My favorite hair care home ritual is applying oil moisturizer for natural hair. Oil moisturizer is without a doubt your greatest weapon in the fight against dryness and dullness as it restores the natural humidity of your hair leaving your locks smooth, silky and frizz free.

Given the harsh weather conditions of the previous weeks, what is more appropriate to discuss than moisturizing! The reason I am so fond of oil moisturizer for natural hair is that it achieves maximum hydration during the time between your professional hair treatments.

Oil moisturizers, also, enable hair growth as they strengthen your hair, or in several cases as you shall see, they even stimulate hair follicles. Oil moisturizers for natural hair are so easy to find! From Whole Foods, that just got a new website with all its products, to any Organic Grocery, this dream product is extremely accessible at reasonable prices.

Although not exhaustive, there are so many more to choose from, the following list gives you the best options when it comes to oil moisturizers for natural hair.

Moisturizer for Natural Hair: Avocado Oil

Avocado is such a great source of moisturizing agents. The nourishing nutrients found in avocado are absolutely fabulous both for your skin and hair. Rich in amino acids and essential vitamins such as A, B, D and E, avocado oil moisturizer works wonders in natural hair. Not only it improves hair strength, but it also heals freeze damage and boosts shine from within.

Moisturizer for Natural Hair: Coconut Oil

Another acclaimed miracle product, coconut oil positively predisposes customers due to the exuberant scent that we associate with it. Its benefits extend beyond its gorgeous scent, as it moisturizes, strengthens, prevents damage and promotes hair growth, among other functions. It also prevents dandruff, while regular use thickens hair and restores shine.

Moisturizer for Natural Hair: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to your hair. What a generous gift from nature! This amazingly potent oil moisturizer for natural hair literally quenches your hair’s thirst. It is excellent for moisturizing, deep conditioning, and improving hair strength. At the same time its antioxidants prevent hair loss and dandruff, while your hair shines as bright as ever.

Moisturizer for Natural Hair: Rosemary Oil

If there was an Oscar for most-surprising-yet-incredibly-beneficial oil moisturizer for natural hair, it would definitely go to rosemary oil. This oil moisturizer strengthens and hydrates, and it also prevents hair loss, greying color, and dandruff. Rosemary oil even goes beyond that…it stimulates hair follicles for hair growth! Give it a try and you will be astounded!

Moisturizer for Natural Hair: Argan Oil

Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil, is a recent addition to the oil moisturizer arsenal for natural hair. There are several products in the market that claim to have argan oil as their basis, yet using pure argan oil is definitely the wisest move as it is what is best for your hair. Argan oil locks in and replenishes your hair’s moisture, while it nourishes and provides unparalleled shine. No wonder celebrities and hair experts alike suggest argan oil as a moisturizer for natural hair without reservation.

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