One of the very best things about the change in seasons is the change in trends we see in beauty, hair, and fashion. There are different designs that are in, recommended materials that become our faves and what I get most excited about – new popular colors.

Color is all around us and if you like to mix things up, then you too understand why fall is such a great time of the year. The earth around us naturally reflects the beauty that color brings to our lives and what better time to know the hottest color trends for hair, nails, and fashion than right now?

Maybe you don’t get the big fuss about fall colors that other people seem to give a lot of attention to. I respect that, but if you’ve never really tried to understand or just don’t usually care to, believe me, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Learn all the ways that colors can unlock different aspects of who you are. From doing something different with your hair to trying something popping on your nails, it’s time to embrace something new!

So here are some of the most popular beauty, hair, and fashion color trends for fall 2017.

Color Melting

For the ones that keep up with hair trends, this one is right up your alley. Color melting is considered a new way to add color and dimension to hair as it’s a fancy process of highlighting your tresses. In essence, a colorist adds several colors to make them seamlessly blend together, which looks like they are melting together on your hair. Sounds pretty cool.

Vibrant Reds

If you don’t wear red often, change that this fall. Vibrant reds were seen all over the runways in a variety of designs. You can go and grab for yourself a super cute apple red wool coat, or some fire red boots. The trend also looks great on nails too so you can’t really go wrong with some stiletto nails in a sexy red. If you are feeling really bold, go there with your hair too, and turn heads walking down the street.


To give you an idea of this color, think Storm from the X-Men comics. Lighter seems to be better nowadays for a lot of people when it comes to their hair and platinum is all the rage right now. Bleaching to the point of gray can be seen all over social media. I get it. It’s edgy and cool and different, but just know, while the platinum look is definitely much sought after, the process by which to obtain the trend can be costly to your hair health in the long run. It’s up to you what you are willing to risk. It sure is pretty though.


I love to see deep purples on hair. It’s dark and mysterious and fall is really the perfect time to rock this trend. Many fashion and hair experts predict that this season, ebony hair with blends of dark purple will rule and I can totally see that happening. We have seen a lot of blues, both dark and neon, rule the hair world over the last few seasons. I have seen black and white women; straight hair and naturals all rock the color in their own ways. But there is just something about a vibrant, shiny, perfectly purple hair color. It can be chic, dangerous and sleek all at the same time. Violets are also very popular right now for your nails. You can coordinate and rock out with this trend.

I love everything that colors allow us to do in our lives. These are just a few 2017 trends that you can start thinking about incorporating now.

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