While a lot of the country have been experiencing almost summer-like temperatures, the rest of us are still basking in the beautiful mild weather of spring. It’s a time to bloom, to get ready for summer and to change up your hair routine?

Many naturals change the way they manage their hair according to the change in seasons. This is not a bad idea. The change in weather brings changes in how the elements in the air impact our hair. We don’t realize it, but our hair acts differently in 100-degree weather and 55-degree weather.

It’s good to pay attention to what you are doing to your hair, and a little spring cleaning would do many of us some good. Yes, you can spring clean your hair regimen to ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong as you go from month to month.

So let’s updat things. Here are some tips on how to change it up a little bit for the warmer times of the year.

Go Lighter

During the warmer months, there tends to be less of a need for the heavy stuff. You know, creams, sprays, and butters. When it’s cold, it’s hard to find and keep the moisture. During spring and summer, incorporating something like glycerin, which acts as a definer and humectant, is a move in the right direction. It helps dissolves oils in the hair, which makes it a great accompaniment to getting the most out of the oils that you use. If you’re not a fan of glycerin, just know that you more than likely can go lighter with your products.

What’s Your Routine?

You may find that you need to do more of one thing and less of something else during the hotter months. Spring is a great time to update your routine. If you have never considered that or, gasp, don’t have a routine at all, let this time of the year help you get your hair life together.

Let it Flow- Air Dry

This is a good tip too. Just let your hair air-dry after washing. It’s called a wash-n-go. Don’t apply heat because it can lead to damage over time. Do apply product because you definitely need it. Summer and spring are ideal because the weather is just right to dry your hair in no time.

Anti-Frizz it

You probably don’t realize it (or maybe you do) but most women experience more frizz during spring and summer. This is the time to incorporate anti-frizz products like a mousse or a gel. The brands that work for you will likely have a product that is just right for your spring/summer hair care toolbox.

Protective Styles

Now is the time to get that favorite protective style. While it is true that women wear them during the winter, summer and spring are the times of the year where braids, extensions, and cornrows, are most in demand. I recommend this trusted staple because it allows the hair time to grow as it takes a break. If you aren’t sure about getting one for spring because maybe you want more time with your hair, then try it in summer.

It’s good to change things up every now and then. When it comes to natural hair, it can be tricky, but that’s where paying attention and taking some time out to be aware of what your hair needs come into play. They are effective keys to keeping it strong and healthy.