Let’s face it! We live in a world where most people love to eat meat and the very talk of veganism or vegetarian draws all kinds of side eyes. The kind of diet you choose to establish for yourself is totally up to you and no one should look down on another person for what they decide. However, there are a growing number of studies, as well as experiences by individuals who lead vegan lifestyles, that suggest that forgoing meat and dairy can positively impact your hair.

We all know someone who doesn’t eat meat. I will admit that there have been times I have tried to go a few days or a few meals where I eat only plant based foods. I can’t say that I noticed a dramatic change in how I felt or the condition of my hair. But I am sure that has more to do with the fact that not eating meat a few times in a short time frame doesn’t really garner many results. Nonetheless, if you have considered going vegan but never really took the plunge, perhaps exploring some ways in which it can help your hair may assist you in making that decision.

So here are ways that veganism is directly connected to healthy hair.

Plant Based Diets Enriched Your Hair

With all the heart healthy foods that make up a vegan diet, it’s a no brainer that going that route is also good for your hair. Foods like avocados, chia seeds, and almonds are also items that promote healthy hair. They feed your follicles and give your hair the strength it needs to maintain itself.

An Increase in Antioxidants and Fatty Acids are Good for Your Scalp

One thing that is paramount to having beautiful hair is having a clean, healthy scalp. Naturally, when you take meat out of your diet, you fill up on foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain an effective body. Antioxidants and fatty acids like Omega-3’s are found in many of the fruits and veggies (Vitamin E and C and beta- carotene) that vegans consume. And remember, your hair is also one of the things on your body that, essentially, is what you eat. Antioxidants destroy free radicals that can damage your cells.

Water Does the Whole Body Good

It’s no secret that vegans, for the most part, consume a lot of water. We have been told pretty much all of our lives how important water is to a strong, healthy body. We have also been told most of our lives that majority of people don’t drink enough of it. Water is so much more than a thirst quencher. It has countless benefits that positively impact everything from your skin to your hair.

A Vegan Lifestyle Will More than Likely Give You Better Looking Hair

If you have been struggling with finding ways to achieve the hair goals you have set for yourself, it may be time to take the dive and say goodbye to meat altogether. The chemicals and additives found in meat can cause all kinds of issues in our bodies, mainly because as Americans, we don’t eat meat in moderation. Like many things in our lives, we over do it and it shows in more ways than one. All the health benefits of a plant based diet that benefit your physic will translate into building great hair. From leafy green vegetables like kale to rich, sweet fruits like pineapples, it all works in your tresses’ favor!

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is something to think about seriously. It may not happen over night, but if you put your mind to it you can do it and your hair will be better for it.