My clients always ask me “What is Ombre Hair?” “Would it work on me?” Celebrities have been wearing their hair ombre for quite some time now and the more the trend persists the more my clients repeat the question.

So, what is Ombre hair?

“Ombre” is actually french and it means shaded or shading. Contrary to our natural instinct to cover our roots as they grow out, ombre is doing the exact opposite. An ombre hairstyle has darker tones at the roots and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. It is usually done with colors that naturally complement each other, so as to create a sun-kissed look, but it can also be done in a more dramatic manner, with colors that create a stark contrast with one another.
Technically Ombre hair is done using a balayage technique, which is less harmful to your hair given the fact that color is only applied locally towards the ends rather than all over your scalp. This fact also makes the technique safe for pregnant clients who would prefer not to dye their hair during pregnancy. Given the fact that root growth does not effect how ombre looks, it is also ideal for clients who would prefer a low maintenance do without the touching up that regular hair coloring requires.
Ombre hair does look very cool, however there are a couple of things for you to keep in mind before you go ombre. Make sure that ombre is compatible with your working environment. If you need to look composed at work, make sure that your ombre looks natural rather than spectacular. Finally ombre hair looks amazing when the color looks its best, so make sure that your tresses are healthy and irresistible to touch. Don’t forget to moisturize and always protect it during styling.

What is Ombre hair? Rihanna’s Natural Take

Rihanna’s stunning locks are natural yet fabulous! Notice how the color gradually changes, complimenting her cheekbones and emphasizing her eyes. The natural tone her stylist has chosen works beautifully with her skin tone and gives her  a vibrant, youthful look.

What is Ombre hair? Beyonce’s Dramatic Take

Beyonce’s take, unlike Rihanna’s soft natural tones, is dramatic and unusual. Although Ombre is supposed to start with dark roots gradually going lighter, Beyonce turns it upside down and layers her chocolate brown hair with intense blonde highlights. Her heavy bangs complete the look and create a stark color contrast that is dramatic and leaves a lasting impression.

What is Ombre hair? Monica’s Sophisticated Take

Monica’s take on ombre hair is this stunning yet sophisticated do. If you work in an environment that requires a particular dress code this would be a subtle version of the ombre that you can count on being discreet and pleasing to the eye without being provocative. Again, notice how much lighter the ends are. This is why it is so important when attempting ombre hair to make sure that your ends are in perfect condition. You don’t want them to look damaged and worn out due to the color difference.

So which ombre look would you go for? Take a look and let us know!