Protect your hair from pollutionProtect your hair from pollutionTypically overlooked, air and water pollution can adversely affect natural and relaxed hair.

Pollution can rob hair of its shine and manageability. Cleansing conditioners and gentle shampoos are all the rage when it comes to taking care of black hair. However, sometimes these products are not effective enough to remove heavy silicones, oils, and styling creams.

Including a clarifying shampoo into your hair regimen will rid your hair and scalp of product buildup and pollution that may have accumulated. Pollution consists of toxins, dust, and smoke. Certain dust particles can accumulate on the scalp and spark an allergic reaction. This is how you can protect your hair from wind and air pollution:

Silk Bonnets & Silk Scarves

Silk bonnets and silk scarves protect hair while you’re sleeping. However, a stylish silk scarf can be used to protect your hair from high winds. Excessive wind exposure can lift the cuticles on the hair, making it look frizzy. The constant exposure to UVA and UVB rays can also affect your hair.

Wind and strong sunlight can weaken your hair over time. You can shield your hair by wrapping your hair and face in a large silk scarf. This is more suitable for winter months. For more warmer climates, you can forgo the silk scarf for a large brim hat.

Styling Products

Use styling products that will protect your hair from the sun. There are number of shampoos and conditioners that have UVA and UVB protecting qualities. However, these are not particularly effective because the active ingredients will be flushed down the drain when you rinse your hair of these products.

To effectively protect your hair from the sun, use products like leave in conditioners that have an SPF built into them. It is generally recommended that you try to stick with products that have an SPF of 15 or higher to effectively protect your hair and scalp.

Hair Oils

Did you know that oils not only moisturize your hair, but also protect it from chlorine and seawater? Saltwater is abrasive and will open up the hair’s cuticle, exposing its cortex. This is a perfect spell for hair that will be dry and tangled up. First, rinse your hair with distilled water. Then apply your favorite oil on top. The water molecules will “occupy” the space between the scales on the hair strand, and the oil will prevent evaporation.

It will also add a physical film on the hair that will protect it from chlorine and seawater. After jumping into the pool, make sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. If you want to learn more on how you can protect your hair from external aggressors, make sure to contact us. You can also follow us on twitter.