Let’s talk about our children. They are the light of the world. Hey, they are the future! We have to teach them well and let them lead the way (okay I’m done). One of the best things we can do for our kids, especially for our daughters, is teach them how to take care of their hair. In today’s world, more and more mothers are opting to forgo kiddie perms (relaxers) by keeping their girls hair natural. This, in my opinion, is the best thing to do. However, while you are trying to keep her hair chemical free, are you doing the right things to it? Are you making mistakes that can damage her hair in the long run?

It is tough, I know. You want to give her every chance to have healthy, strong hair. Starting your girl off young with the right routine and habits will only serves her in a positive way as she matures into doing her own hair. In the process, you learn things that you pass on to her, but isn’t it better to know some things not to do in the first place?

Her are some tips to help you better manage your daughter’s hair now in the hopes that she will learn how to take care of it later.

No Weave

This is my biggest pet peeve with mothers. As an adult, your hair is stronger and just different from your child’s. This means it can handle certain things that hers cannot. One of the moves to reconsider is putting weave in her hair. I know it may seem like a good idea and she may even beg you to do it, but trust that the better option is to wait until she is older. I suggest around 10-years-old. More times than not, adding weave to her hair will break it off and definitely affect her edges. I cannot tell you how many young girls under the age of 10 I’ve seen with thinning hair because their mothers keep weave in it. Protective styling is important, but it can most certainly be done without the use of weave. Period. It is just something to consider.

No Neglect

Your child’s hair is still growing and with that, it needs to be nurtured. I know that it can be hard to give your daughter’s hair the attention it needs when you have your own to worry about, but hey, that’s life. Being an adult means making sacrifices for your kids. That may mean staying up later, buying better products and putting in extra time on the weekends. Whatever it means, just do it.

Yes Scarves

If you let your kid go to sleep without covering her head with a satin or silk scarf, you are doing her a disservice. Just like this kind of neglect can have adverse affects on your hair, it will do the same or worse for your daughter. If you find that a scarf usually comes off in the middle of the night, then get her a satin or silk pillowcase.

Yes Products

Don’t use cheap products on her hair. If you would not use them on your hair, why do it to hers. I know that you may think she needs less or feel like, “It doesn’t take all that” because she is a child, but that is not true. Her hair needs the same if not more, tender love and care that you give to yours.

Your daughter is looking to you to do what’s best for her hair. Don’t let her down. Take care of her crown.