One of the tried and true staple hairstyles for just about every natural is the twist out. Yes, it is one that can be done in so many ways. The twist out is easy, convenient and nearly effortless. Please note the key word here- nearly.

While it is true that the hairstyle is relevantly simple, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you need to pay attention to in order to ensure it’s done right. The protective style is one that every natural should try but keep in mind that just like most other things, when it comes to your hair, you have to know what you are doing. If not, you will waste your time, effort and end up pretty disappointed in the results.

So let’s talk about some things to consider when doing a twist out. From products to technique to timing, all of it is important if you want to perfect this hairstyle.


It is not a good idea to just dive right into twisting your hair if you have not detangled. This is an important step in the hair maintenance process that you CANNOT skip. Whether you use a comb and do it while in the shower, or if you choose to use your fingers, detangling before you do a twist out is a sure fire way to make sure you get the best results.


This is a tricky one. First of all let me say that you MUST use product. It does you no good to just twist your hair without using any kind of moisturizer, setting lotion, conditioner or anything that will help with definition and combat dryness. Secondly, you have to find the right product and that’s the tricky part. This is trial and error because all products are not made equally for this purpose. However, a foam or lotion is a good place to start.

The Root

When it comes to technique, you have to make sure that you start strong, at the root.  You want to grip your roots as tightly as you can because your goal with this is definition, which leads to longevity. The firmer the twist the better the end result will be. You might have to do smaller twists in order to get the root the way you need to and if so that’s fine. Just don’t neglect that part of the twist out because you will pay for it later.

The Ends

Just as important as applying enough tension to the root, you want to take care of the ends as well. Some women have straight ends and that’s okay. You can prevent that from ruining your hairstyle by coiling them. This can be done a few ways. You can use small rollers, hair clips or even pipe cleaners to set the perfect curl in place once you are ready to take the twists out. Find what works best for you and gives your desired result.

Dry vs. Wet

Believe it or not, styling your hair while dry or wet is more than just a preference. Some hair types function better when styled after air-drying while others do well styled right after washing. Find out which method works better for your hair. This can determine the kind of products you use also.

The twist out is a great style that can last past the initial first day styling. You just have to adjust your routine a little bit so that you can maximize your efforts.