Let’s face the truth: all the haircare products in the world cannot replace the necessary nutrients and essential vitamins needed to grow your locks and keep your follicles beautiful. That’s why we’re going to be providing you with tips to completely change and positively enhance beauty and overall health!

Did you know that nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans) are a great source of biotin? Biotin promotes hair and nail growth; also oysters, eggs, salmon, chia & flax seeds, sweet potatoes and avocado are all fantastic sources of protein, zinc, iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, B and E. Protein is the building block of every cell and tissue-hair is not exempt. Protein, combined with essential vitamins, not only grows hair; the health, shine and strength is maintained by Vitamins B and E, fatty acids-found in avocados. Vitamin A, found in sweet potatoes, prevents brittle and dry hair, while Omega-3 fatty acids provide important nutrients for hair and skin

Of course, this should be used in conjunction with a well balanced diet and always contact your health professional before starting any new regiment.