and that most definitely starts with your hair and make up.

These past 12 months have been one big whirlwind of emotions for just about everyone. You deserve to send the year off with a bang and of course you want to look good while doing it. From hairstyle ideas to the prefect make up suggestions, we want to help you get your life one last time before we bring in what we all hope to be a great year.

So, here are some hair and make up ideas to consider for your eventful night out (or in) on December 31st.


Depending on the type of woman you are, you may want to go for a dramatic look because, hey, maybe your year was filled with drama. A great idea here is a sexy smoky eye. There are so many ways to accomplish this with a lot of tutorials online to help you along the way (YouTube is your friend). As far as the products go, NYX has a great one with their NYX Professional Makeup Smokey Fume Shadow Palette. Of course MAC, and Urban Decay are tried and true go-tos. When it comes to the hairstyle, a statement up do is great like a Mohawk for naturals or a high bun for relaxed hair.


This look really comes down to a few elements. One of the things that you can do to achieve a chic, sleek look is to make your lashes pop. This can be done a few ways. If you have luscious lashes (lucky you) then all you really need is a good mascara. But you have to make sure it will garner the look you want. Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Mascara has a great one that is also smudge resistant. You can also apply faux lashes and they come in all kinds of styles and sizes. For the lips you can go with a dark color like a deep purple, red or even black (yes it’s okay to wear black). The hairstyle you choose can be structured like a nice up do bun or neat like a low, sleek ponytail. The goal here is to create a modern, trendy effect.


If you want to keep it simple and natural then go the minimalist route. It’s classic! This is a great look that is clean but still very flattering. For black women, this means starting with a primer, concealer and foundation. Shea Moisture has excellent products in all of those areas. You can add a little blush and keep the lip nude or a light shade of pink. A matching hairstyle for this look is a simple twist out. Set your hair in Bantu knots or flat twists, take them out, style and go. Make sure to use a good setting agent for the beset results. For the ladies with relaxed hair, soft, bouncy curls is a nice option and flexi rods will give you exactly what you want.

This New Year’s Eve, whatever you are doing, celebrate all the ways that you enjoy life. Be thankful, be happy and by all means, by fierce. To accomplish that, start with your hair and make up.

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It’s a Curl Affair: Five Effective Setting Agents For Roller Set/Curl Styles

Let’s talk about curls! Who doesn’t like beautiful flowing curls in their hair? No matter if you are a natural or if your hair is relaxed, achieving those enviable cascading waves of curls is trial and error for most people.

Now, when it comes down to it, technique has a lot to do with this process. How you handle the tool you’re using is one of the factors in determining your results. Speaking of tools, the kind of curler you use weighs heavily on the outcome as well. Finally, the setting agent of your choice can make or break your curling effort. Remember, you don’t always have to use heat to curl your hair, and in those instances when you don’t, you need to have a product that can do the job. Most of the time, if you use a gel, it will leave your hair feeling hard, flaky and crunchy. Oils and butters are viable options, but with some, your curls won’t last very long. That’s why it’s so important to have the right product in your hair kit.

If you haven’t found the ideal setting agent for your curling needs, here are a few products to try for your next roller set.

ApHogee Style and Wrap Mousse

Finding a mousse that gives you the hold and bounce you want can be hard, but ApHogee Style and Wrap Mousse does both. It has Kervais proteins and essential amino acids that are perfect for roller sets and silk wraps. All of the ingredients work together to protect your hair while giving you the results you want.

Nubian Heritage’s Honey & Black Seed Mousse

For the natural ladies who want something that is, well, more natural, Nubian Heritage’s Honey & Black Seed Mousse is what you are looking for.  You get shine, softness, hold and heat protection with Shea butter, glycerin and other helpful ingredients. It is formulated to definitely give you the sleek and straight look you want when trying to achieve bouncy curls on natural hair.


If you want something tried and true and easy on your wallet, then Lottabody is a good choice. Its Wrap Me Foaming Mousse is a setting foam that’s one of the best on the market. With its coconut and Shea oils, Lottabody promises, “to deeply hydrate hair from the inside out, leaving hair soft and nourished with brilliant shine.” It’s worth a try.

Texture My Way Keep it Curly

Another great product is Texture My Way Keep it Curly. It is ideal for rollers sets and will also do well for two strand twits and other braided styles. It’s lightweight with Shea butter and olive oil as the prominent ingredients. The foam will moisturize your hair (always a good thing) while giving you shine. Many users have also praised it for not leaving build up, not being flaky and not causing frizz, all desirable things in my book.

Paul Mitchell Flexible Sculpting Foam

This product comes from a trusted name in hair care. The Paul Mitchell Flexible Sculpting Foam is highly rated and for good reason. The product gives crunch free curls that enhance your texture for a style that holds up throughout the day. This especially works well for thick hair that experiences bouts of dryness.

These are just a few of the products that will help you make the most out of your roller set/curl hairstyle. Find out what works beset for you and keep it in your arsenal of hair products at all times.

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The Staples: Four Basic Products for Great Natural Hair

the-staplesIn this game called the natural hair movement, things aren’t always what they seem. It takes a lot of time, commitment and trial and error to get the hang of slaying your chemical free hair. Naturals don’t just wake up and walk out of the house (well some do) with amazing curls. The ones who have enviable hair have their routine together and an arsenal of “staple” products. Let’s talk about products.

If you are new to the movement, you may still be in search of your go to products. These are items that you use religiously because you know, without fail, they will give your hair the life and love it needs. These are staples because you never want to be without them and when it comes down to it, they are your secret weapons to having fabulous hair.

Staple products vary from person to person and some have an array of things they consider must have items. Adding effective products to your natural hair bag comes with time, but there are four types of products you should always have to ensure the health and strength of your tresses.


Having the right kind of cleanser is paramount. If you wash your hair once a week, once every two weeks or once a month, you need something that is going to be gentle yet effective when it comes to eliminating build up and giving you awesome hair. You want to stay away from sulfates and pretty much ingredients that you can’t pronounce. If you don’t know where to start in all of this, Shea Moisture is always a great place.

Deep Conditioner

Too many people skip this part of the process but it is so important to keep your hair soft and strong. Having a deep conditioner is a staple because it replenishes your hair with moisture and nutrients. The elements in the atmosphere and so many other things lend to dry, brittle and damaged hair. As much as you might want to forego deep conditioning, you should not. Take the time out to do this for your hair. You can sit under a dryer or wear a shower cap to really get a good conditioning. Same standards apply here too as with the shampoo. Make sure to use products with good things in them. There are some really effective DIY recipes that work wonders.


You want to build on the work you have already done with the deep conditioning by applying some kind of moisturizer. This can be an oil or a product you get from the store like a leave-in conditioner. There are great oils by brands that create products formulated for natural hair. Carol’s Daughter has some nice ones. You can also use oil that you find in your cabinet like olive and coconut oils. You can take it one step further by using both a leave-in and an oil.

Setting Agent

Most naturals will opt for some kind of protective styling. This is really a no brainer because creating a hairstyle low in maintenance is one of the keys to having successful natural hair. The thing about it, not all setting products are created equal. Some women use their leave-in conditioner for this but that doesn’t always work out well. To ensure that your twist out or bantu knots are on point, you want a good setting agent like Lottabody Setting Lotion.

If you want to have beautiful natural hair that’s styled nicely, this is an ideal and viable start. From these four basic staples, grow through your experiences as you find what works for you.

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