One of the great things about the changing seasons is the fact that you can do so much when it comes to hair and makeup. The change in weather means more than just a change in fashion trends. Seeing designs, details, and items off the runway is a highlight for some people. Along with getting excited about new fashions, makeup is another part of the change in seasons that so many love.

With that, spring is right around the corner and when it comes to makeup, there are some trends that experts project are sure to be all the rave spring 2017. While they make be dramatic and over the top on the runway, you can easily adapt them to everyday life. So if you like to update your eyeshades, lipsticks, and blushes according to the seasons, keep reading. There are new colors, techniques and more to incorporate into your beautification routine.

Here are some of the hottest makeup trends for spring and summer.

Colorful Eyes

Who doesn’t like to play with color? If you love bright pinks and vivid blues, then color wash eyes are one of the trends you should most definitely try. On the runways, the eye makeup was fun and vibrant. You can so do this everyday. No color is really off limits and beauty experts suggest the bolder the better. So if you’ve wanted to try something different for your makeup, this spring is the time. Go for it.

Glazed Lids

This is a riskay trend and I love it! Sometimes, you have to do what you’ve never done before; or what others wouldn’t dare to do. Glazed lids can be achieved in a number of ways. It comes down to the colors you use as well as a little something called Milk Makeup Face Gloss (you can find it for $20 at Sephora). The best pencil to use is a reflective silver one on the inner part of your eyes to create a nice highlight. From there, add the gloss to the eyelid and a little sparkle and you have a cool trend.

Golden Cheeks

Are you living your life like it’s golden? Golden cheeks are super sexy, chic and attractive. It was all over the runway and the great thing about it is you can use an eye shadow to make it happen. Lighter skinned women should opt for a champagne gold highlighter with a touch of pink and darker skinned women should go for bronze or a rose gold. No matter your complexion, this is a trend you can pull off flawlessly.

Blended Eyes and Cheeks

This one is for those who like to make a statement. It is inspired by the 70s (think Studio 54) and involves seamlessly blending colors from the outer eye to the cheeks. Using a pink, berry or light red colors (find what looks best on your skin) blend away for a look that is daring, dramatic and trendy.

Makeup is one of the cornerstones of a lot of women’s beauty routines. For those who take it seriously, staying abreast to what’s in is important. These are just a few trends that you can try now. You will more than likely be seeing them all year long so why not see how they look on you?